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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g2-149 |
   | December 21, 1999                                                    |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 149  268 players                            http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Due to underwhelming interest, the First Great Oly Race has been cancelled. The sole faction to register will be receiving a consolation prize of 10000 gold.

-- Banquo's Ghost [ah7]

A word of wisdom to the LotC. If you keep doing what your doing, You'll keep getting what your getting

-- Royals [yf7]

***** To All Factions: The continent of Camaris is an active war zone. Any noble there is liable to attack without warning.

In particular, any noble not present at the express invitation of the Foriegn Minister of the Crimson Dragons is considered by the Crimson Dragons to be a hostile noble, and will be attacked without warning. Express invitation means that he will say, "Come to this place and do this thing now." All offers to join the Crimson Dragons or to attack our supposed enemies are rejected unless specifically approved by our Foriegn Minister. If he doesn't say Yes, then he probably means No.

It is not our desire to attack neutral or "newbie" factions, we consider that a waste of valuable noble-days, but we are at war (which we also consider a waste of vaulable noble-days), despite our desires to the contrary, and as such we will fanatically defend the integrity of our claimed lands. We regard any entry to Camaris by any means as an invasion.

Uninvited guests will be regretfully hunted down and killed.

I hope the preceding is clear and to the point, and I regret the need to post this so often. *****

Speaking for the Crimson Dragon Ministry of Internal Security,

-- Cudgel [9129]

Hey Codric! My aura blast tan is fading. Send one of your laughable mages over so I can get darker before we kill him!

-- Odysseus [8083]

In need of more troops or a second flank? How about an armed escort through hostile wilderness or dangerous waters? Then contact The Brotherhood of the Red God, and for a modest fee we can send an escort by caravan on land or via ship. We specialize in guerrilla tactics against larger targets and quick preemptive strikes. If you are in need, drop us a line at:


Please visit our web site at http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/1843/borg.html

May the Red God smile upon you. Herald of the Brotherhood of the Red God

-- Wodan [d987]



The knights march. The rooks accompany the knights. The bishops survey the field. The queen plays behind enemy lines. The pawns trap the enemy.

3,000 troops and 40 nobles. Ow, thats gotta hurt!

- Lotc General Captured and killed- Artemis Entreri [5339] was taken prisoner. Artemis Entreri [5339] was killed.

-Escaped after only 4 beatings- Lady Eowyn [5258] was taken prisoner.

-Captured killed and set to hades twice!!- Sir Codric [3910] was wounded. Sir Codric [3910] survived a fatal wound! Sir Codric [3910] was taken prisoner. Sir Codric [3910] was wounded. Sir Codric [3910] survived a fatal wound! Sir Codric [3910] was taken prisoner.

-Silas a Gabriel Traitor & LOC SPY Captured and killed- Silas [w631] was taken prisoner. Silas [w631] was killed.

-LotC Quitter! Quit Olympia.- ck2 The Bear People Danny Merchtems

-LotC Quitter! Quit Olympia.- fb9 Western Merchant Captains Chris J. Burr

-LotC Quitter! Quit Olympia.- yx4 The Efficient Empire Bill Larson

- Left the evil LotC. After waking up to their evil- es9 ambiorix pisonier patrick

- Left the evil LotC. After waking up to their evil- at3 House of Capricorn Christophe Desmecht

- LotC Generall Captured!- Bruennor Battlehammer [2592] was taken prisoner.

- LotC Generall Captured!- Bruce [s898] was taken prisoner.

Will you guys ever learn that your evil destructive ways will get you no where? Well I guess its time to rechart the LotC hierchy as many of them seem to have a very very short life span.

- Unnamed Musketeer-

Another Day, another gold piece.

A large man with a long white beard was seem Headed north He was seen Riding a sleigh with 6 winged horses. He was wearing a red cloak and laughing hard and loud. He was caught with his pants down and executed. As will be all members of the borg. HO HO HO

Coming soon to a market near you! Dwarf talismans to ward off the evil eye! Use the finger, toe, or ear of the infamous Bruennor Battlehammer to protect yourself from perfidious Necromantic spells!


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