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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g1-49 |
   | May 31, 1995                                                         |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 49  190 players                                                 |

Questions, comments, to play: info@pbm.com

Olympia PBEM

* * *

Notice of rule changes: -----------------------

As of next turn, the following rule changes will be in effect:

1. The TELL order will go away. It was a late addition to G1 and was a mistake.

2. Speedcast won't reduce a spell's casting time below one day.

3. Speedcast will not work on the Trance spell.

4. Farcast spells which depend on the presence of a target in the destination province will use up the farcast regardless of whether the target is found. This parallels the way speeded casting now works.

5. Magic use of any kind will be banned in the Imperial City safe haven. This parallels the no-building and no-combat ordinances.

6. SEEK will be changed to have a 10% chance of finding a hidden noble per day (note that the week-long success rate is approximately the same as it is now).

The parameter to SEEK will become optional. SEEK without specifying a target will seek for any hidden nobles. If the target noble is omitted, SEEK will have a 5% chance of finding any hidden nobles present.

7. Magical barriers can't be placed around buildings, only provinces or sublocations.

8. Control units will no longer be exempt from attacks in Hades or Faery.

9. Units which have health "n/a" will require a hit of 50 points or more to kill instead of the current 1 point. This will not affect combat (i.e. attack), but rather TERRORIZE, Aura blasts, Lightning bolts, and other means of directly applying damage to a character.

10. RAZE must be executed by the owner of a structure.

Player-contributed press

Because of fear of unrest and a large influx of immigrants to a continent with low resources, visitors to DRUCARTAN are asked to procure a visa before entering the area.

If you want a visa, please send a message to John Sen[m6f], describing the nobles in the party, the size of the party, and the reason for visiting Drucartan. There is no fee, and requests will only be refused in rare ( i.e. I am bringing 2000 men to kill all nobles ) circumstances.

ANNOUNCEMENT: ==============

The Sen Clan would like to speak to any factions living on the island north of central Drucartan

-- The Sen Clan [di4]


As far as I know, there are not now, nor have there ever been, wars on Ossicus. I know of one conflict which was short & resolved amicably enough.

Having said that, Ossicus is HUGE & I haven't been here long so what the Hades do I know?

-- Circle of Hope [lp3]

I am concerned that the demise of the House of Wayne is being used as propoganda for the claim that Oleg & Dogmatix have suckered newbies into making wild attacks on the AOO. Since the rumors concerning this activity are not supported by evidence, I don't know if this example is what they're talking about. But this is the true story. & it's not a bad story to tell.

The House of Wayne entered this world about the same time as we did. They agreed to join the fledgling Liberty Confederacy & organized a trip to Gentlewind. During that trip the communications were somehow bungled & the Cohorts of Colossus attacked our stack. I wasn't privy to the communications regarding this trip so I don't know how they were bungled, but in the end we patched things up with the Cohorts: they even raised two nobles who had died during the fight.

Nonetheless, the House of Wayne felt that the Cohorts had wronged them & Wayne subsequently got pissed off. He ceased preparations to leave Provinia & began working on some revenge plan. I didn't know just what Wayne was doing but I told him that if he was mad at the AOO he might want to contact Oleg since Oleg was leading the Resistance & since he had more Olympia experience. Wayne wrote to me months later that Oleg wasn't able to do anything for him but that Wayne had his own plan.

A few months later I received mail from the House of Wayne describing his attack on Gentlewind. Apparently the House of Wayne had used all their claim money to build up a little army: big enough to do some damage, but not big enough to win. He killed off a few nobles & controlled creatures & some troops (the Cohorts probably have exact numbers). He used all his nobles in the attack. His stack leader had fight to the death. & they did. He quit the game the next turn.

In any event, Wayne knew his attack was a suicidal one. He had traveled through the Gentlewind area & knew he wasn't strong enough to capture the castle. But he was mad & he wanted blood. That's why he attacked. No one prompted him to rush the nearest AOO fortress: it was revenge pure & simple. In fact, some prompted him not to do this, as they felt a suicide attack wasn't a very judicious use of resources. But when you get the bloodlust, you just can't wait! For his part, Wayne was pleased with the results & to this day ponders a return to Olympia (probably in G2).

-- Circle of Hope [lp3]

---------------------------------------- S. CAMARIS Update: WAR ENDS (!) ----------------------------------------

The Alliance of the New Moon has kept their promise, and we have not fought this turn. If they transfer control of our castle back to us, we will officially declare this conflict over, and settled amicably.

-- The Crazy Quilters [vn7]

The Indomitable Gauls would like to publicly apologise to The Clan With No Name. Due to a clerical error we seized Elakain Castle and not Castle Sado last turn. Apparently Taira Yoshinawa is handing out castles down on Ilion and we simply weren't informed of the ownership change prior to our attack. Oh, and sorry about the savages, hopefully you can retake the castle before they tear it down... In the future would AOO sympathizers please tell us when you are given a castle by the AOO to avoid these sorts of mix- ups?


-- The Indomitable Gauls [wk7]

If you are still planning on visiting the eastern part of West Camaris, please inform us. We are the West Camaris Defence League, and our terratory is still off limits to all. Please contact the below noble regarding any question.

-- Aldrich [m4s]

Allies have asked me to post the following in response to the recent spat of articles mentioning Ossicus: While we cannot speak for West Ossicus, if any factions are interested in voyaging to now peaceful East Ossicus, we ask that they contact Ethan Rhogam for details before visiting.

-- Ethan Rhogam [x8k]

If in the north, don't forget to visit Tangiers. I am happy to report that the three Camarises appear to be at peace again, so travel to the barbary coast [ap21] should be reasonably safe.

-- Tibilt the Bold [e7r]


The Brotherhood of Ormos claims the city of Avalon [ao0k] and all lands and resources inside the boundary of [bp05]-[bp08]-[br06] -[br09] inclusive, as its sole and lawful demense. Those wishing to visit Ormos are required to request a visa and await clearance before attempting to make landfall. All unauthorized visitors are unwelcome and looked upon with extreme prejudice. Captains needing to make landfall at Avalon for emergency repairs will not be molested, but are still required to contact me for a visa.

-- Pelinore Dragonslayer [p4s]

The Olympia Atlas is accepting contributions, and is available for download! Be the first to contribute information for unexplored lands (Faery).

In the tradition of Oleg's Map (tm), the Atlas is a compilation of geographical information useful for explorers, traders, and adventurers. Best of all, it's absolutely free!

To contribute to the Atlas, simply send turn excerpts (cut out all the incriminating parts) that contain the following information:

o) Mapping data (region & route info) o) City market reports o) City skills lists o) Inner locations

and send it to sx6@g1.pbm.com. We'll include it into the next version of the Atlas.

The Atlas is available by ftp from your nearest PBM ftp site (ftp.erg.sri.com in the USA, check the PBM FAQ for other sites), in the directory /pub/pbm/olympia, as atlas.X, where X is the turn of the last update.

The Atlas is also available on the PBMGames forum on CompuServe, in the fantasy games section, as atlas.oly.

Brought to you by the Skulking Vermin (sx6)

Note!! Due to Real-Life (tm) commitments, the Atlas will be appearing irregularly, as I have time to assemble contributions.

-- Sludge [x0o]

Colonel Sanders wishes to speak with the bounty hunters.

-- Colonel Sanders [g1p]


Visitors are welcome to the area controlled by the Cohorts of Colossus [vo4], as long as they obtain travel permits first. Not all requests will be granted. The affected area includes the land provinces bounded by bx25 and bz27, and the province by24.

To avoid possible misunderstandings, do not enter this area without a permit, nor collect resources without express permission. Violators of this policy may be subject to arrest.

I only rarely refuse reasonable requests, and then only because I've already granted my quota.

This policy helps ensure the security of all nobles within these lands. If you are interested in a franchise on collecting resources in one of these provinces, please contact me. I have friendly arrangements with several factions along these lines.

-- Sheriff Pelenth of Gentlewind [f3i]

Terror stalks Rimmon! The inhabitants there are beginning to wonder what strange alien has introduced itself...

-- Captain Tarkus [c1s]

Journal - Dark night, Year 6

My, where did the time go!? Ilyena is safe here with me. At last! We are making some progress in reaching the True Source!

The Lord of the Morning, The Dragon,

-- Lews Therin Telamon [m3m]


Anyone want to buy a ship? I have some used ships for sale in the imperial city Here is a list of prices:

used galley: 300 gold or 50 wood. see me for details. -carioca@io.com

-- Jorge da Selva [v5p]

This is monthly notice if you wish to visit the environs of Cycarth and Redwine please be courteous enough to let m9l know (you can reach him at heyman@camis.stanford.edu. I do not currently plan to restrict access, but would like to know who is wandering around in my front yard. I would especially like to know if you plan on using any of the natural rsources (peasants, wood, and the like) in the provinces bt25 bt26 bt27 bu25 bu26 bu27 bv25 bv26 bv27 bw25 bw26 and bw27.

-- Darkman [m9l]

It looks like the peace in South Camaris is holding, so we can all go back to our normal routines of training troops and garrisoning provinces. Isn't it amazing what people can accomplish when they actually talk to one another rationally? -- the Crimson Sage, ANM press secretary

-- Seline Fireflower [w0l]

___ ___ ___ / / ) / ) /___ /___/ /___/ / . _ _ /_ / )_ __ / / _ _ . __ . _ / / / _> / /___/(_>/ //< of / / (_)|// / // (_>

The First Bank of Provinia has offices in some of the major cities

on the continent of Provinia. The FBoP offers the following facilities.

o Excellent Interest Rates on Bank Accounts. o A Fast and Efficient Courier Service. o Special offers for New Olympia Players. o Money Transfers. o Short and Long Term Loans. o Insurance Policies. o Pawn Broking Service.

Call in at your local branch for further details.

-- First Bank of Provinia [y6v]

*********** ADVERTISEMENT *********** Weapons for sale, at CHEAP, CHEAP, SILLY PRICES Come to the IC and see for yourself.

WOOD at 6 gold. PIKES at 8 gold. CROSSBOWS at 8 gold. LONGBOWS at only 45 gold.

Much, Much cheaper than the Illustrated man JORAALS SUPERIOR WEAPON SHACK.

-- Joraal [j4h]

Beware of your dreams they are coming to guide you to protect you they are only a few, but strong in mind growing with your dreams dark ones fear their blades weak ones praise their appearance they are here they are the DREAMWARRIORS

-- Barlon [o1z]


Report of the Ancient Order of Olympians Public Relations Committee Distribution: Inner Circle Only!

Situation: Public Opinion seems to be coalescing against the AOO in terms of balancing perceived good and evil in the battle against the existence of non-subject factions.

Problem Nexus: The anti-AOO factions are represented by the iconographic depiction of a strong and faithful dog, presenting a positive image. The AOO has no comparable positive representation before the currently-uninvolved non-AOO factions.

Benefit: A positive image would result in neutralizing anti-AOO sentiment and delaying the en-masse entry of target factions into conflict until such time that they are actually targeted, isolated, and pacified.

Solution: Introduction into the Olympia Times, all olympia-related databases, and general conversation of "Hootie, the AOO-Owl," lovable mascot of the AOO: cartoonish, cuddly, and not-at-all threatening to future victims of AOO acquisition and expansion.

Discussion: When the working group introduced "the Hootie solution" ("tHs") to the meeting, it was initially met with derision. Several members questioned the need for positive outreach to unaligned factions, and Bastrestric ther Archymonaged questioned the continued existence of unaligned factions. After much discussion, led by veterans of the disasterous southern and western campaigns, it was generally agreed that the AOO axis was as yet insufficient to repel the defenses of all other factions in the game, and so there was need to blunt outrage. Some expressed disagreement with tHs because of the particular choice of animal icon. The toothlessly ferocious Amber faction suggested that the AOO should meet the dog-factions on their own terms, and proposed a stronger, better, more intimidating choice of AOO mascot: "Cujo, the AOO mastiff." It was pointed out that the purpose of the mascot was exactly opposite, to provide a friendly and unthreatening image. Duke Marat then spoke up on behalf of something he had drawn up, which he proposed as "Ichor, the AOO ratspider." Told by many members of the committee that the ratspider was the lowest and foulest lifeform he could have chosen, Marat protested that he, at least, liked ratspiders, and showed that he had several of them on his person. Order was later restored to the meeting. Subsequent discussion was brief. A graphic depiction of "Hootie" was then brought out, and a short discussion was made of the appropriate positive qualities of owls, as related to the AOO. It was noted that owls were thought of as wise animals, although that was known to not, in truth, be the case. Owls are known to unclean, territorial, and disease vectors, and are classified as raptors, which are the birds of prey which subsist on a diet of small and inoffensive prey, which they attack suddenly and without warning. The motion then carried without opposition. Meeting was then adjourned to spend yet another day fruitlessly attempting to shore up the defenses on Mt. Olympus.

Wanted Dead:

Bastrestric ther Archymonaged

For continuing crimes against nobility, and for questioning in the untimely death of the dearly departed Miyuki-san.

Location reports should be placed in the Times

Is it true that crossing a Giant Spider with a Giant Rat gives you a Giant Ratspider?

< OK, it's showtime. Let's see who sings...

Down, Dogmatix! No need to make new enemies!

I know the AOO foothold in Provenia is strong, but what about other continents? Ossicus? Rimon? Anyone care to inform the rest of us?

Arr, the Noble of the Fubarred Orders Order has had his life take a rather deadly turn. He is now killing approximately one noble per month. The latest was the old "fly one square too far on the flying horses trick", and croak one square away from land. The other nobles are eying him nervously and shuffling their feet whenever they receive their monthly orders now. There is a great shortage of parchment and indelible ink, as there is a rush for all parties to create update wills.

More next month (if this correspondant survives, of course) :(

Members of the exiled Caledonian royal family have been seen in the Imperial City. The current state of the once proud scions of the ancient lineage of Caledon should bring a tear to the eye of any sympathetic noble. Rumor has it that their leader, the former Highland Duke Kane of Dunsanain, is seeking a ship to transport he and his retainers to some unsettled part of Olympia. He wishes to begin to rebuild his power base for the eventual retaking of the Carbunkle Throne. Although he is currently poor and seemingly weak, potential enemies should beware, for Kane has a long memory and powerful friends.

Don't drop your control artifact. When you get it back, things may not be as they were before.

Dragons?!!?? We don't need no stupid Dragons!!??!!

The harsh winds of winter blow across the plains, The righteous are crushed beneath the tyrants feet.

Clifford's City Market Database: 117 city market reports and growing. Send in a city market report not yet in the database and for EACH report, you will receive a report each week on the commodity of your choice. For further info, write to w4t@g1.pbm.com.

Good bye and Good Luck from the Crimson Co.

"And, for no apparent reason, the AOO simply marched in and razed my castle!"

"Boy, now there's a surprise..."

The Isle of Pallia is claimed by the Jade Lotus Society and Trees R Us. Please notify us prior landing so that no unfortunate misunderstandings occur.

Quetal (y7k)

Once again Amber tries to refute the charges against the AOO by using doublespeak. Perhaps his friends in the AOO should ask Amber to keep silent, as his words only seem to make the AOO seem even more evil than most of us had originally assumed. It certainly seems that anyone who plans to make any sort of agreement with the AOO would be well advised to hire an attorney to advise them.

The storm over Tollus is spent; the wind is rising in Provinia.

How (THUMP) the (THUMP) hel (THUMP) are (THUMP) you (THUMP) supposed (THUMP) to (THUMP) move (THUMP) the (THUMP) spoils (THUMP) of (THUMP) war (THUMP) about (THUMP) when (THUMP) they (THUMP) weigh (THUMP) over ten (THUMP) thousand (THUMP) units?

There was a young man who was thought to be mad Though for him the thought waas just a fad Then one day while a walkin' With a young lady he got to talkin' Now he's as glad as he was mad.

Maybe he bunped into the ghost of Miyuki...

Am I moving...NO! Am I sailing...YES! Then, why am I trying to MOVE? This ,and other important topics, will fill my mind.

What's this stuff about some B A killing off one noble a turn? Sure one can use aurablast, but you'll have to use a hellofalot of magic points to get anywhere close to killing people, don't you?


Aric took the crown and placed it upon his head. As he did so, he was siezed by murky visions of places and people swirling about him. Aric felt as though he were being sucked below the surface of a great, dark pool, as the pressure built upon him, threatening to crack his ribs and crush his chest. Abruptly, the pressure ceased. Instead of standing in a old, decrepit palace, Aric was standing in a magnificent throne room surfaced in irridescent white alabaster. The sound of a throat being cleared startled him. Spinning around, Aric saw a wizened old man with the robes and golden amulet of a chancellor waiting patiently for him.

"Your kingdom awaits, My lord." spoke the Chancellor, in a voice which sounded like dry leaves swirling in the wind.

Wanted: Sailors. Extreme attrition on board my ship has forced me to look for more hearty sailors. Pay is good and you will see many new lands. There is some danger, but what do you expect when you are exploring new areas?

Many thanks to the honourable Duke Marat, without whose help I could not have gone to the Cloudland. It was really a nice trip.

"Know how to stop an AOO castle from burning down?" "No." "Good!"

This space intentionally left blank.

Rumor has it that Ninth Wave came from space and not of this world. Sources state that Ninth Wave was exiled to Olympia following the destruction of their stellar Neoteric Empire. Defeated by the Treacherous Slime, the last remnants of the Ninth Battle Fleet, escaped to this system carrying hopes that one day they may return to rebuild their empire.

Capt! Capt! Can we go to shore yet. I'm tired of fish! And of my two traveling companions, one is barfing over the port side or is that starboard, oh well. The other is currently chating up the cabin boy, I think it's imperitve we get to shore soon!

So, hands up whoever didn't get my mail last week?

We will flow down from the North with such force that all who stand in our way will be crushed under our beating wings and scorched by our fiery breath. Drucartan will fall by the next harvest. -The Dragonriders

Please STOP the whining about who is REALLY out to dominate Olympia. The incessant pratteling by the AOO and its foes is both boring and wasteful. Why don't you instead continue to threaten and sabre rattle. At least that provides some entertainment value.

Who is going to build a fleet of pirates? Answer in the rumors, I can help!

"Well, that was disappointing."

"You were expecting excitement around every corner? We're not alone here, brother. Quite the opposite...I get this oppressive feeling of being watched at every turn."

"True enough. I thought I'd learned patience."

"You will. It just takes time."

"Very funny, sister. I think it's time we got out of these mountains and see what's on the other side. The thin air seems to have made some of us rather giddy."


How to build a castle? Don't idiot, hire one built!! Who does that? I do, cheap, too!!! How much?

How useful are warmounts? Can you have more of them in battle than you have people?

The mystical week 52 is rapidly aproaching. Parties and religious celebrations are planned throughout Olympia. Various factions are promising peace and no attacks during week 52! We pray to the various gods for an extra Noble Point during week 52.

There are more changes in friendliness and hostility than you can shake a sword at. -- Dogmatix... NOT!

I can't find anything in the rules that says how many beasts captured in battle a beastmaster can control. Since they don't cost anything to maintain and they never rebel, there must be SOME limit to how many you can control, right?

Achtung, Achtung, the entire Multiverse, including all N-dimensional Cyberspace East of Eden and South of Serendip is hereby claimed by the A - Ancient O - Odor (we really stink) of O - Oh_so_limp_peons

Top 7 banners seen on AOO garrisoned land:

1. Never Mind the Dog, Beware of Owner! Bite is Worse than Bark.

2. Don't Mess with Fate, Don't Jump this Gate.

3. Trespassers will be Shot, Survivors will be Shot again.

4. Life After Death? Trespass here and find out.

5. Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.

6. Trespassers will be Violated, Violators will be Persecuted.

7. Nothing here is worth your Life.

Project Herod progress report ============================= Target Crime Executed Laid to Rest Bill the Cat,undead Murder Check Not applicable Molgar, sorcerer Treachery Check Check Getafix, black circle Murder Check Not even Atnerks accepts that soul Horizon, wizard Libel Check Coming up

Who is next ?

As long as an AOO faction holds the castle and garrison in the Imperial City and its surrounds, they will never completely go away.