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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g1-86 |
   | Februrary 14, 1996                                                   |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 86  137 players                   http://www.pbm.com/oly/times/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

And as the sun sets one final time over Olympia, we hear once again the sound of "Ka-CHING!"

...followed by the slam of a cash register drawer.

-- Novgorod [ch2]

How many Nobles does it take to turn on a lantern?

-- The day of Rest [ju3]

---------------------- S. CAMARIS Update ----------------------

Monthly notice: any new visitors to our fair isle should notify us in advance.

-- The Crazy Quilters [vn7]

> >Now let's keep things tasteful here shall we? Some of the > >stuff targeted to the Clan with No Name in the last few > >Times was unnecessarily crude. > > > > -- General Norc [z1a] > > What, could it be? > Is General Norc actually concerned about another faction? > Or is he just afraid of the Clan with no Name?

Thankyou for your interest in this matter, but note that neither General Norc nor I choose our enemies based on anonymous third parties' stirring rumours. Well, not unless they're a lot cleverer than that one.

-- Erik the Well Read [l4o]

The Bank has a request for the Nobles of Olympia. For the sum of 1,000 gold, the Bank has been authorised to obtain a Scroll or Book of Scrying. If any Noble has such an item to sell please send a message to y6v@g1.pbm.com

-- First Bank of Provinia [y6v]

___ ___ ___ / / ) / ) /___ /___/ /___/ / . _ _ /_ / )_ __ / / _ _ . __ . _ / / / _> / /___/(_>/ //< of / / (_)|// / // (_>

The First Bank of Provinia has offices in some of the major cities on the continent of Provinia. The FBoP offers the following facilities.

o Special offers for New Olympia Players. o Excellent Interest Rates on Bank Accounts. o A Fast and Efficient Courier Service. o Money Transfers. o Short and Long Term Loans. o Insurance Policies. o Pawn Broking Service.

Call in at your local branch for further details.

-- First Bank of Provinia [v0z]

A good man called General Norc, asked me to join his alliance. I hesitated much, because of the romours, but finally decided to join. I travelled many month, to reach this land called Ossicus. There where many dangers, and my ship became damage. But it was worth it, now can I sit in warm castle with a good cup of strong beer, and enjoy the view of the land I am allowed to put my claim on. So I say to all of you who listen, General Norc is a man of his word.

-- Danlo Von Zobel [c9z]

Greetings Fellow Olympiads!

The Liberty Confederacy rules West Ossicus. Peaceful, law-abiding travelers are welcome. Bandits, pirates, & their associates are advised to avoid the area for their own protection. Investors of any kind (merchants, inn-keepers, temple-builders, tower owners, miners, etc.) are especially welcome to civilize this untamed land. Travelers wishing to exploit the resources of these lands should contact us so we don't have harvesting conflicts. Unapproved harvesting is frowned upon.

-- General Norc [z1a]

May all hear the Truth! The Brothers of the Fallen Night have arrived. Our avowed mission is to educate the populace of Olympia about the truth of the dead god OOL and his wisdom of his ways. Yea, though OOL was most heinously defeated by the other gods for speaking too much, we of the Fallen Night remember his words and wish to share them with everyone. May all who hear...hear the truth. THERE IS NO TRUTH! Everything sticks until it goes away, and the truth is we don't know anything.

-- Brother Qallus [b4f]


What ever happened to the dreaded BtA? Is he still around? (Visions, anyone?)

Aren't you guys getting bored of all this yet?

Twas indeed the gentle rain of mercy

Hey Norc! Are you and The Clan With No Name buddies now?

Sorry, no rumor available this week...

Someone Asked: > Does anyone know where we can find a market for oranges?

I know of a location, but it's within territory held by the Lords of Revelstone. You'd have to talk to them.

Someone Else Asked: > So what does a 'Tactical Thermonuclear Crystal Dart' do anyway?

Try lobbing it at the Chateau Olympique. Then be sure and let us all know what happened.

And Someone *Else* Asked: > Say .. whatever happened to the Bone[headed] Entente ??

They haven't been heard from since the first few issues of the Times. Seems they claimed Ossicus, Rimmon, and Tollus straight off, and then, when strong opposition was raised, they moderated their claim to a single isle, west of the Uldim mountains, where they have retired peacefully with their goats.

Still Someone Else Asked: > How do you get nazgul? Can you breed them?

Sometimes you can find them inthe wilds, but your best bet is to get a few from someone else. Maybe the First Bank of Provinia can help you aquire some, or else you could just post a signes message in the Times, offering to buy a few. Get at least 3, in case one dies in your first breeding attempt. And yes, they do breed true.

-- The Answer Guy

Q: How many winged horses does it take to carry a dragon? A: Just one! The dragon is only 3 ft long! But boy, are his teeth sharp!

14 of the 21 original AOO members have dropped, trans- ferring over 200 nobles to the Aolean Circle before dropping. Berry Onion now spends over 60 hours per week just to prepare his orders! Rumour has it that SRI is performing an internal audit to pinpoint the huge drop in productivity over in Section G. Can the collapse of the Order be near?!?

More money for not so mundane purposes!

One named Shirrif shall become a Captain of greater GentleWind. No law does this man observe, and bloody his rise & fall shall be.

Man, man, your time is sand, your ways are leaves upon the trees, I am the Eyes of The Watcher, all your ways are known to me.

(Thanks, and apologies, to Al Stewart and Nostradamus...)

Pride versus penury -- not again!

Sailing, Sailing...

Our magical research on the mysterious way of Gatecraft is nearing completion, and our mage has come up with a question our logistics man cannot handle: how do you get your hands on gate crystals. As our mage is also well into Necromancy, our logistics man is quite desperate for an answer, fearing the mages lack of practice casting Aura Blast could turn out in his disfavour...

I'd like to welcome the new factions in IC, and remind them not to spend all their noble points in one place.

"Why do cows have bells ???? ......... Beacause their horns don't work.. DA.DA. the joker"

The AOO is the strongest aliance in the game. They can only be defeated by an aliance of the rest of us. The time has come to take down the Chataux.

As we going sailing, sailing into the Suthern Seas remember us in Ithaka, me bravos.

Can you breed Nazgul and Giant Birds?

What a large empty place I have found. I think that I shall keep it.

In the far north the huge noble munched on noble brain curry, burped vastly, and turned to you: "Delicious" he said, "simply delicious" "I do hope you don't have BSE"

Methinks the Answer Guy can't read...or chose not to read...... I believe the question was Are pikemen or "swordsmen" better?.. NOT pikemen vs. soldiers! Although I thank you for your cost.. analysis. Perhaps next week you can actually answer the first. question as it was asked? -- I'm certainly not the Answer Guy.

well.....for all the bluster.... STILL NO WAR!!!