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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-75 |
   | July 21, 1998                                                        |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 75  345 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

Questions, comments, to play: info@pbm.com

Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Hear ye! Hear ye! Ships for sale....seek ye the Shipyard of the House of Aekinskald, Master Merchants. Send ye a courier to hj8@g2.pbm.com Roundships 840gp, Galleys be 420gp Crew for 50gp...will deliver for a fee. Or watch ye the launching in Port Aurnos!

-- House of Aekinskald [hj8]

Greetings Olympians and a special hello to all Drassans.

If you are in the northwestern region of Olympia, please take a moment to look at our web household at: http://www.telenet.pt/~dl0363/HoL.htm

It includes a map of the Kingdom of Cragstan and the surrounding area as well as important information for anyone wishing to visit our territory.

Live long and prosper, Lord Ralek Arkham Speaker for the House of Lords Kingdom of Cragstan

-- House of Lords [tq9]

The Guild Of Merchants are pleased to anouce the opening of their new Shipyards at Vernolt j56. See Guild Press For Prices

-- Bryan O'Neil, Ship Builder [8574]

I am a merchant and explorer setting forth from Yellowleaf on my great quest. If I blunder into your territory, I am not hostile or a threat. My ship flys the banner of "Tiger Rampant o'er Stout Roundship". If I may be of service hauling a cargo, please contact me.

Thought for the week: Avoid cliches like the plague-- they are a dime a dozen.

-- Tiger IIth [s634]


This rhyme is 'bout my foe, the evil Peter.

da-dum da-dum da-dum no sense of meter.

[signed] The Purple Peter Eater

Mortals rejoice!

Courier New (______ <<\-/> ______)

/_.-=-.\| " |/.-=-._\

/_ \(o_o)/ _\

/_ /\/ ^ \/\ _\

\/ | / \ | \/

/((( )))\

__\ \_*_/ /__

(((---' '---)))Arial

Da DragonLordz has arrived!

The Church of Egraal must be annihilated now!

- the Lowlander

I never saw a purple cow,

I never hope to see one.

But I'll tell you this anyhow,

I'd rather see than be one!

From Times #74:

>Seen in Yellowleaf: > >> Pipo The Clown [x145], "Wearing a redblooded forest green sash", with >> 22 pikemen, two battering rams, accompanied by: >> Maker [k991] >> Tiberius [j834], with 20 archers, ten crossbowmen >> Axe [7968], "wearing a forest green sash", prisoner >> Elm [9166], "wearing a forest green sash", prisoner > >Pipo is a Lord of the Crown. I guess protestations of neutrality >didn't get the Forest Green Sash folk too far with those wicked >Belgians. And one hears that the LoTC is successful recruiting >newbies? As what, snack foods?

We must apologize for our use of language in this post. We don't even know what a Belgian is--where on Olympia is Belgium after all? Those responsible for the language in the previous post have been sacked.

Please substitute the following line:

I guess protestations of neutrality didn't get the Forest Green Sash folk too far with those wicked Codrickers.

1 _-/ \-_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / 3/3 \ --_ 2 ------------------------------- 3 \---__ / 12 \ __---/ \ --/__ __\-- / \ / ---__ __--- \ / \ / ___---___ \ / \/___--- ---___\/ 10 -------------- 11/11

Yvengi is a louse! - Freddy the Wonder Mule

"Leave the newbies alone or there will be hell to pay!"

What're ya gonna do, Buckwheat? _Bleed_ on me?!?!?

Did I touch a nerve? To bad. I will kill newbi's and you can't stop me. Whine all you want I don't care. I tell you what. I will begin my spree with factions that have public turns on turn 76. There now they have a choice for defense. Does that make everyone happy? No ! Well to bad.

"We do more before day 5 than most alliances do all month" "Rimmon Musketeer's"

Not so cocky now, are you Tarl Desenea?

Monthly fortune, from the Church of Eggroll:

If a peasant asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is "Atnerks is crying." And if he asks why Atnerks is crying, another cute thing to tell him is "Probably because of something you did."

Standing on ProudRock Provinia..

Eagle Alliance forces, under the guise of SOA (Southern Ossicus Alliance), landed a force in the port city of ProudRock. Few casualties so far, but the force is expected to move inland and raze Bandit castles.

Peasants in the area report confusion between the lead nobles. In peace talks between Bandit and SOA leaders, the SOA was quoted in saying "Join Eagle or DIE!" The exact size of the opposing forces is unknown at press time, but EA forces are said to far outnumber Bandit forces in the area.

The change in EA has finally come. Some say it's a good thing. EA simply retaliated. But to wait 10 years to retaliate against the Bandits seems like a long time to this reporter. And EA is already involved, albeit in a minor way, with LotC vs Harn. PLATO quickly joins their allies, but EA shuns LotC as the insane uncle. But they still hide behind secrecy. SOA was a front for EA's attack, but the secret got out. The Bandits have been causing trouble for years on Olympia.

EA is afraid to attack it's real enemy PLATO. It looks as if EA wants to always keep everything secret. Even the existence of Eagle was a secret until the Yellowleaf War.

What other conspiracy do they have planned?


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