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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-27 |
   | August 19, 1997                                                      |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 27  224 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Are you at loose end? Need to do something, but not sure what, not quite ready to settle down, yet not wanting to put your well trained nobles in the line of unnecessary fire? Well then we want you! Do the Right thing, Serve your Land!!!! The Royal Knights of Olympia are now recruiting in and around all major cities. Due to an overwhelming demand for services, we are accepting applications from all trained nobles, i.e. construction, combat, beast master (bonus), Miners. Great Benefits, Towers, Temples, Inns, what you need. Good solid negotiating power teamed with honor, will make your future a bright one! We are not just looking for factions, we do accept individual Nobles to the Cause.

Cmdr Morrigan the Relentless {5189} Royal Knight of Olympia

-- The Lastday Reavers [ux8]


Write to The Illustrated Man and let me know what you think of our store! Are our prices too high? What would you like to see on sale?

THE RETURN OF THE STABLES!!! Horses are back, and the IM has them! Available for the low, low price of 45 gold, only in Yellowleaf, only from the Illustrated Man! Less than half what you'd pay in Elantir or Trullion! Riding Horses [52]: 45 gp, quantity 12

IRON & SWORDS!!! Your favorite tattooed guy now has the finest in steel weaponry available for the discriminating customer. Quantities are limited, so act now! Iron [79]: 15 gp, quantity 5 Broadswords [74]: 20 gp, quantity 7

HEALING POTIONS!!!! Sick and tired of paying through the nose for that contract loyalty? Running out of noble points for oaths? What you need is to rule your nobles by fear! Terrorize your nobles in complete safety with The Illustrated Man's healing potions, at a mere 150 gp apiece. If you are concerned about safety, we now have two satisfied customers who will testify to a satisfactory transaction. Potions currently for sale: b272 s995 h912 g666

The following items are also for sale at bargain basement prices:

Wood [77]: 6 gp, quantity 30+ Crossbows [85] & Pikes [75]: 10 gp, quantity 10+ PRICES SLASHED!!! Blast those monsters with ease, with the Illustrated Man's fine weapons!

At present the map offer is suspended. Hopefully it will be re-opened in a few turns once life settles down a bit.

-- The Illustrated Man [1010]



Is the AOO still around? I have something to give them.

--an old friend

unit 94322 #orc drop 10 6 garrison 9211 move s garrison 9211 move e garrison 9211 pledge 5102 recruit 10

unit 1650 #Pollux study 850 train 20 10 breed 52 10 breed 52 10

unit 1908 #Polyanna breed 291 291 breed 291 291 breed 291 291 breed 55 55 breed 55 55

The Crab v. Frog Alliance has been found. Appropriate cooking utensils are on their way to Ferenth.

Yvengi is a louse!

>> Thrown into this world... >> To build the Temple of True Faith, >> To unite the 12 Believers. >> Those who seek our Path, protect the Rune >> Will join the Circle of the Wise...

Hey answer guy, When dealing in trade good, does the 8 provinces difference between cites include the provinces the cites are in or doe it have to be 8 provinces not including the cites??

Wait, what's this you've found? An Artifact of Savage control! My Teacher will be pleased. --The Student

Just thought I'd drop in a meaningless message, for old times sake.


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