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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-23 |
   | July 22, 1997                                                        |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 23  226 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

*** Future Events ***

A Trade Fair will be held near ck29.

Further detail will be available soon. Please stay tuned.

Peace and Prosperity to All,

Guardian Brightstar

-- Guardians of the Realm [bs2]

You all know the drill by now.... but for you new players, here it is again. If you are in the Drassa region, please go to http://members.aol.com/seehawk42/tibs.htm for information on the TIBs alliance which is operating in the area around Drassa. Thanks, and good luck.

-- Lords of Hammerhill [gz2]

Swords for hire. Will raise army, caravan guard, Castles seiged,Provinces Garrisoned, what ever you need.Now operating out of Harn and Greyfell. *****Many Talents @ Your Diposal***** ******Your Gold, Services, or Rental Property***** *****For Our Blood and Sweat***** The Royal Knights of Olympia Cmdr. Morrigan the Relentless

-- The Lastday Reavers [ux8]


THE RETURN OF THE STABLES!!! Horses are back, and the IM has them! Available for the low, low price of 45 gold, only in Yellowleaf, only from the Illustrated Man! Riding Horses [52]: 45 gp, quantity 12

IRON & SWORDS!!! Your favorite tattooed guy now has the finest in steel weaponry available for the discriminating customer. Quantities are limited, so act now! Iron [79]: 15 gp, quantity 5 Broadswords [74]: 20 gp, quantity 15

HEALING POTIONS!!!! Sick and tired of paying through the nose for that contract loyalty? Running out of noble points for oaths? What you need is to rule your nobles by fear! An 84 point terrorize, immediately followed by a healing potion, will keep your man in fearful loyalty for the entire game! Terrorize your nobles in complete safety with The Illustrated Man's healing potions, at a mere 150 gp apiece. If you are concerned about safety, we now have a satisfied customer who will testify to a satisfactory transaction. Potions currently for sale: c108 d018 g666 (the potion of the beast)

The following items are also for sale at bargain basement prices:

Wood [77]: 6 gp, quantity 40+ Crossbows [85] & Pikes [75]: 10 gp, quantity 8 PRICES SLASHED!!! Blast those monsters with ease, with the Illustrated Man's fine weapons!

At present the map offer is suspended. Hopefully it will be re-opened in a few turns once life settles down a bit.

-- The Illustrated Man [1010]


The ones with gunpowder grow quickly.

The former kings begin to lose their strength, and are plotted against.


Look at these interesting results from just outside Yellowleaf...

1: Cirdan [2005] attacks Last Homely House [7164]! 1: 1: Cirdan [2005], behind 2, with eight peasants, six sailors, 1: accompanied by: 1: Feldspar [4841], with four soldiers 1: 1: Last Homely House [7164], inn, defense 10, 12% damaged, owner: 1: Savage [97157], savages, number: 8, with three peasants, 1: 13 workers 1: 1: Savage [97157] is victorious! 1: 1: Savage lost two peasants, six workers, four savages. 1: 1: Cirdan lost four soldiers. 1: Cirdan [2005] was taken prisoner. 1: Feldspar [4841] was taken prisoner. 1: 1: Athelas [2569] attacks Last Homely House [7164]! 1: 1: Athelas [2569], with eight peasants 1: 1: Last Homely House [7164], inn, defense 9, 12% damaged, owner: 1: Savage [97157], savages, number: 4, with nine peasants, 1: seven workers, six sailors 1: 1: Savage [97157] is victorious! 1: 1: Savage lost two workers, one sailor. 1: 1: Athelas [2569] was taken prisoner. 1:

Tanglebow Woods [dg77], forest, in Provinia, civ-2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Province controlled by The Crimson Citadel [3409], castle, in Tanglebow Woods [dh77] Ruled by Ravnos the Bold [9881], baron

Inner locations: Last Homely House [7164], inn, defense 8, 12% damaged, owner: Savage [97157], savages, number: 4, with 17 peasants, five workers, five sailors, accompanied by: Flint [8524], prisoner Cirdan [2005], prisoner Feldspar [4841], prisoner

I hope that the rulers of Yellowleaf can act quickly to contain this savage threat.

Yvengi is a louse!

Ana Shikis stared nervously out the window again. She was well accustomed to storms, but had never before witnessed one of such ferocity. She shivered at the sound of the wind and driving rain. Suddenly a resounding boom shook the house, and the night sky blazed with lightening, revealing the looming forest nearby. Where could they be? Her family should have returned home by now Azhe'e, her husband, was chieftan of the Mantu Clan, which had lived in this region of the forest by the Great Sea for generations. They lived in harmony with nature, clearing just enough forest to make room for their homes and gardens. Much of their food and other needs were supplied by the forest, itself. In return they tended the forest as they did their gardens, and the forest revealed its secrets to them. Recently, others had been drawn to the area by the natural harbor where the forest and hills sloped down to the sea. These were fish- ermen, and they had established a small village by the harbor. It was named Rimmon. The Rimmonites were a friendly lot and had been welcomed by the Mantu clansmen. A trade of fish for items supplied by the forest had developed between the two, and their peoples had begun to mingle. As Chief of the Clan, Axhe'e had gone to give his blessing to the first child to be born of a Rimmonite man and a Mantu woman. Their son, Binaai, and their daughter, Saani, had accompanied him. Now they were overdue, and the storm raged.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Azhe'e left the small home with his children amid thanks from the proud new parents for the blessing he had given their son, Zhin Amagook. "I must now meet with our friends to discuss trade matters. Binaai, come with me. This will be your responsibility one day. Saani, you may visit with the village girls if you like." "Father, may I go to the old ruins to pick flowers for motherk? The prettiest ones always grow there." "Very well. But get along home before dark." Azhe'e knew his daughter was as wise in the lore of the forest as her older brother, and that she knew her way around woods as well at these village maids knew their way around the fishmarket. And, now that she was blossoming into young womanhood, Ashe'e was just as happy that she would not be lingering insight of some of the young men

Be careful around IC. Plague carrying pesents have been recruited there - 10-15 health a turn to the nobles in the stack.

Hail ye! Hail ye! Entering the game as the lords of Harn are you? The mouth of the South

On an emerald isle in a pristine sea, The Dagda convened the Council of the Sidhe. This was a serious matter concern- ing one of their own rather than the mortals they ruled over as gods. One of the mischievous pookas had overstepped his bounds and bedeviled the wrong goddess. Now she and her allies de- manded retribution. Although the Dagda and others of the great ones were inclined to wink at the pooka's antics, this was a powerful goddess, and even the gods had rules by which they were governed. The goddess demanded that the pooke be stripped of his magical powers and his immortality, becoming as one of the humans. The representative of the pookas argued that if this was done, their brother would be helpless against further re- taliation by the vengeful goddess. The Dagda was bound by law. The pooka would henceforth be mortal; however, to avoid any further revenge, he would be transported through time and space to another world. Se- cretly, the Dagda assured the other pookas that their brother would not be left without help. Others would be sent to aid him, and the Dagda, himself, would be informed of his progress. Thus came Pooka Acein to Rimmon.


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