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   | April 4, 2000                                                        |
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Player-contributed press

I'm baaaaaaack !!!

-- Bruennor Battlehammer [2592]

To All Factions: The continent of Camaris is an active war zone. Any noble there is liable to attack without warning.

In particular, any noble not present at the express invitation of the Foriegn Minister of the Crimson Dragons is considered by the Crimson Dragons to be a hostile noble, and will be attacked without warning. Express invitation means that he will say, "Come to this place and do this thing now." All offers to join the Crimson Dragons or to attack our supposed enemies are rejected unless specifically approved by our Foriegn Minister. If he doesn't say Yes, then he probably means No.

It is not our desire to attack neutral or "newbie" factions, we consider that a waste of valuable noble-days, but we are at war (which we also consider a waste of vaulable noble-days), despite our desires to the contrary, and as such we will fanatically defend the integrity of our claimed lands. We regard any entry to Camaris by any means as an invasion.

Uninvited guests will be regretfully hunted down and killed.

I hope the preceding is clear and to the point, and I regret the need to post this so often.

Speaking for the Crimson Dragon Ministry of Internal Security,

-- Cudgel [9129]


Into the night he stole, slipping away from the city guard and any that might still be up this late at night. His was a mission secrecy, none must know he was here. His journey to his master had gone better than expected...he still lived.

The woods outside the city reached, he turned south and traveled several miles to a clearing. There at the center of the clearing his winged steed, Nissa patiently waited. Quickly he prepared for the long journey.

Inwardly he reflected on the night's events. His master's grand scheme was about to begin. Soon his enemies would learn the meaning of fear. They could fight, but in the end, it wouldn't matter.

Vath the Blood God was about to be reborn.

Lets Rock!

En dan nu een liedje voor Maltar !!!


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