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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g1-220 |
   | September 9, 1998                                                    |
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   | turn 220  10 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Player-contributed press

Finally: >Ruled by Arlon Greyfletch [s7r], king

But still #2 in land controlled.

In celebration of finally garrisoning all of South Camaris, I'm giving away a castle. No, not on South Camaris. What? Do I look like I've been drinking Orc Oil?

This castle is located on Tollus, off to to west and slightly south of Provinia. The province is cj46, and the castle is inside the port city of Yellowleaf [aq9t]. The castle has a modest territory garrisoned, only 8 provinces, but there is plenty of room for expansion. The castle has a wonderful view north across the Osgean Sea, and is in prime condition.

The castle will go to the first noble to arrive in Yellowleaf, so get moving!

-- Arlon Greyfletch [s7r]


Yesterday it worked Today it is not working Windows is like that

Faction [:-)] rank ------------- ---- Characters: 5 7th Men: 121 5th Gold: 18,137 7th Land controlled: 18 6th Skills known: 41/70 3rd Spells known: 16/80 6th Provinces visited: 254/9,995 6th