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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g2-117 |
   | May 11, 1999                                                         |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 117  312 players                            http://www.pbm.com/ |

Questions, comments, to play: info@pbm.com

Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

If I were a new Alliance I would think twice before attacking a super alliance no matter what crap the Lords have been feeding me.

-- ILIPHAR'S Raiders [qk8]

>Alllllllllllllllllllll (High pitched whooping cry) >The Red God is Great >All praise to the Red God > >PS Sorry about the garrisons Snow

Oh, get a life.

-- Snow [p713]

Looking for adventure, excitment and the challage of a lifetime? Do you wish to test the very limits of you potential? Be all you can be.....and more. The BoRG are currently hiring Nobles from all parts of Olympia, from all walks of life. No experience nesseccary,

we're just looking for a few good (and ruthless) folks to add to our growing and very successful team. Any and all interested applicants should forward there resume to the Hearld at : asgardian@bigfoot.com

We currently have Brothers in the Drassa region with little to do. We are currently looking for contracts of any sort (training, recruiting, raiding, patrol duty, etc) in this area or any of the nearby islands. We have ship transport and don;t mind travelling.

Please visit our web site at http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/1843/borg.html or contact us at asgardian@bigfoot.com

May the Red God smile upon you.

-- Wodan [d987]

>7: Lady Cartimandua [7872] blasts Heimdall [d522] with a burst of aura! >7: Heimdall [d522] is wounded. Health is now 0.Lady Cartimandua, this >was an uncalled for act of cowardace. Next time you want to express you >displeasure, do so in person. I hearby place a bounty on the head of >Lady Cartimandua[7872]. The first noble to present me with her dead >body shall recieve 1000 gold. > > > -- Wodan [d987]

Very Classy. You of course conveniently left out the part about Heimdall being a pirate and a mercenary. Oh, and the line: Heimdall [d522] miraculously survives a fatal wound. I am now expressing my displeasure and say to you "If you can't take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to scurry back where you came from. It's not safe out here. It holds wonders to satisfy desires both gross and refined, but it's not for the timid." - (something like that anyway) Q from ST-TNG.

I have to admit - I am very offended - I'm not sure what offends me more though. The part about you publishing my ID in the times, or the fact that you've offered a mere 1000 Gold Pieces for my body. The body of a Lady no less. You've made me feel like a cheap whore. Well....at least the cheap part offended me. By the way for all you studs out there - I am not currently attached and am looking for a date to the annual Olympia Awards.

For those who might be interested in collecting Wodan's reward please note it may be much more difficult to bring my "dead body" back to Wodan for payment. However, the 1000 GP award I offer for Heimdall's [d522] death or for that matter Wodan's [d987] (I don't really care which) will be much easier to collect. I'll even tell you where Heimdall is as of day 30 turn 116:

25: > use 841 w197 30: A vision of Heimdall's Pride [w197] appears: 30: 30: Heimdall's Pride [w197], roundship, in Forest [dm50] 30: 30: Ocean routes: 30: South, to Ocean [dn50], Great Sea, 1 day 30: 30: Routes leaving Heimdall's Pride: 30: Out, city, to Harn [t75], 0 days 30: To The scared cat [v979], 0 days 30: To Zephyr [5039], 0 days 30: 30: Ship capacity: 15,477/25,000 (61%) 30: 30: Seen here: 30: Heimdall [d522], with ten peasants, 36 pikemen, one blessed soldier, 30: eight sailors, 16 swordsmen, two pirates, 23 undead, one riding 30: horse, 14 catapults

-- Lady Cartimandua [7872]

Lord Maltar, Musketeers,

I usually reserve my council to me own Lord. But for this special occasion I feel an exception is permissible.

In light of the most recent events, and more specifically what has befallen your army, I would recommend the following :

Renounce your command as leader of the Rimmon Musketeers. Disband your alliance, remove any and all titles. Retreat your forces a safe distance from the border. (line CN in case you 're wondering) Call back your spies so numberous on LOTC terrain. (Want me to give names and ID's ?) Retreat yourself to a secluded place and accept the life of a hermit. Only through meditation and an eternal vow of silence will you be able to live your life in a relative peaceful state of mind.

If you refuse to see the situation for you and yours is desperate, allow me to elaborate a few more months. But know that in doing so you voluntarily accept the role of martyrdom, and no further attempts at communication will be made 'till we've seen you vanish into the ground.

I have spoken and will not do so again.

-- Azhir [2989]


Roskilde Festival rules supreme!

Ship theft is a crime punishable by death!!!!!

Times Poetry Contest!

Date: Thunder and rain, month 5, in the year 15 (Times 118)

That's Next Turn!


1st place: 1,000 gold 2nd place: 1 Winged Horse 3rd place: 100 drums

Special Jury Prize for Best Thematic Entry!

Theme: Requiem for a Hero: The Sad End of Sir Codric

Previously Published Material Welcome!

Unsigned (rumor) entries eligible for judging, but prizes will not be awarded!

Sharpen your pens, iron your parchment, and send those poems in!

"...Who was that masked gerbil...???"

So is it Nation of Ergoth or Nation of the Crown? Think hard as the wrong decision could mean a grave site next to Lord Bane. Remember Lord Bane's Folly?

Long ago in a dusty village full of hunger, pain and strife. A man came forth with a vision of truth and a way to a better life. He was convinced he had the answer and he compelled people to follow along. But the hunger never vanished and the man was banished and the village dried up and died.

My small contribution to the sad end of Sir Codric.

The regularly scheduled rumor has now been cancelled.

Pig Foul will make a nice roast !!

ICLF --> Incompetent Crazy Liquid Flushers ?


Pig Foul will even drown on the coast.

It is only me I speak for, but I'd warn folks that Camaris is a war zone, and strangers poking thier nose in there are likely to get it shot off. I'm a' greasin' up my bow glove.

(Insert first bars of 'Dueling Banjos' here)

Oink Oink

Oh Please don't hurt me! I'm just a helpless innocent mercenary, sob.

Wow,my army is as powerful as I thought it was.Now I just need someone to prove it on.Maybe it will be you.

Everywhere I go... ... I allways take the weather, with me.


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