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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g2-132 |
   | August 24, 1999                                                      |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 132  298 players                            http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Fellow Olympians,

I am not an influential member of the Musketeers, but my voice was chosen to be the one replying to the public statement made in issue 130 of the Times by Lord Bruennor BattleHammer of the Lords of the Crown. This message, like all good propaganda, had its elements of truth - but it was published to besmirch the honour of the Musketeers, and we ask a little of your time to clarify a few things.

The declaration of war by the Rimmon Musketeers can be found in issue 92 of the Times (see http://www.pbm.com/oly/times/g2/092.html) - reading past Times will provide some indicator of all factions' intentions in the game. Strangely, it seems that the LotC have always been at war. Yes, we choose to fight the LotC because of their beliefs; those beliefs turn out to be that they want to conquer all of Olympia and crown one of their own as Emperor (Times issue 87). The Rimmon Musketeers do not like the choices offered; namely, "Join the LotC or die."

Lord BattleHammer's message also named the entire ICLF as a target of high priority. This is an attempt to drive a wedge between the Musketeers and potential/current allies - "side with them and we'll destroy you completely." Yet the Lords say that the Musketeers cannot prevail in this war, so why bother with the mind games? It also allows the LotC to continue with their "divide and conquer" policy which has served them so well thus far. *That* is why they did not choose to fight the Musketeers and are labelling us as the agressor, they were waiting for their then-current wars to finish - mind you, they still had concealed nobles scouting our territory while both sides were at peace...

The following quote just *had* to be included for the irony within it:

>I can only give a good piece of advise to the Rimmon Musketeer membership: >you have been lied to, influenced and used. Don't be fooled and punish the >ones responsible for your demise.

Yes, we have been lied to, influenced and used - by the LotC. And we intend to punish them.

Despite a tremendous initial edge in battle experience and army size, a spy feeding extremely sensitive information from within the Musketeer ranks for a great many turns (a spy who was voted in as a full member of the Musketeers despite the player's personal connections to Lord Cendage; a lack of prejudice I can't see occurring within the LotC), some tremendous luck and some powerful allies (ie the Eagle alliance), the LotC are a long way from conquering the Musketeers after thirty turns of war. The Musketeers are also a long way from conquering the LotC - as so many have said, they are extremely good at warfare.

The Lords were correct when they said that the Musketeers do not want this war, but they are sadly mistaken if they think that means we will walk away from it. Propaganda posts like those from Lord BattleHammer show that the Lords are not as confident as their bluster would like everyone to believe. And look at how many they publish!

Lords and ladies, this war will end when one of our great powers eliminates the other as a force in Olympian politics. The Musketeers will be glad to return to more peaceful pursuits.

-- The Fenians [mm9]

As a new faction from Greyfell we would like to contact our dear neigbours. We would like to live in peace and gather knowledge from nearest area. We would like also to offer our services to strong Land Master ...

... So what about a glass of beer?

-- The Estar Kingdom [vq2]

Greeting Fellow Olympians. It seems the LOC have wasted no time at all in continuing their underhanded and deicetfull style of play. I am refering to the appearanc of a Lord Foul II in last weeks newsletter if you missed it well here it is.

> I have done all evil things imaginable, > but each day I pray for forgiveness, > and each night at sunset I pray > for deliverance from the evils that stalk me. > I pray, but I fear that no gods will listen. > > > -- Lord Foul II [t547]

While I am happy to note the LOC are now admiting there obvious evil ways I am distraought they feel they need to slander Lord Foul's honorable name. May ATNERKS rest his soul and forgive the decievers. So who is this obvious pretender? Well lets see what the Intel files have to say...

TURN 112

The Shadowlands [dd72], plain, in Provinia, civ-2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0: Garrison [2145], garrison, with 20 soldiers, one centaur, 11 riding 0: horses, five oxen guards The Shadowlands [dd72]. 14: Zazoe [3231], with five workers, nine riding horses, arrived from the 14: east. 15: Zazoe [3231], with five workers, nine riding horses, went west. 17: Eatme I [t547], with one riding horse, arrived from the west. 18: Eatme I [t547] entered Ganith [x75]. 21: Bagheera [1994], with 26 riding horses, arrived from the south. 22: Bagheera [1994], with 26 riding horses, entered Ganith [x75]. 23: Bagheera [1994], with 26 riding horses, arrived from Ganith [x75]. 24: Bagheera [1994], with 26 riding horses, went west. 24: Eatme I [b635], with one riding horse, arrived from the west. 25: Eatme I [b635] entered Ganith [x75]. 27: It has become quite windy.

TURN 123

he Shadowlands [dd70], mountain, in Provinia, civ-7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16: Ilandra McBwuce [b635] recruited five peasants. 16: Eliandor McBwuce [t547] recruited five peasants. 19: Gellana Mirrorshade [9814] blasts Zrie Pracis [5301] with a burst of 19: aura! 19: Zrie Pracis absorbed the blast! 29: Garrison [83442] is disbanded by Miserable LOWlife [2989]. 30: Garrison [143286], garrison, on guard, with ten soldiers now guards The 30: Shadowlands [dd70].30: It is no longer windy.

Province controlled by The Fence [9947], castle, in The Shadowlands[dd70]

Ruled by Sir Codric [3910], duke Routes leaving The Shadowlands: North, forest, to The Shadowlands [dc70], 8 days East, plain, to The Shadowlands [dd71], 7 days South, forest, to The Shadowlands [df70], 8 days West, forest, to The Shadowlands [dd69], 8 daysInner locations: Toppe [n82], city, 1 day Mithril wanted ! [s498], collapsed mine, defense 10, depth 7, 100% damaged

Perhaps I am making a bad assumption in claiming deciet. Perhaps this Pretender was the lucky one who ate 4172 Lord Fouls brains. Fine all is fair in Love and War. But if you want the name you must pay!

Therefore I Ebony Knight Officialy place the bounty of 10,000 gold on the head of T547 Lord Foul II. This bounty will remain until either the body of T547 is delivered to me and the bounty collected from Ebony Knight of the pretender T547 abondons the Name LORD FOUL!

-- ROYAL LINES [yg9]

I am Aralin, delegate and explorer of Zarya Guilde Last month I landed with a small crew in Greyfell and on my mission I would like to gather as much infromation about this world as possible that will be added afterwards in the great Library of Lore. I would like to contact all factions and alliances in the surrounding area to avoid any conflicts and problems not only now, but also in feature. My goal is nothing more than just gather informations and thus Zarya Guilde has no plans to take part in any military conflicts except steps undertaken for our defence and safety. Contact me please soon at my address aralin@ucw.cz


Addendum: Of course, all the help is welcome. :)

-- Zarya Guilde [zj4]

Looking for adventure, excitment and the challage of a lifetime? Do you wish to test the very limits of you potential? Be all you can be.....and more. The BoRG are currently hiring Nobles from all parts of Olympia, from all walks of life. No experience nesseccary, we're just looking for a few good (and ruthless) folks to add to our growing and very successful team. Any and all interested applicantsshould forward there resume to the Hearld at : asgardian@bigfoot.com

Please visit our web site at http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/1843/borg.html or contact us at asgardian@bigfoot.com

May the Red God smile upon you. The Herald of the Brotherhood of the Red God

-- Wodan [d987]

Pig Foul made a nice roast !!

-- Bruennor Battlehammer [2592]

The Rimmon Musketeers wish to apologize to all new players starting in the Rimmon area; it's not fun to enter a game in the middle of two warring sides. Since the LotC have been attacking all unknown nobles in the area surrounding Rimmon, we ask that you contact us via our representative in Rimmon before deciding upon a course of action - WE CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR SAFETY! While we currently allow the recruitment of peasants and the collection of wood and various other resources, our wartime footing means that we may ban all such activities after appropriate notice is given in the Times.

The Musketeers will, however, welcome any factions who choose to collect resources relevant to our war efforts and will pay for such services. Those who wish to join the Musketeers are even more welcome :)

Lord Foul's website lives on past his death at http://www.expage.com/page/foulacy and is also a contact point for the Musketeers.

-- Maltar [3475]

My Fathfull servand Lord Foul died an honorable death at the battle of New England fending off the evil Hordes of the Crown so that I might escape. Now his time in this realm is over and he has acomplised much and died honorably that is all he could have asked for. He died with a smile and without regret.

4172 Lord Foul RIP. "Rest In Peace"

Born Season "Harvest", month 6, in the year 5. In the fair city of Drassa.

Died after much torture by the hand of Brunnor Battlehammer "Lord of the Crown",King of Delzon. Season "Snowmelt", month 2, in the year 17. In the city of New England ruins Castle Winsor.

3: *** Lord Foul has died ***

Season "Blossom bloom", month 3, in the year 17. 14: Lord Foul [4172] has passed on. Gained 6 NPs.

Sir Codric at the funeral in New England had the following to say.

He died honourably in battle, Defending what he believed was right. A great deed for a great man. He's in God's hands now. May He have mercy, where we couldn't.

Sir Codric.

-- Queen Elizabeth II [6389]


Open your eyes. There's a nice surprise for you nearby.

I Am Iron Man. I will crush you all!

Give me that storm! No! It's Mine. Hey were'd it go. Hey that's my storm. You want it? Are you sure? KABLAMM! Okay you can have it. Well it's yours now so don't just lay there. I'd hate to see someone step on you.

Deep within the earth an evil rests waiting for the ultimate champion to come out and manifest itself within. That time has come. Prepare yourself to meet the evil one, for he has the strength of a thousand horses. The courage of a thousand dwarven warriors and the skill of a thousand elven archers.

For he is the chosen of evil itself, he will be judge of the world, he will be the slayer of all that oppose him.

Prepare ....

Oh Atnerks, hear my plans... Atnerks? Uh-oh...


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