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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g1-122 |
   | October 24, 1996                                                     |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 122  124 players                  http://www.pbm.com/oly/times/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

When you are working side by side, and the table is full, it is tough to meet your objectives if you are at odds about the goal.

-- The day of Rest [ju3]

The Order of the Yellow Peacocks is undertaking and expedition for the Royal Geographical Society. We are journeying to the southeastern corner of the map. If anyone has any objections, comments, suggestions or anything else, I would be delighted to hear from you. You can contact me at rww@ica.net.

-- Order of the Yellow Peacocks [rk8]

The Spanish Inquisition is currently undertaking an expedition for the Royal Geographical Society. The Comfy Chair [im9k] is sailing to lands where no noble has gone before. But if YOU are standing already on the "new" land, do not feel disturbed and please have patience with this inquisitive explorers.

Wurnas, Captain of the Comfy Chair [k6d]

-- Spanish Inquisition [sg3]

--=RGS=-- Announcement --=RGS=--


Sadly, hostilities have now broken out between the AOO and the Factions of the New Empire. Travellers in the south are advised to steer away from the continents of Ilion and Tollus, lest they become swept up in the general fighting.

We have also received unconfirmed rumors of renewed hostilities in Ossicus, to the East. Travellers there are urged to take all necessary precautions.

The RGS charter requires that we remain neutral in all such affairs. We will seek to maintain our good relations with both sides in the conflict, and will continue to pursue any existing trade agreements until further notice.

We also offer our services as a potential broker of peace. We would be honored to act as a neutral go-between for the aggrieved parties, either formally or informally.

May Atnerks protect us all from the horrors of war!


is a non-political, non-aligned Organization devoted to the exploration of Olympia and its environs. Each week, we publish our findings in the New Atlas, which is distributed to the Membership at large. We are currently seeking new Members, who must be Factions in good standing, and who must also satisfy the following criteria:

* Charter Membership. A large, one-time gift of new mapping information, or agreement to undertake an RGS Expedition, or a significant contribution of resources in support of the Society and its cause. Charter Members are announced each week in the Olympia Times. They receive updates of the New Atlas on a regular basis, and gain access to the RGS archives.

* Affiliate Membership. Any reasonable contribution of new mapping information entitles a Faction to Affiliate status. The identities of our Affiliates are kept strictly secret. They receive an update of the Atlas upon each submission of new information.


The Society extends the hand of friendship to all recently-formed Factions. We will send any such Faction one copy of the New Atlas, free of obligation, together with whatever advice and assistance our humble Organization can provide.

For more information, contact our Representative, the Honorable Brett Miller, at 103534.1454@compuserve.com .


Royal Geographical Society [sp9] Skulking Vermin [sx6], C/RGS House Greyfletch [pb7], C/RGS Reservoir Gods [qb4], C/RGS Lords of Revelstone [ad4], C/RGS Ninth Wave [nr2], C/RGS the day of Rest [ju3], C/RGS Spanish Inquisition [sg3], C/RGS Order of the Yellow Peacocks [rk8], C/RGS Clan Talavyn [qn3], C/RGS First Bank of Provinia [fg4], C/RGS The Order of the Dark Night [jy6], C/RGS The Circle and Staff [wj4], C/RGS

-- Royal Geographical Society [sp9]

-------------------------------- South & West CAMARIS Update --------------------------------

Monthly notice: every new visitor to either of our two fair isles should notify us in advance. (Yes, even just Royal Geographers mapping here)

-- The Crazy Quilters [vn7]

Well its finally happened. The AOO has moved on the Empire. They have attacked Ilion, Tollus and Ossicus in force wiping out several factions within the Empire and setting others running. Estimates on the attacking force are between three and ten thousand dragons. Looks like the final war has begun.

It was nice knowing you all...

-- Nathan Gaunt [n7a]

Obscure People and Ways of Olympia. - Sufferers for Atnerk

We're singing in the pain. Just singing in the pain. What a glorious feeling. We're suff suff suffring again.

So sing the Sufferers for Atnerk. A sect that thinks the god Atnerk loves to see pain and the only way to receive his blessing is to show him what he wants. So they wander the land beating themselves, each other and any spectator that wanders to close to them. The better groups even to make the sound of their beating boards, whips and chain into a pleasing musical tune that goes with their song. And their efforts do not go totaly unnoticed by their god, for many times a miracle occurs and a shower of long thin loaves of bread fall from the sky.

-- Dr. Ironlung [m1u]

Please note: The Bank's email address is now obsolete.

Also the web site is now longer valid, and will vanish the next time the server is re-set. The new site should go live on or around the 1st of November. Please bear with us.

-- First Bank of Provinia [v0z]


They call me Mr. Putterman...but also BtA!!!!

. . . cross the road . . . B-)

The Poem With No Name

There once was One who was often This One, That One, or Another One.

This One was bright and shiny, and he called quite loudly, "Come follow me!"

That One promised we would be safe and strong for I am never wrong.

This One dreamed of owning the world (but in the end we got creamed).

That One was attacked by a sinister beast that roared AOO! as it hacked and hacked.

Suddenly, Another One appeared. Not bright, shiny, big, or brave. He just sighed, and went to his grave.

world full of extremly unhappy peasants.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. T'would seem dishonorable to waste newbies. The ease with which it can be done is no statement of a factions strategic ability, as it is of their lack of the same.

The captain hurried down the wharf to his ship. War had broken out , as he feared it would. He had to get to the island where the OPF's dragon breeding operation was underway. The AOO would regret their actions when 10,000 dragons arrived at the chateau ..............

A pestilence has infected Greater Atnos!

The aoo is on the move again. Someone with the "(F)ox Industries" banner got hit. Anyone else get hit by them?

The Protectorate of the Sacred Rumor would like to thank all those who have complied to our requests, you are truly wonderful people and I am proud to have the priveledge of playing in this great game with you. To all those who continue to post "filler" rumors, I would hope that you will follow the example of those aforementioned wonderful people. Thank you all for your cooperation. The Protectorate of the Sacred Rumor XXXX

Bow to the worthy ones.

The angry peasants of Tollus hereby pledge their support to the Olympian Peoples Front and its glorious leader, El Presidente. Viva the OPF.

Greed is rampant!

Doom! Doom! Doom!

Last time perhaps: Repeat.

Will G2 ever start? .

Hey, look at all the lovely dragons. Pity they aren't on our side...

Farewell, it's been fun.

Well it was fun while it lasted, but three thousand dragons aren't that fun when you've got the end with the bad breath pointed at you.

NEWS FLASH - AOO Invades Ilion, Tollus and Ossicus The Empire Press Office Fierce Winds, Olympian Year 16

The Ancient Order of Olympians (AOO) moved today against the Empire, striking strategic targets in Ilion, Tollus and Ossicus. Visible stacks amount to some three thousand dragons, all attacking nobles that we recognise have been identified as belonging to The Aolian Circle [cu9]. This strike follows a smaller conflict in Cnossa the preceeding turn in which another AOO player attacked and destroyed an empire aligned faction by treachery. However sources inside the AOO claim that the new strike is supported by assorted players with varying motives. The total attacking AOO strength has therefore been estimated to be between ten and twenty thousand dragons.


Mr Jacques et ses Haricots. How powerful do you think the SCA actually is then? Wait till you do get bitten...

RGS: We notice your official reply to the SCA came as a rumour? How do we know if Bartholomew is really speaking for you? However, you are not the enemy. We appreciate you're frankness with us, and in someways applaude you're openess to all.

It may not be true Anarchy, but it's the closest we've seen in Olympia.

-- The Society for Creative Anarchy

The AOO have attacked all over the land, with stacks of over 3000 dragons. I think its time eveyrone just dropped, and G2 started, there is no way anyone can compete with that amount of dragons.

Well, they've finally gone and done it haven't they? Can't trust anyone these days, thinking about it, you never could trust anyone.

I guess the Clan with no Name's time has come and gone. The Empire stooges have been exposed as the cheap punks they really are.

"Newbald has fallen to the AOO!"

The rules states that garrisons need to consist of 10 soldiers. I see non-castle garrisons consisting of peasants. What gives?

Hell's Fury or Mine? Your choice.

It was horrible! The dragons, thousands of em, descended on us! We were caught completely unprepared . . The mole escaped.

Looks like the AOO is on the march again. The Clan with No Name and his allies were crushed by over 3000 dragons last turn on multiple continents. Think carefully and Watch out!

There is a storm a brewin', a Red Storm

Followers of the True Faith shall seek Redemption amoung the unbelievers of Camaris

The AOO will perish. At the hands of a saviour.