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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-49 |
   | January 20, 1998                                                     |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 49  263 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Despite any claims that PLATO or its lackeys might make to the contrary, the New Empire is alive and well and will defend the territory it has claimed since the the first few turns of the game. Those who attempt to garrison this territory without permission will be dealt with. Any faction not associated with PLATO may make free use of any resources in the area. Military forces transiting without permission will be assumed hostile.

For the New Empire

-- Banquo's Ghost [ah7]

"Greetings once again from the TIBs Alliance.

In an attempt to avoid the same misunderstandings that plagued TIBs colonization of Tollus TIBs would like to make public our current and continued colonization of the continent of Ormos. And in the spirit of cooperation and good-will, we would like to open negotiations with any faction currently on Ormos.

We currently have several nobles on Ormos and have been establishing infrastructure for some time now. As we near completion of phase one, and the finishing touches are put on our Ormos castles, we feel it is time to firm up the borders.

Over the past 10 turns we have contacted all nobles/factions that we know to be on Ormos and have successfully established mutually acceptable borders with all concerned parties. Our question now is "did we miss anybody?"

This post is appearing in the T49 Olympian Times. We ask that any faction currently operating on Ormos contact us by the start of turn 51 so that we may establish borders. If we do not hear from any factions during this period we will assume we have successfully contacted all parties on Ormos and will consider the treaties and borders in place as acceptable to all. We look forward to hearing from our Ormosan neighbors.

-- Lords of Hammerhill [gz2]

I've updated the map of Provinia through last turn. Hope to get together some maps for other continents very soon. Any and all contributions are greatly welcomed and appreciated.

As always, the maps are still up at:


Thanks to the many people who contribute and make all this possible.

-- Stahl & Stein [rm4]

In the name of a kingdom many foul things are done, In the name of a love fairer things are won.

-- Sir Codric [3910]

The Grand Council of Ambassadors is pleased to announce that the Council courier network has been reorganised. If you wish to bring anything to the attention of the Council please send a message to gca@pbm.com.

Enquiries about membership or other technical queries should go to the Chamberlain at apenney@lpr.com.au.

For the Grand Council

-- Jhermai the Scarlet [8984]

Shadow Alliance Announcement Follows

Last month there was a rather lengthy rumor postedby one of our ex-members. We will not accept or deny most of what he said, although we may respond to personal enquiries to our e-mail address.

One thing we do want to make clear though, is that we do not have anything to do with the Grand Council Of Ambassadors.

The reason that the person in question was told by another member that we had dealings with the Grand Council, was that we were unsure of his loyalty, and wanted to make sure that if he did betray us, we would know about it.

As it turned out, we had no need for this action as he gave us enough information in his posting for us to be sure it is who we think it is.

I would like to apologise to the members of the Grand Council, and stress once more that The Shadow Alliance has nothing to do with any part of the Council.



Arthur, Leader Of The Shadow Alliance

-- Dark One [5404]

There are only two things on earth: the first is love; the second, a long way behind it, is intelligence

-- Lady Eowyn [5258]

PEACE RETURNS! With things once again seeming to settle down in Yellowleaf, the Illustrated Man again returns to his full line of services. All basic commodities are now both bought and sold. Come shop! Special this month on mithril -- only 60 gold! And the amount we're offering for horses continues to climb. WORK FOR THE MAN! If you're feeling a bit low on funds, you can always work for us. Sell us peasants, or if you're a smith, check out the exchange rate on wood and pikes. You can buy wood from us at 7 gold, turn it into pikes or crossbows, and sell it back to us at 12, for a profit of 5 gold per day! SCROLL FOR SALE!!! The Illustrated Man's newest acquisition is a fine Jump Through Gates scroll [v020] available to the first person willing to plunk down 450 gold on our scarred countertop. With the scroll, at no extra charge, we will give information on local gates that the newcomer may explore. The Illustrated Man is also interested in buying scrolls of any description. We are now offering 85 gold for blank scrolls and 80 for lana bark. THE TRADING POST - basic commodities bought and sold buy sell ID qty. Peasants 3 6 10 varies... Wood 5 7 77 Crossbows 12 15 85 Pikes 12 15 75 Iron 15 20 79 Swords 20 25 74

ITEMS FOR SALE Mithril 60 82 10 Healing Potions 150 5 Winged Horses 800 54 0 Jump Gate Scroll 450 v020 1

ITEMS WE WILL BUY Wild Horses 30 51 20 Riding Horses 75 52 20 Lana Bark 80 64 10 Blank Scrolls 85 84 10 Giant Lizards 500 282 2

Finally, there is one item which you'll see listed on the Yellowleaf market report that we don't expect to sell. That's the Orb we have -- we don't really think anyone will spend 20 K for it! It's a sign of a new service we're putting in place: we will do location scries for you for 200 gold -- anywhere in Provinia, with no questions asked. Discretion is guaranteed. We also have the ability to locate characters, if you are so inclined, for 500 gold. If there are any goods or services that you don't see listed, let us know and we'll try to fullfill your needs. Shop the Illustrated Man!

-- The Illustrated Man [1010]

Greetings Fellow Olympiads!

Last month Plato retook the Crimson Citadel. Phew! Touch & go there for a while. We needed diplomatic trickery for one turn (no dishonesty, but trickery definitely). & I thought last month the enemy would sneak out of their castle & cause all kinds of havock before the catapolts arrived. But they didn't, so we snacked 'em.

However, we came with nine catapolts, & when the battle was done, the Castle was a pile of rubble. This was no big deal, as we were sick of Provinia & ready to raze the castle anyway, but we didn't get a chance to change the names of all the provinces, & that's kinda' disappointing.

Anyway, it was a great battle.

760 dead plus several nobles!

Over 1100 troops taking part!

Very deadly.

I think that's an Oly2 record, to the best of my knowledge.

We hope this ends the bone of contention with the New Empire: we can't argue about the cidadel anymore because it's gone! We consider the hostilities with the New Empire pretty much at an end.

But as I said, we're sick of Provinia. So we're leaving Azrain to whoever wishes to claim it. You will have to build a new castle & destroy all the old garrisons. They're now renegade: i.e. pledged to no castle, no lord. We hope Azrain's new owners will be more realistic than the last. The labor of the greedy boy oft' bares no fruit.

best wishes to all, I am, the vengeful, Captain Arrr

-- Captain Arrr [7662]


When I first joined Olympia I was no better than all the other two-bit nobles in Yellowleaf: fighting about resources, and grabbing up land like Republicans on a rain forest spending spree. My existance was so empty, I just didn't know it. Then the Shadow Alliance entered my life. They recruited me at a time when no other alliance would share their map info with me. Even local savages wouldn't hang with me. They gave me the training I needed to become an International Man of Intrigue. Now I travel the world gathering intelligence for my dark brothers. I have made friends with some of the most influencial alliances in Provinia, and given their secrets to an organization that prides itself on deception and betrayal. (But I'm sure I have nothing to worry about.) Well, my life is great now. I love the Shadow Alliance. I know I'm in a group that cares about my interests, and I'm finally a productive member of something in Olympia. Thank you Shadow Alliance!

Another (almost)unsolicited testimony from a SA member.

Join the Shadow Alliance. Travel the known world. Make new friends. Betray them.

ok, so, there I was, minding my own business, and up comes this guy...he sez to me, he sez "I'm from the Shadow Alliance....want to be our spy?" Well, I thought "cool, a spy". So I sez to him, I sez "yeah". So then I try to join PLATO. I sez to them, I sez "I'm a spy for the shadow alliance, can I join?". and they sez to me, they sez "no". So I thought "bummer".... so I tries the musketels. I sez to the, I sez "I'm a shadow alliance spy, let me join". and they sez "no". bummer...... so I tries tibs. no. I tries da harn alliance. no. I try doz Kragston boyz. no. this spy stuff is tough! I guess I'll keep trying....

(ok, maybe this isn't true. But it certainly would explain alot, wouldn't it?)

To the noble known as Manfred von Beck:

If anything read in the rumor section is to be believed, you are the noble attacked by the Shadow Alliance. Publish their names, and faction number if you have it, and I'll teleport you 5,000 gold.

A concerned Olympian.

Now on 3 continents! And Coming soon to a city near you...

Yvengi is a louse!

When the Eagle soars The PHILOSOPHER falls

The Brothers Grim are here The two-faced house is complete The Three join with the Seven The Sword is found by Nazgul claw The Stormclouds gather near the roof of the World The Time of Destiny is at Hand

I, Noire Immortalis of the Undying Banner, hereby declare that I have reached an honourable solution in the border dispute with The Fence/Lords factions to my east. We have traded dd59, df59 and dg59 in return we have received dj60, dk60 and dm60 and the right to trade in the coastal cities of our neighbours.

Let it also be known that our quarrel was never with Lady Eowyn who handled this very dangerous and delicate situation with great skill. To my Confederates and the others who supported me, I pledge my sword and friendship when in need.

My Honour Is My Life

Noire Immortalis In the field, East of Cawode

Rejoice all,

for the day we have been waiting for has finally arrived.

Today the fair Lady of the Fence, ruler of the capital of Toppe is to be wed to Sir Codric, a knight of royal blood and open Lord of the Crown. From this day forward they will both rule the lands of the Lords of the Crown.

Both have their own responsibilities and both serve as open Lords of the council.

Anything said to one of them is said to both of them. They have no secrets, not to eachother, not to the other lords.

By decision of the council, month 8 in the year six, our alliance wishes to officialy join the Grand Council of Ambassadors. Lady Eowyn was chosen to represent us in that council, she will now speak on behalf of our entire realm in that council.

We are also glad to let you all know that our small misunderstanding on our western border was resolved in a most honourable way. Though we never doubted it wouldn't, we now more then ever realize the value of correct and just diplomacy. We promise, in the future to give even more attention to our diplomatic letters. So we can avoid all further misunderstandings.

We will now declare the following borders of the realm of The Lords of the Crown :

From CX60 downto DH60 in the west. Including DD59, DF59 and DG59. Excluding DJ60, DK60 and DM60. All the way following the Great Sea in the South.

We border the Tuatha de Danaan in the north. The border is too complicated to explain but, continues on line CV from 68 to 76. In the east negotiations are still ungoing. But it will certainly include line 76 from top to bottom.

Currently there are no laws concerning resource collection, trade or passage. We appriciate it if people sent word to our open Lords if they are coming to pay us a visit. If you want to set up projects like constructions etc.......you are also encouraged to drop us a note.

We will keep you posted on any future changes.

May the celebrations commence,

The Lords of the Crown

Everyones asking each other about the Shadow Alliance. There ex-member gave some handy tips, but nothing of real strength. I have a theory, and it goes thusly:

The SA are not actually players in the game. They are small computer viruses called Hector, Wilfred and Hank. Somehow they have infiltrated the gamesmasters computer, designed a web-site, and worried most of the players.

On a different note, Oleg the Loudmouth is continuing to live up to his name. He is now the only thing between Yellowleaf and peace. Captain Arr and Banqou's ghost are more than happy to end the war. Insulting posts from Oleg may hinder this progress.

Sir Codric, or just plain codric to those outside his 'kingdom', has got problems. He is a strange combination of pleasant and insane. Definatly one to watch.

The Fence. hmmmmmm. Need I say more?

I do not know how I know all this stuff, but I am sure you will find that it is all true. I am the Thinker. Thinking is what I do best.

The Thinker

Quidado Sebastian, muy quidado.

The Official Olympia Gossip Homepage is open at http://www.expage.com/page/olympiagossippage

Ever wanted to start Gossip on Oleg, ever wanted to spread rumors on your enemy?

Don't count us out yet Amazones are still riding...

"Hmmmpffff, where are we now?"

(The dwarves are plane hopping again)

"We are trying to shoot the cloud, it seems that it just won't go away. Look, it's starting to storm. Let's go and hide. Wait a minute, it's moving away."

"Get the smart man, he'll know what to do."


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