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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-29 |
   | September 2, 1997                                                    |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 29  220 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Due to the growth in the number of Tollus factions, we hereby publish our claim of the Southwestern coastline, centered around the cities of Redwine, Elakain, Cerrin City, & Darkbone City and the surrounding provinces. Other factions on Tollus are urged to contact us to discuss peaceful borders.

-- South Tollus Company [bg8]

The SUNWATER NEWS is pleased to bring you an update from northwest Olympia. Sunwater continues to be a fairly quiet backwater area, concerned mainly with construction. Faction Leader, Colonius, is happy to report that trade is vigorously expanding in the area. --Free Citizens

-- Free Citizens [kh2]

My Olympia II page for all G2 players is up at:


The site is still under construction, but there is a partial map of Provinia in table format (Netscape 3.x or higher is recommended.)

I'm seeking contributions of mapping data or any other materials of value to players. Please forward your contributions to me at:

stahl_und_stein@hotmail.com or bswain@nyx.net

Though mapping data is the most appreciated, articles and essays giving tips, starting & position building strategies, etc. will also be welcome. I will also include links to any other pages concerning Olympia II, if the maintainers of the pages will mail me the URL of their site.

-- Stahl & Stein [rm4]


Business is booming! If his customers are satisfied, the Illustrated Man is satisfied. Look for more exciting offers soon!

Wood [77]: 7 gp, quantity 30+ Riding Horses [52]: 55 gp, quantity 3 GET THEM WHILE THEY LAST Longswords [74]: 20 gp, quantity 2 Crossbows [85] & Pikes [75]: 12 gp, quantity 10+ Blast those monsters with ease, with the Illustrated Man's fine weapons!

HEALING POTIONS!!!! Sick and tired of paying through the nose for that contract loyalty? Running out of noble points for oaths? What you need is to rule your nobles by fear! Terrorize your nobles in complete safety with The Illustrated Man's healing potions, at a mere 150 gp apiece. If you are concerned about safety, we now have two satisfied customers who will testify to a satisfactory transaction. Potions currently for sale: b272 s995 h912 g666

At present the map offer is suspended. Hopefully it will be re-opened in a few turns once life settles down a bit.

-- The Illustrated Man [1010]

Here ye, hear ye, hear ye! Know ye all who are present that the Greater Northern Atnos Traders has set up their headquarters on Atnos and hereby lays claim to the lands of Northern Atnos which shall be bordered by and include the row cc on the map and all points north with the ocean defining the North, East, and West borders.

-- Silfert [3007]



Yvengi's less filling.

Thibaut........we're still waiting...... the clock is ticking. If your alliance does not hear from you by the start of turn 30, I'm afraid we will have to assume you have quit our ranks. Please email ANY of us.

The Jackals are doomed!

Yvengi is a louse!

Seek treasure where others have not yet adventured. -the Sage

Sun Tzu says:

better watch your 6!

Does anyone have news from Port Aurnos? Is it safe to travel there yet?


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