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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g2-119 |
   | May 25, 1999                                                         |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 119  313 players                            http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

It is sad to see a great mind rotted by disease or abuse. Such a mind is that of the Illustrated Man[1010]. Cast adrift in a world filled with chaos and disorder, this once gifted orater became lost when his "god" turned His face from him.

Ensnared by his enemies, tortured near death, he renounced his loyalty [bribed, more than likely, but this makes a more dramatic story-line]. His world-renowned faculties damaged by the ordeal, he is now naught but a lackey of the very foemen he struggled against. He has been seen stumbling along the streets of Yellowleaf, with a placard hung 'round his neck proclaiming [essentially] "under new management".

And now his new master tries to insult the intellegence of others [or perhaps fool the uninformed] by having him read prepared statements declaring war on his former allies. Unto he I say: Fey turn! Do not soil your victory with this maladroit attempt to confuse. If you shall not accord him a station befitting of his former gifts due to the decline in his abilities, at least allow him to do the menial tasks you assign him in peace and obscurity.

And for all you out there who struggle alone vs a behemoth foe; be you friend, nuetral or foe: take heart! A determined, calculated and protracted struggle can often lead your foemen to make errors such as this. Where it will not likely gain you any palpable support, there will be those with honor and bravery in their hearts who will, at least, wish you well. And wishing you well means they will be less likely to send aid against you!

-- ICLF [hu8]

Greetings Fellow Olympians We are the Rimmon Musketeer's. I know the rumor's fly but we remain. Yes we have lost more castles than most alliances own and we have lost more troops than even I care to count but we remain. Most recently we have been dealt an evil blow by the most traitorous of players.

When he came to us at first we knew where his blood was forged as he is related to the evil Lord Cendage. Putting our fears behind he swore an oath to not serve his blood ties and thus was accepted as a Musketeer to show we hold no grudges just because of relations.

Well last turn his blood ties shown through. He pledged all the Musketeer lands to Sir Codric. Causing the death of at least one Musketeer and the pain of many. Below is I guess in his eyes a worthy excuse. I include it in full for the people of Olympia to see the treachury of our enemies and judge their mettle for yourselves.

- - - Go ahead and send this to your clan:********** Actually, Silas betrayed you, not Richard Gabriel. But I knew this entire battle was a hopeless cause the moment it was being rationalized with such wise comments as "death or glory," or such beautiful demonizing of the LOTC. I realized that the moment Maltar asked me to apologize to Oleg b/c I insulted Greg for exploiting a "feature" was the moment that Maltar and Foul were playing "practical" politics and not ethical politics. If this were truly a battle about the evilness that the LOTC represents, then the Musketeers wouldn't be aligned with Oleg. Politics is practical. You play to survive, not to die in battle for some cause made foolish because you were both inexperienced and unprepared. The Musketeers have chosen to do the latter. On the other hand, Maltar is a good manager. He can manage resources and people with amazing skill. He is also a good leader. But he is in no way a wise leader. A wise leader picks and chooses battles with care. But, hey. I realize this is a game. When we voted on the war, I was one of the few that voted not to fight. I was voted down by some pretty banal arguments. But, I rationalized,it's a game; if they want to play the fantasy/glory schtick to the hilt, then go for it. I, in turn, played the game as I saw fit. So, Silas betrayed you. It's a game and I had fun plotting this entire thing. Good luck in the future.

:)rwg - - -

Funny how he fails to mention the only other Musketeer who voted against war was me. But I guess that's spin. Without A doubt he will fit in well with his new friends. After all the above logic sounds very much like his blood would say. -Lord Foul-

-- ROYAL LINES [yg9]

Regarding Ming's complaint that the CD did not warn PLATO before going to war, I would point out that PLATO on Camaris never notified us before they broke every treaty they have ever signed with us. If they need somebody to explain the consequences of repeatedly breaking your word to your nieghbors to them, no wonder it's taken so long for them to figure out we've been attacking them. Shut up and soldier, Ming.

Oh, if it wasn't already obvious, Camaris is a war zone. If you are there, then somebody might kill you. Anybody who promises you'll be safe there is either recklessly optimistic, or just plain fibbing.

-- Cudgel [9129]

UDB is like an archer - he demonstrates great bravery, but from a distance.

-- Snow [p713]

The faction da2, led by one Silas, have betrayed the Rimmon Musketeers. This faction's nobles as of turn 117 are: s105 t89 o1 Brego c469 t89 o1 Lysistras d020 ca72 o1 Batilor b863 z76 o1 Theorius w631 cp72 o2 Silas w504 xv01 o1 Marishka

The Rimmon Musketeers name these nobles oathbreakers and outlaws. Let every noble's hand be turned against them!

-- Maltar [3475]

Greetings Lord Maltar,

I understand it must be difficult for you to be faced with a traitor in your alliance but I would appreciate it if you could ask your members, when they want to step out of the Rimmon Musketeers to please contact other alliances than LotC.

I understand some of the more clever members are trying to get out of the war and I'm prepared to let them go. All I want is to fight you and Lord Foul, I don't care about the rest, if they want to go down with you, fine, if they want to leave the war and live, fine.

But please, join Eagle, PLATO, BoRG, TIB's, or even ICLF but stop contacting the Lords because we have no need for more ex-Musketeers.

-- Artemis Entreri [5339]

It is with a growing sense of tedium that we read the latest whine from the PLATO/BorG/Rimmon forces in the ongoing Battle with LotC. Isn't this the fellow who declared this to be a game of war after attacking without warning in the Yellowleaf area? Now he is unhappy because somebody has attacked him? And then there was that "mercenary" ally of his a few turns back. Clearly this war has produced both the largest battles in this game, as well as the most stupendous volumes of whining and flaming conceivable, on all sides.

Now if you would like a decent, well-fought war, I commend to you the Bandit Lords and the South Ossicus Association. These folks have gone at it almost as long as PLATO and the Lords, but have you heard a peep for them? Not often, I'll warrant. This war has had spectacular deception (my hat is off to Snakeman, your diplomacy in the early part of the war on several occasions forced me to check my turn reports to see if my senses had deceived me somehow. True genius), surprise attacks by both sides, aura blasts, lighting bolts, deadly fogs, assassains, bribes, battles pitched and running, everything you could want from a war, including courtesy and respect. Hopefully there will be a history of this conflict someday, for it is more interesting than every whine and flame you can find on the player's list rolled into one.

-- Fred [6742]

Looking for adventure, excitment and the challage of a lifetime? Do you wish to test the very limits of you potential? Be all you can be.....and more. The BoRG are currently hiring Nobles from all parts of Olympia, from all walks of life. No experience nesseccary, we're just looking for a few good (and ruthless) folks to add to our growing and very successful team. Any and all interested applicantsshould forward there resume to the Hearld at : asgardian@bigfoot.com

We currently have Brothers in the Drassa region with little to do. We are currently looking for contracts of any sort (training, recruiting, raiding, patrol duty, etc) in this area or any of the nearby islands. We have ship transport and don;t mind travelling.

Please visit our web site at http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/1843/borg.html or contact us at asgardian@bigfoot.com

May the Red God smile upon you. The Herald of the Brotherhood of the Red God

-- Wodan [d987]

I'll spit on the poofter.

-- Bruce [b283]

Talk is cheap. But if it keeps your belly full and your grave empty, it's worth more than gold. -Sign on a merchant stall near New England

-- Lady Chrysania [r818]

I'll spit on the poofter.

-- Bruce [b283]

Nice place you got here. But let's just try putting this over there, then the light will make it look much bet...


Are you insured?

-- Flynn [s787]

Fellow Provinians,

For many years now the area around Greyfell was in total chaos. Bandits were everywhere, civil riots every day, etc... Until about a year ago a band of bold adventurers gathered and brought order in the chaos.

Nowadays many were inspired by there example and have come to join them in their endeavors. They are no longer a band but have worked their way up to leaders and rulers.

As of today we will be known as the Nation of Ergoth. A small alliance near the coast, ruling Greyfell and surroundings. We would welcome envoys of our direct neighbours, to engage in various treaties.

I can assure you we are fully independent. We maintain good relations with TIB's, and have spoken to some of the LOTC. (No more no less, despite what some rumors might say.) Rimmon Traders trade with our cities, as do the Syr Antin. We have had no contacts sofar with oversea alliances but may make some in the near future.

We have only one rule so far. To fund the multitude of projects in the Nation of Ergoth (mainly helping new players getting started) we imply a 10% tax to all goods sold in the Nation of Ergoth.

The nobles of Ergoth thank you as do I,

-- Regent Elthar of Greyfell [z059]


In case anyone was wondering:

Land controlled: 1,079 2nd

My identity is left as an exercise to the reader. I will be trying to determine who is ahead of me (and how far ;->)

Yes! Soon Roskilde Festival will arrive!

Ash Hole's Ballad ___________________

WITH * YSANDRA: Mother of little AMMALYA.

* AMMALYA : Daughter of YSANDRA.

* BHY ACK THOL : The Wiseman.

* KUSECK : The Peasant.

* PAHR KHYN : The Old Man.


* HOLE ASH : The Poofter.

* And the BoRG !

. . . . Somewhere in south Provinia . . . .

Ysandra: Watch your feet, Ammalya !

Kuseck : Hurry up, they're coming ...

Ash : What are you talking about, and where are you taking all this stuff ?

Pahr : Are you nuts? That's the BoRG who are coming, they're more cruel than an army of trolls, and they destroy all they come across !

Sheek : My father is telling you the truth, they are so merciless that I don't want to think about you if they catch you here. You should go with us right now !

Ash : But you must certainly exagerate that reputation, in fact I have never heard talk about these "BoRG".

Wiseman: If you say that, you're a stranger to our land. But trust me, you must flee from that horrible plague before they arrive in this village.

Ash : Okay, I'll go with you, if only so you can tell me more about that incredible terror in your eyes !

Ysandra: You've made the right choice, young man. If we can find asylum before the night, maybe we'll be safe ...

Ash : So, who are they, these "BoRG" ?

Ammalya: In my village, my father told me that they are a huuuuuge army of giant Termites who are soooooooo hungry that they attack empty ships and eat them quickly before the owners comes back and ...

Ysandra: Ammalya, I told you not to say such stupidities ! Dont pay attention to her young man.

Pahr : I know the truth, my grand-father told me when I was a child that every 100 years some living beings come from the sky. They are totally black and have an "occular implant" in one of their eyes, and probably a battery up their ass because of their strange manner to walk.

Ash : (With a great smile) Yum, and they take prisonners maybe... Or better yet, maybe they give theirself up to pillage and rape their ennemies, I hope, er... presume ... I meant to say "presume", of course !

Pahr : Not at all, they have a strange and sacred enterprise, assimilate all the other species.

Ash : (What a pity!) Oh, Really ?

Kuseck : Shut up, both of you ! You, young man, you're depraved. And you old man, you probably smoked too much opium last night ! I will tell you all secret about the BoRG ... In reality they are an elite group of clones of a great swedish tennisplayer, and his name is Borg , Bjorn Borg. But there is more, this elite is trained to massacre our people with tennis balls and racketsblows and they have only one objective, playing tennis in our blood ! Why do you think their courts are red ?

Ysandra: Will you stop saying all those atrocities, there is a child present. No, in fact the BoRG are the survivors of a ancient alliance who have made some noise in the past.

Ash : And what happened to them ?

Wiseman: They just made a little mistake, they troubled the peace of another alliance !

Ash : ... and then Wiseman?

Wiseman: Then they were crushed like a peace of shit ! And their

lives were spared on one condition: that they never attack their victors again !

Ash : But they are back ?!?

Wiseman: Aha, that's their second little mistake ! And they're so clever that they changed their name not to be recognized .

Ash : Did they come back to avenge their defeat ?

Wiseman: No, they came back to be totally anihilated !

Ash : Are they masochists ? (with a great smile)

Kuseck : Yes, certainly, and they will have what's coming to them !

Ash : But, what does BoRG mean ?

Wiseman: In fact, it's a name composed of the first letter of 4 words, and then put together it means something very terrifying, but I can't remember what ...

Ash : B ... o ... R ... G ..., what could it be ?

Ammalya: Maybe it's "Broth of Red Goat" ?

Wiseman: No, that's an old recipe of my grandmother...

Kuseck : What about "Bloated hound of a Randy Goblin" ?

Wiseman: No, that's an orcish insult...

Ysandra: Then, perhaps "Boozer oath of the Raised Gout" ?

Wiseman: Nice try, but that's what my grandfather always recited when he came back from the Barren of Mutten Inn.

Pahr : I know! It's "Ballad of the Rectal Guy" ...

Ash : No, no that's impossible because that's a love song about two men... well you know what I mean !

Sheek : But, if it was "Boaster's house of the Rolling Globe" ?

Wiseman: No, definitely not, that's a whorehouse in Imperial City. Wait a second, what if it's "Blotter's root of the Rampant Grog", no that means nothing ! Oh, crap, this is going nowhere !

Ash : Nevermind, it's scaring me just to think about it. Let's turn away from the BoRG, march up to LotC territory, and ask them to protect us from this peril with a so original name.

Wiseman: Mmm, that's the best idea I've heard all day...

Wanted: Ships, Captains & Crew to transport large numbers of troops, strike that, sight-seers, to the lovely land of Camaris, to arrive NLT Fierce Winds in the year 16. Lovely time of year, some 1st class berths still available. Departures from Proudrock, Trullion, Azrain Rhonius., Harn, Farnor & Yellowleaf are anticipated.

The previously scheduled rumor has been cancelled.

Nope the mine is not here. Maybe I left it over there. I swear the darn thing is moving on me. I'm not that forgetfull am I?

Pig Foul will make a nice roast !!

Bugs Mr Skrenta! Zillions of 'em! I'm abusin' 'em all!


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