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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g1-208 |
   | June 17, 1998                                                        |
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   | turn 208  11 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Player-contributed press


Come on, now- Who needs a dour butt-kickin'?

Someone (perhaps Clan Moore?) Asked: > Is there still an AOO?

Hmmmm, difficult question to answer. I'm sure they still exist somewhere in the space-time continuum. However, as far as this plane of Olympia is concerned, the Answer Guy has seen no sign of them since some time back around the early parts of year 23.

> If not then who is that sitting in the castle at Hades?

It's not the Answer Guy, but it is someone who is likely to let peaceful travellers pass through Hades.

> If they do still exist then are they still teleporting in hit > squads to kill auracalcumed mages?

The adjective you are looking for is "auraculated". And no, to the best of the Answer Guy's knowledge, the AOO is not teleporting anything anywhere at this time, on this instantiation of Olympia.

> Would anyone be so kind as to email me a map of hades with the > exits to the various lands?

Ahhh, now you are asking for something of value (as opposed to most of what the Answer Guy spreads about freely). Wouldn't it be more fun to explore and make your own map. Think of the thrills you could have wandering about looking for hidden passages while dodging greater deamons and packs of spirits!

-- The Answer Guy

We hope you have enjoyed our "Youthful Wisdom" series of Times posts. Coming next week -- "Haiku Error Messages"

Faction [)))] rank ------------- ---- Characters: 5 7th Men: 120 5th Gold: 12,392 6th Land controlled: 0 7th Skills known: 36/70 4th Spells known: 14/80 6th Provinces visited: 248/9,995 5th

Aye, with 3 sailors upon the sea I should be bumping into some of you real quick. If you get bumped into by Ahab, Captain, or Sailor; feel free to drop me a line at mmoore2070@aol.com so I'll avoid pillaging your territory.

Four years and 208 turns later, 11 remain.