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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g2-157 |
   | Februrary 15, 2000                                                   |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 157  250 players                            http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

No more borg ads to skip past in the times. No more dirty deals or back stabbing. No more fools to slay as they leap thru the gate. Silly boys didn't know I was there. Sitting, waiting with a long hostile list. They had said go far far away, and I did. Perhaps they had forgotton... There were 3 of us. Only 2 had melted into the ground. Now the borg too hath melted.

May the borg ROT in hell, May the Dog rest in peace.

I have no enemies left in this land. Of the original members of the attacking party. Just one remains. A mere spoke in the wheel. A mindless BooB that merely got in the way of the dog. Hardly worth the bother now. TOO Bad my dear brothers didn't stick around to see the end. Or is it true that each end is the start of something new. It will be terribly boring here now. I know what brother woulda said when he saw the borg die. "Woof Woof!" Perhaps I too shall now melt into the ground. After I squat over the Scarlot's grave.


-- Hardguys [cd7]

To All Factions: The continent of Camaris is an active war zone. Any noble there is liable to attack without warning.

In particular, any noble not present at the express invitation of the Foriegn Minister of the Crimson Dragons is considered by the Crimson Dragons to be a hostile noble, and will be attacked without warning. Express invitation means that he will say, "Come to this place and do this thing now." All offers to join the Crimson Dragons or to attack our supposed enemies are rejected unless specifically approved by our Foriegn Minister. If he doesn't say Yes, then he probably means No.

It is not our desire to attack neutral or "newbie" factions, we consider that a waste of valuable noble-days, but we are at war (which we also consider a waste of vaulable noble-days), despite our desires to the contrary, and as such we will fanatically defend the integrity of our claimed lands. We regard any entry to Camaris by any means as an invasion.

Uninvited guests will be regretfully hunted down and killed.

I hope the preceding is clear and to the point, and I regret the need to post this so often.

Speaking for the Crimson Dragon Ministry of Internal Security,

-- Cudgel [9129]

Hear ye, hear ye!

I am proud to announce the formation of the Duchy of Aquilonia. We claim the following area: boxes cx35-dj39, cr40-cv46 and cw40-dm49 Our alliance is still open for new factions who are looking for a place to dwell.

Travel is allowed in our territory but visitors are to abide the following rules:

1. Announce your presence and intent.

2. All constructions, save castles, are allowed.

3. No opium dealing or theft.

4. Resources are free after a short note to the province owner

Our land is scarred from the wars of the past. Freedom and peace shall return and upheld for as long as we live.

On behalf of the Dukes of Aquilonia,

-- Ammon [n060]


Doom! Certain Doom!

The LOC strike at the innocent again!! Up until now, my faction has been neutral. It has never participated in any combat. But recently I have had a second Noble 'slaughted' by the LOC. The first loss I considered to be a possible error on my part. Being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. But not twice. Thus, I will begin my revenge against the LOC... If you are in LOC lands, I consider you to be the enemy. Move out if you're neutral. I think I will now begin to send Assassins into LOC lands... TO KILL A FEW LOC... mmm.. Could be Fun!!

TITI! You should never question a man's resolve, even if he is a friend.

6: Drakkar Jaune [3225], roundship, 95% loaded, defense 10, 6% damaged, 6: arrived from Ocean [cr78], owner: 6: Jonathan [j305], wearing enchanted armor [s735], with three workers, 6: eight sailors, 100 elite archers, accompanied by: 6: Titi [p731], duke, with 103 pikemen, eight sailors 7: Jonathan [j305], wearing enchanted armor [s735], with three workers, 7: eight sailors, 100 elite archers, exited Drakkar Jaune [3225], 7: accompanied by: 7: Titi [p731], duke, with 103 pikemen, eight sailors 14: Jonathan [j305] attacks Titi [p731]! 14: 14: Jonathan [j305], wearing enchanted armor [s735], behind 2, with 14: three workers, eight sailors, 100 elite archers 14: 14: Titi [p731], duke, with 103 pikemen, eight sailors 14: 14: Jonathan [j305] is victorious! 14: 14: Jonathan lost 70 elite archers. 14: 14: Titi lost 103 pikemen, eight sailors. 14: Titi [p731] was taken prisoner. 14:

How long have Olympians been under the evil of the Lords of the Crown? See for yourself. News Letter 35

A Warrior's Views

Choosing what road to walk in life is a luxury given to few in this world Perhaps lack of practice is why so many who do have that choice make such a gods-cursed mess of it

-- Sir Codric [3910]


How much does a throne cost?Sometimes but one life, when sickness, old age, or a lucky blade takes the life of a king in a strong kingdom.Most often, it takes the life of a few ambitious, grasping men,and the more of those the realms is rid of, the better

The Way of the Gods

-- Sir Codric [3910]


Life has no meaning but what we give it. I wish a few more of ye would give it a little...

-- Sir Codric [3910]


I curse you, my foe. Whatever you gain in enmity shall turn against you. Whatever you plunder from me shall bring you misery.Whatever gold you take shall buy your grave. My doors are forever closed to you. The sorrow shall be yours alone.I shall only laugh,

and my friends shall dance on your dying day.

-- Sir Codric [3910]

Three things I'd like to say:

1. They are gone 2. They took that stupid ad with them 3. HIP HIP HOORAY

Yes, we're a huge alliance of ancient factions who've been at war longer than you plan on playing, but no doubt we lack the ability, interest, and intelligence to find and kill your nobles with your handful of men. You're just too quick for us, by golly.


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