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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-47 |
   | January 6, 1998                                                      |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 47  253 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Announcing a new web-based chat forum for the discussion of PBEM/PBW/network Interactive Strategy Games:


-- Gamemaster [200]

To clarify, the New Empire will not attack PLATO forces for at least one more turn while negotiations continue, but there are other groups active in the area who oppose PLATO and may not follow our wishes for peace. My warning to Captain Arr was an attempt to avoid misunderstanding, but apparently resulted in one.

Negotiations continue with PLATO for a final settlement, but may have stalled. Caution is still urged for travellers in the Yellowleaf area.

Prospero for the New Empire

-- Banquo's Ghost [ah7]

The SouthWest Tollus Company (STC) announces that an amicable & fair border agreement has been reached with TIBs concerning the division of Tollus. Details on the exact composition of the Treaty can be obtained by relevant parties by directly contacting either the STC or TIBs.

-- SouthWest Tollus Company [bg8]

The TIB Alliance is happy to announce that we have come to a border and treaty agreement with the South Tollus Company, and it's affliated factions, on the continent of Tollus. Details of the treaty are still being fine-tuned and we are unfortunately not at liberty to post the specifics of the border here. Suffice it to say that STC and it's affliates control the NW of Tollus while TIBs maintains ownership of the SE. Upon final ratification of the treaty the border specifics will be posted at the TIB web site. (http://members.aol.com/seehawk42/tibs.htm)

-- Lords of Hammerhill [gz2]

News from the Lords of the Crown.

Fellow Olympians,

We are glad to announce our negotiations are coming to a good end. We have agreed on the following borders with our neighbours.

To the North : Our Realm borders the Rimmon Musketeers at line CV. Also to the North : Arrangements are still being made with the Tuatha De Danaan. The final border will be around CX-CV. To the east : The border remains with the Empire / PLATO as is was. To the South : The realm extends to the Great Sea. To the West : We have proposed an equal amount of land on the 60 kolumn for Harn in exchange for the same amount on 59 around our castle. As we are still waiting for Harn's proposal, we for now will follow the arrangement above, which abides by their initial demand; an equal gain for an equal loss.

May we all live through the winter months in peace,

So speaks the open Lord of the Crown,

-- Sir Codric [3910]

From The Illustrated Man: Lots of accusations are heading our way these days for some reason, so let's set the record straight: We have never denied our alliance to PLATO. It's been public knowledge from the beginning of the conflict, so it's not like anyone is revealing a big secret. We trade with them and others for mutual benefit. Not all trades that we make show up on the market. We are always available for barter, and credit can be arranged. While we are waiting for a response to our letter to the New Empire, basic war materials (wood, weapons, and men) will temporarily no longer be sold. They will still be bought. We will inform you when this restriction is lifted. THE TRADING POST - basic commodities bought and sold buy sell ID qty. Peasants 3 6 10 varies... Wood 6 8 77 Crossbows 12 15 85 Pikes 12 15 75 Longswords 25 30 74

ITEMS FOR SALE Mithril 100 82 10 Healing Potions 150 5 Winged Horses 800 54 6

ITEMS WE WILL BUY Wild Horses 25 51 20 Riding Horses 55 52 29 Lana Bark 50 64 10 Blank Scrolls 55 84 10 Giant Lizards 500 282 2

Finally, there is one item which you'll see listed on the Yellowleaf market report that we don't expect to sell. That's the Orb we have -- we don't really think anyone will spend 20 K for it! But we were so pleased to have it in the shop, we thought we'd put it in the window for folks to look at. It's a sign of a new service we're putting in place: we will do location scries for you for 200 gold -- anywhere in Provinia, with no questions asked. Discretion is guaranteed. We also have the ability to locate characters, if you are so inclined, for 500 gold. If there are any goods or services that you don't see listed, let us know and we'll try to fullfill your needs. We're the Illustrated Man!

-- The Illustrated Man [1010]


Actually the underworld isn't so great (Chomp!)

Question: What's the difference between an alliance of "combat ready" crabs and a smoking, bloody haze composed of crab parts? Answer: Part of Ferenth will eventually be covered by a smoking, bloody haze composed of crab parts.

## _-/ \-_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ ##------------------------------## \---_ / \ __---/ \ -- /__ 9 __\-- / \ / ---__ __--- \ / \ / ___---___ \ / \/__--- ---__\/ 5 ---------------11/11

Spells known: 25/79 3rd

Yvengi is a louse!

Don't even start. You crabs and frogs better shape up and start getting along or we're gonna have to get medieval on your little chitenous/amphibious you-know-whats's (respectively.)

Hedgehogs On Ferenth Fellowship Association

I don't know what's worse - Bozoquo's Ghost thinking that bribing a fear noble = military genius (maybe Bill Gates ought to be Secretary of Defense, huh?) or all of those semiliterate "yeah, we're bad, don't mess with us" rumors the Empire's sycophants put in the last Times...

Ferenth would be even *more* improved if bubble-eyed rumormongers could be anesthetized. -- FCC Hermit

The Shadow Alliance hmmmm.. Here we seem to have an alliance that has basically promised to infiltrate all our alliances with spies in order to dispense their type of justice. How quaint. This sounds like something for the Grand Council of Ambassadors to discuss. Unless their too busy bragging to each other.

Hmmmm, thought that PLATO would have remembered the power of gold from g1. And you all thought Persuasion was useless. :-)


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