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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g1-68 |
   | October 11, 1995                                                     |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 68  163 players                                           "T1!" |

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Olympia PBEM

* * *

Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

-- Goethe

Player-contributed press

The Lords of Revelstone stand aghast at the changes ripping the fabric of the world of Olympia. We have bid farewell to our friends and neighbors the Sen Clan, and have responded to overtures of friendship from the new feeholders in their lands. We do discourage adventurism in the lands of Drucartan, as the land is weary and bereft of resources, hidden or notorious.

In these tempestuous days, we are glad to see that some of our friends do prosper, and we have of late been cheered by hearing from voices long stilled. We send our greetings, and open our doors to those of good will, friend or stranger. If groups new to the Land are in need of aid or advice, we commend ourselves, and offer what we can of what the Land has blessed us.

Mhoram, for the Lords of Revelstone

"New from Revelstone Distilleries: Orc Oil NA!"

POV tracks along a cobbled street, littered with empty containers of other, lesser brews, which are as though they have been crumpled and tossed aside by a great hand. We pass through a section of the great city, and pull back before the soaring imposition of a great temple.

Once established, our view pulls back to a single figure, seated on the steps of the temple.

It is an ancient, disheveled figure of a blind cave orc. There is something vaguely unearthly about him. He lifts a wax-stained bottle of Revelstone Distilleries' ORC OIL NA and takes a deep draught, then lowers the bottle and smacks his lips in evident delight.

SOOTHSAYER: A lot of people ask me why I switched.

INTERCUT: A scene of armed men, marching, speaking angrily.

SOOTHSAYER: It just got to the point where I wasn't getting as much out of it any more. I mean, the thrill was gone.

INTERCUT: Men with swords drawn, hacking at a body.

SOOTHSAYER: Don't get me wrong, I had my moments.

INTERCUT: The armed men stand away from the body, which is clearly dead and, also, clearly the speaker.

SOOTHSAYER: It's just that I began to feel that something was lacking. I began to want something stronger, fiercer. Yeah, I'll admit it: I wanted more, and now I've found it.

INTERCUT: The men turn from the body, and on the back of their cloaks is proudly emblazoned the Revelstone Breweries' ORC OIL NA logo.

SOOTHSAYER: So I've switched. Now I drink ORC OIL NA, and I'm better for it! I hear it provides the same paralytic seizures and transient cardiac failure that I got from my old brew, but adds almost instantaneous subdural septic inflammation and some sort of viscous lymphatic discharge from the pores! All this, a neat new hinge-thing on the bottle to reseal the ceramic cap! Now, that's packaging!

VOICEOVER: It's new! ORC OIL NA with the neat ceramic thing on a hinge! Buy it for the bottle, drink it because it's _in_ the bottle!

SOOTHSAYER: It's the last brew I'll ever need!

VO: ORC OIL NO ANTIDOTE- just the thing when you don't want to have more than one. Legal note: The disembodied hand of Atnerks has been known to destroy the habitations of vendors attempting to sell, and of individuals attempting to buy, ORC OIL NA. The makers of ORC OIL NA assume no liability for the vengeance of supreme beings wreaked upon such individuals for fostering or attempting consumption of the brew. Please be sure it's what you want to do. Don't screw with the hinge thing either; you're liable to put your eye out.

-- Lords of Revelstone [ad4]

Welcome to Gildeath - The Gateway to the North West.

The City of Gildeath and it's surrounding lands on the Isle of Antresk, are the lawful demesne of the Draconian Elite and their allies. Travellers are welcome, but please inform me when you wish to traverse my lands.

-- Draconian Elite [fg4]

Friar Dodge will be setting sail from the Imperial City in a few months. Our ultimate destination will be one of the other continents to the south east. We will do some fishing on the way, and some island smashing. Due to the fishing, I can't charge passage. Though I can offer adventure. I am offering free passage to anyone who will help defend my ship. No Traitors or spies please.

-- The day of Rest [ju3]

---------------------- S. CAMARIS Update ----------------------

Monthly notice: any new visitors to our fair isle should notify us in advance.

-- The Crazy Quilters [vn7]

times067 - "So long, and welcome to all the fish!"

It was a good joke and a nice try, BtA, but no cigar. When are you gonna implement my DROP ALL command idea there, Atnerks? Consider this a warning to all air- borne refugees - Beware of teleporting fish!

-- Asterix [h5u]

Greetings Fellow Olympiads!

The Liberty Confederacy rules West Ossicus (mostly). Peaceful, law-abiding travelers are welcome. Bandits, pirates, & their associates are advised to avoid the area for their own protection. Investors of any kind (merchants, inn-keepers, temple-builders, tower owners, miners, etc.) are especially welcome to civilize this untamed land. Travelers wishing to exploit the resources of these lands should contact us so we don't have harvesting conflicts. Unapproved harvesting is frowned upon.

-- General Norc [z1a]

Amra is disgusted with Piracy! Stealing nickles & dimes from the AOO--that's generally considered a good thing. & Marat's so rich, who cares?

But pirating young nobles in the Atnos Channel? Amra wants to puke.

Amra agrees to match the Illustrated Man's long ago offer of 500 gp to any adventuring soul who can bring to justice Atnos Channel Pirates. Payable in the IC.

PS: if you cut their heads off real good, maybe I'll throw in a pair of oxen too!

PPS: in case anybody didn't know, Swishbuckler is believed to belong to the Cohorts of Collosus & is friends to the seemingly just sherrif of Gentlewind.

PPPS: Erik the Well Read: I'll pay 1000 gp. I tried to contact your agent Lance, but he was so taken with my offer, he melted!

-- Amra [g1p]

Gentlewind Visitation Policy

Visitors are welcome to the area controlled by the Cohorts of Colossus [vo4], as long as they obtain travel permits first. Not all requests will be granted. The affected area includes the land provinces bx25-bx27, by24-by27, and bz27.

I only rarely refuse reasonable requests, and then only because I've already granted my quota. To avoid possible misunderstandings, do not enter this area without a permit, nor collect resources without express permission. Violators of this policy may be subject to arrest.

-- Sheriff Pelenth of Gentlewind [f3i]

Due to a lack of contributions (none for the last half dozen turns at least), I am seriously considering discontinuing the Olympia Atlas as a publicly available guide.

If you are interested in seeing the Atlas continue, send mapping data for area not currently covered by the Atlas to sx6@g1.pbm.com.

Skulking Vermin (sx6)

-- Sludge [x0o]

___ ___ ___ / / ) / ) /___ /___/ /___/ / . _ _ /_ / )_ __ / / _ _ . __ . _ / / / _> / /___/(_>/ //< of / / (_)|// / // (_>

The First Bank of Provinia has offices in some of the major cities on the continent of Provinia. The FBoP offers the following facilities.

o Special offers for New Olympia Players. o Excellent Interest Rates on Bank Accounts. o A Fast and Efficient Courier Service. o Money Transfers. o Short and Long Term Loans. o Insurance Policies. o Pawn Broking Service.

Call in at your local branch for further details.

-- First Bank of Provinia [v0z]


When is Olympia game 2 going to start?

Eighteen bloody months I've been looking for inhabited islands and all I've managed to find so far are a few candy wrappers and something indescribable made out of latex. Can't you guys bury your trash instead of throwing it overboard?

*** Yet More ANSWERS from the ANSWER GUY: *** "How can I learn Religion? Please Help."

Find yourself a temple and STUDY it. (You're welcome.)

"How the !@#$% do you get 54 characters without attacking other nobles?"

You don't. Orc, undead, and savage units could account for some, but out & out banditry does the rest. Simple, isn't it?

To fete the winds, play longer.

Sbty f6tu bk. Jjhyt ftyr bhyf5ide juggn jhm,btdfrtv,nyvyt.

See, told you I would become a real spell caster some day! Spells known: 19/80 38th Hey wait one minute, thats the same as last time. Oops.

Always a mishap, to thwart my becoming king! Garrisoning the last few provinces has been almost a comedy of errors, but I didnt really find it very humorous!

Not bad for less than 20 turns...

Faction rank ------------- ---- Characters: 8 57th Men: 354 35th Gold: 11,021 41st Land controlled: 48 31st Skills known: 27/70 70th Spells known: 5/80 112nd Provinces visited: 55/9,995 123rd

Bad AOO!! Bad AOO!!!

Are we playing by reasonable rules?

When a magic user makes an auraculum, all other magic users who have already constructed an auraculum are informed of that nobles ID (but the new owner of an auraculum does not get the ID of all existing nobles with one).

This gives existing players a significant advantage in a game which already seriously favors existing players.

BtA, for example, finds out who made an auraculum and has a priest get a vision of that mage (thus, no detect scry warning) and then aura blasts him or transports a 200 dragon strike force to his location.

End of mage

Are the rules the same for all of us?

Sadly not. Just ask BtA about *his* auraculum, and why it's better than the ones anyone can make now. Rule change? Fine... but if so, it should 20 apply to _everyone_.

A pox on all you meatballs who can't come up with one witty thing to say a week. Let's have a little pride with our posts, eh?

Someone said: > Damn, it *does* look like the meek will inherit the Earth.

They might inherit the Earth, but unfortunately it looks like the brutal will inherit Olympia.

Someone else said: > How can I learn Religion? > Please Help.

You might try seeking instruction at some religious institution. Maybe even a temple.

And Someone else asked: >What do you breed to get Nazgul? How good are they anyway?

I find that two nazgul work quite nicely.

nazgul [55] weight: 300 fly: 150 combat: (80,80,0)

- The Answer Guy

More books. The last thing I need is more books. I should have started a bloody library.

Boy, I wish all this studying could be sped up.

" FOR SALE " The Continent of OSSICUS desirable continent without any serious settlers native forces preasant, will need some ethnic clensing. Sale by the L.C. forced due to interest from the AOO. price to be decided. All hopefull owners please contact the L.C.

Money makes the world go round!


After considering a petition from the Almighty Atnerks, the producers of the rumor:

This space intentionally left blank.

have elected to discontinue their operations in the Times. We send apologies to all our fans. Our particular brand of thoughtful commentary is a rare sight in the Times these days. We hope our fellow Times contributors will pull together to fill the void. Dedicated BlankHeads should look for our new work in the software industry, coming soon. We've just recently signed a contract with the Frobozz Magic Graffiti Company ("Hello Vandal!") for some door inscription work in white houses...

So when were those flying beasties due?


> Naturally, any info on Swishbuckler and\or his faction would >be welcome. His head on a platter would be nice too.

This unsavory salt is owned by none other than the Sheriff Pelenth of Gentlewind. Times readers may know him better by his monthly notice:

Gentlewind Visitation Policy

Visitors are welcome to the area controlled by the Cohorts of Colossus [vo4], as long as they obtain travel permits first. Not all requests will be granted. The affected area includes the land provinces bx25-bx27, by24-by27, and bz27.

Thanks be to the Great Atnerks for providing us all with the list of skills/spells learned thus far...and for the 25 gold!

We toil to gain our strength. We build our strength for Revenge. ------------- ---- Characters: 6 89th Men: 56 99th Gold: 681 126th Provinces visited: 64/9,995 112nd

The sunlight is fading in the dark woods...

Yes, there is a market for mithril and/or gate crystals. Do you wish buy or sell and what do you offer? P.S. I will sell mithril and/or gate crystals, but NOT for gold!!!

Hmmmm....with Sen gone I wonder if anyone would be interested to know that his castle at br25 is very poorly defended by a fellow member of the AOO. That castle is also pretty easy to reach from the north coast, just a hop and a skip across some plains. Strike a blow for justice, get the AOO where it is weak.

Alright, I just want to know who it was who assasinated my priest. I will offer 800 gold for proof of who was responsible. He was in a @#%$^% castle, surrounded by guards. How? Who? Why?

>> What is the difference between a princess and a King's daughter? Maybe, the mother ?? nudge nudge wink wink

There is no room for Bad rumors. What we would like to know is: If we all joined the AOO, would the game be over? Or do we just continue on? And what if we called our alliance the AOO too? Now wouldn't that be fun!

Another 25 gold...

Be anonymous, be very anonymous.

To all would-be priests: you don't need anyone's help. Build your own temple and study in it.

Can someone explain Aura Blast to me? Or maybe even post the lore sheet?

I'm sure that Swishbuckler is just acting out repressed anger from his childhood, and once he works through this, then he'll function as a productive member of the community and a caring, nurturing person. Group Hug.

Is it safe to go to Hades to learn a school of magic?

Is it true the AOO is quiting the game?

O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O O O O The bird of prey flying to the left, O O before battle is joined he makes preparations. O O Some will regard him as good, others bad or uncertain. O O The weaker party will regard him as a good omen. O O O O The young lion will overcome the older one, O O in a field of combat in single fight: O O He will pierce his eyes in their golden cage, O O two wounds in one, then he dies a cruel death. O O O O Too late the king will repent O O that he did not put his adversary to death. O O But he will soon come to agree to far greater things O O which will cause all his line to die. O O O O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O

One Seline Fireflower announced in this publication: > The Alliance of the New Moon hereby declares its stance in the AOO vs. > everyone war as being against the AOO. All AOO aligned factions will be > assumed hostile. The AOO is warned -- Stay out of the north.

The AOO takes such declarations seriously and responds. Hence, this morning at the center of that hardy little band known as the Moonies:

Dragonwood [av12], forest, in West Camaris, civ-6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Province controlled by Heart of the Moon [w27], castle, in Dragonwood [av12] Ruled by Stumbling Hordes [iy6k], duke

Heart of the Moon [w27], castle, defense 40, owner: Stumbling Hordes [iy6k], undead, duke, with 106 crossbowmen, four riding horses leopard [o9y] * Decessim [w2f], "BtAs Executioner", with 57 dragons [hidden] Black Tower [v61], tower, defense 20, "Flying a Red Pennant", owner: Kima Silvercat [q9q], "Knight of the New Moon", with six nazgul, six giant birds Red Tower [l56], tower, defense 20, "Flying a crescent moon on a black field", owner: Pantera Shado [z6c], wizard, wielding elven javelin [gs2i], with nine peasants, 22 soldiers, 57 ghost warriors, one winged horse, ten oxen White Tower [f04], tower, defense 20, owner: Seline Fireflower [w0l], mage, "Sage of the New Moon", with ten soldiers

Do you have any last words, Ms. Fireflower ?

Bastrestric ther Archymonaged