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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g1-45 |
   | May 3, 1995                                                          |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 45  191 players                                                 |

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Olympia PBEM

* * *

Note ---- Starting turn 47, "idle" turns (turns in which no orders execute) will be charged $0.50.

SPLIT now working ----------------- The split order doesn't seem to have been working up until now. Reports should now be split correctly. Let me know if you see any further problems.

Player-contributed press

Because of fear of unrest and a large influx of immigrants to a continent with low resources, visitors to DRUCARTAN are asked to procure a visa before entering the area.

If you want a visa, please send a message to John Sen[m6f], describing the nobles in the party, the size of the party, and the reason for visiting Drucartan. There is no fee, and requests will only be refused in rare ( i.e. I am bringing 2000 men to kill all nobles ) circumstances.

-- The Sen Clan [di4]

Amber's latest bit of misinformation dismays me. The facts are simple: Some AOO nobles have engaged in acts of banditry. Other AOO nobles have defended the bandits. They'd like everyone to believe that they've been only defending themselves, but time and time again they've shot first.

-- Oleg's Obstreperous Obtruders [iv9]

If you're coming to Northwest or central-west Ossicus please feel free to contact me. We can save you a lot of time & trouble.

-- Circle of Hope [lp3]

As the victim of some of the careful tailoring of the truth by the AOO, I find it necessary to correct the deceits by omission and distortion promulgated in last month's *Times*. Being a member of the Iron Nation, you may consider this an informal rebuttal to current AOO noise.

I can provide references (who, being frequently AOO members, may or may not chose to respond if you contact them, and may or may not provide you with the facts) by which you may check some facts. You may contact me for such references.

As the world awoke on the Great Provinian Land Rush in year 1, the AOO rushed with great speed to Mt. Olympus. I know this since one of my kinsmen ended up on Mt. Olympus, alone, through ineptness.

While some of them rushed there (and I understand, others rushed off in other directions), some of them began making attacks on various factions that were exploring Provinia. Not with cause or provocation.

In response several factions started to band together as the "East Coast Avengers," seeking to find and crucify the perpetrators. Since the attackers were identified as AOO, complaints were made. The response boiled down to 'the AOO is not an organized alliance, we're not responsible for what our allies do.... However, we will respond to any attack on any of our members.' In other words, they denied responsibility, but insisted, effectively, that they had license to do what they wanted, to whom they could. Requests for reparations were rejected rudely.

At about this point in time, Iron Nation folk who were passing through the region were contacted and this tale was recounted. Finding the AOO attitude offensive, that part of the IN there decided to assist under the ECA rubric. Various AOO banditti fled the area, and have since been associated with many of the core AOO factions (but of course, despite the fact that many of the core AOO members were involved was not evidence that this could be an AOO project, heavens no). Nobles of one AOO bandit faction, fleeing towards Mt. Olympus, ran into the IN-ECA sweep that it did not know existed. They were crushed, and the nobles taken prisoner. The faction then dropped [note: this was when prisoners belonging to dropped factions melted into the ground; changed at my suggestion after watching that occur]. There were howls of outrage from the AOO.

Having found several appealing locations for castles in the area, we decided to settle, although this was not our original plan. The castles at Cyrkarth and Gentlewind are the result of this. The AOO responded to offers of peace with either truculent silence or minimal agreement regarding borders between our neighboring realms. However, one of their members (proclaiming that he was acting entirely alone; despite a remarkably powerful force...) traveled into our area and found a group of IN nobles to ambush. The AOO denied knowledge, denied participation, and several other denials were issued, many of which have since been shown to be what can only be called lies. Under direct pressure, they did finally agree that they would not consider actions against the bandit as anti-AOO efforts (which to this day I believe was a deceit)..

Chasing him down (which we did, and he has admitted we had him dead to rights), we spotted other very large AOO forces moving along the border and decided that given the AOO's attitudes, we were being set up; that the bandit and thes forces would link up and expand their efforts. After extensive debate (since we were strongly in favor of having good, peaceful relations with neighbors), we decided that being neighbors with the AOO was closely akin to being Poland in 1939.

Several hunter stacks had ended up in the same area, chasing the bandit group, so we decided to change gears and made a strike at the bandit, but rather than making sure we'd finished the job, or had him trapped, we struck at Chateau Olympique.

Unfortunately, the AOO got wind of the build up and managed to pull together forces from all over central Provinia (watching the various locations empty of AOO folks was both entertaining and educational), and met us with a force which, behind castle walls, was superior. [note: actually, the original report showed the AOO crushed; we had the ghastly fortune to find a serious combat bug in a combat so great that Rich decided that he had to re-run the entire turn.]

Following this a truce was extracted (the term is correct, and carefully chosen) from Marat, and indeed we did agree to abandon Provinia, never to return, in return for our nobles on Mt. Olympus being allowed to depart. Marat has read that agreement every way possible, depending on his convenience (violating it furiously). First, a turn or two later, he organized a major attack on the largest IN group leaving Provinia, killing or capturing them.

Marat insisted that the agreement only applied to the IN nobles who had been on Mt. Olympus (though not the ones taken prisoner). One notes that the AOO tripe last month did not suggest that was the case, but now applies to all IN nobles.

Since that time, I have had extensive reports of various AOO forces menacing the non-AOO neighbors of the AOO, even those that had managed to make agreements with them and lacked a history of conflict with them. Garrisons were attacked -- no warning, groups of nobles passing through AOO controlled areas were put upon and slaughtered, etc. Perhaps some were set up to do remarkably stupid and suicidal things (I don't know). However, I've never heard such a thing suggested by anyone in the anti-AOO coalition (and have seen at least two, or three, solo maniacs set out, thinking they could effectively attack whom they pleased. I can imagine such people would see AOO garrisons as easy targets. Stupid, but...). On the other hand, I have heard people complain about various well known AOO bandits, and pirates, hitting them without reason.

Perhaps Oleg started day 1, month 1, year 1 hating the AOO. Maybe some others did too. But most of the people who now would not urinate down an AOO throat to put out a fire did not. The AOO earned, perhaps not all, but nearly all the bad reputation they have.

* Ali *

-- The Chosen of Dracos [lz2]


SHOP THE ILLUSTRATED MAN'S IMPERIAL EMPORIUM! "We'll give you such deals that you hardly can bear it, That's whether your name is Dogmatix or Marat."

From the mailbag: "I have recently looked at a set of your maps held by a friend of mine, and I have changed my opinion that it ws best to discover the world for yourself rather than piggyback from someone else's discoveries. Now, I believe that it doesn't matter how well or poorly one does in the game, as long as one gets a set of your maps. As Atnerks said, the maps _are_ way cool." -- The Lords of Revelstone

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The Midnight Carnival ___ ||||| /\ =====---`=== oo oo /\ /\

-- The Midnight Carnival [nx2]

A RESPONSE TO AMBER'S DEFENSE OF THE AOO I was impressed by Amber's eloquent defense of his alliance last month. However, I wonder if he is aware of everything that his allies are up to. To wit:

> I joined the game relatively late (turn 18), with no connection to the previous world, no allies, and no particular interest in politics. Like most newbies, my main goal was to build a ship and get out. I managed to sail one entire province out of the Imperial City, where I was promptly set upon and captured by a large force led by Swishbuckler and Rory Patch, two nobles with, as I found out later, strong AOO connections. It was evident that they were lying in wait to plunder any ship weaker than themselves, with no attention paid to their allegiance. After languishing in Swishbuckler's hold for a while, my nobles were rescued when a group of anti-AOO forces defeated the pirate.

> I persuaded a friend to join the game. Again, he had no real affiliations or alliances. Two of his nobles were set upon and captured, one killed, by Viliz, openly known to belong to the AOO. Their only crime lay in being weak in a place where he was strong. The survivor was rescued a few turns later by Dogmatix (my friend, not being a reader of the Times, had never *heard* of the name before).

The best I could objectively say about the AOO, then, is that they seem to be a very mixed bag. I will not hold a grudge against the entire alliance for the actions of a few of its associates (I can't afford to, since I operate under the shadow of Mt. Olympus!) However, when my faction is wronged, we don't get mad, we get even. We had no hand in the death of Viliz, and Swishbuckler seems to have disappeared. However, we are happy to report that, after several near-misses on our part, Rory Patch's career has finally been brought to an end by the public-spirited Duke Hobbes, acting partly as a keeper of the peace and partly for the reward money offered by the Anti-piracy League. All others thinking of piracy in the Atnos Channel, take note!

My quarrel was not with the AOO as a whole, nor even with any of its factions, but with two specific nobles who attacked me without provocation. In this letter I have tried to print only the facts, and allow my readers to judge the parties themselves. I hope that this does not put me on the AOO hit-list, but I could not let Amber's comments go by unanswered. Amber, I have heard nothing but honorable things about your faction. You may not attack newbies, and Marat may not attack newbies, but I would suggest you ask around and find out who is!

With the death of Rory, the Midnight Carnival's involvement in politics comes to an end for now. The Illustrated Man will continue to sell goods to anyone who has the money. Buy a map!

-- The Midnight Carnival [nx2]

I was wondering what factions, if any, have established themselves south of Kurssos? On what continents and stuff like that.

Thanks reply via e-mail

-- The Lords of Jesters Abbey [ry4]

We have reached one coastal edge of the swamp and we have decided to move southward rather than travel by sea. It will take us several months to cover the entire swamp, but we have seen some interesting things and few dangers to discourage us.

-- Seekers of Knowledge [tt4]

---------------------- S. CAMARIS Update ----------------------

Ah, to be the Duke!

-- Compte du S. Camaris [b4q]

-- The Crazy Quilters [vn7]

This is monthly notice if you wish to visit the environs of Cycarth and Redwine please be courteous enough to let m9l know (you can reach him at heyman@camis.stanford.edu. I do not currently plan to restrict access, but would like to know who is wandering around in my front yard. I would especially like to know if you plan on using any of the natural rsources (peasants, wood, and the like) in the provinces bt25 bt26 bt27 bu25 bu26 bu27 bv25 bv26 bv27 bw25 bw26 and bw27.

By order of Darkman, caretaker of Dark Castle

-- Darkman [m9l]

Arrrr. A month in port is enough to set any captain's teeth on edge. And with Lews on board the whole time. Though, it seems Lews is trying to put aside his lubberly ways, and has been on the ship the whole time. Why, I've even seen him up in the rigging with the boys, trying to learn to reef a sail! Har, har, har! It's a hopeless case, I say; that man was not made to be a man of the sea, any more than I was made to summon up demons from the land of Nether.

-- Farseeker [q7b]


The Brotherhood of Ormos claims the city of Avalon [ao0k] and all lands and resources inside the boundary of [bp05]-[bp08]-[br06] -[br09] inclusive, as its sole and lawful demense. Those wishing to visit Ormos are required to request a visa and await clearance before attempting to make landfall. All unauthorized visitors are unwelcome and looked upon with extreme prejudice. Captains needing to make landfall at Avalon for emergency repairs will not be molested, but are still required to contact me for a visa.

-- Pelinore Dragonslayer [p4s]

The Olympia Atlas is accepting contributions, and is available for download! Be the first to contribute information for unexplored lands (Faery).

In the tradition of Oleg's Map (tm), the Atlas is a compilation of geographical information useful for explorers, traders, and adventurers. Best of all, it's absolutely free!

To contribute to the Atlas, simply send turn excerpts (cut out all the incriminating parts) that contain the following information:

o) Mapping data (region & route info) o) City market reports o) City skills lists o) Inner locations

and send it to sx6@g1.pbm.com. We'll include it into the next version of the Atlas.

The Atlas is available by ftp from your nearest PBM ftp site (ftp.erg.sri.com in the USA, check the PBM FAQ for other sites), in the directory /pub/pbm/olympia, as atlas.X, where X is the turn of the last update.

The Atlas is also available on the PBMGames forum on CompuServe, in the fantasy games section, as atlas.oly.

Brought to you by the Skulking Vermin (sx6)

-- Sludge [x0o]

Shiver the Healer is enroute to Aethelarn. Any nobels in need of my assistance can contact me there. Shiver

-- Shiver [o0v]

Since Amber decided that he is the voice of the AOO and declared me their enemy last week, I'd like to provide you with my views about him, the AOO and his ridiculous guesses about me and my motives. I am especially peeved about his insistence on using player names in the Times which has been used repeatedly to try to create cross-game diplomacy problems for several well-known players. I was tempted to post all twenty-odd player names who are suspected members of the AOO but I will abstain for now. But now let's talk about Amber!

Russell Wallace is well-known, not for playing games, but for designing them. Galaxy and Atlantis are both fun, well-designed games that I have played and enjoyed. It was surprising to me, then, that he is such a fatuous jerk of a player in Olympia. His sour-grapes post about me last turn can be somewhat explained by understanding some of the blunders he has made so far.

First, there is the Dun Solais fiasco. Anybody who would build a castle in a non-city province is an idiot to begin with. The income for a city castle at civ-6 is 900 gold and for a non-city castle only 450 gold. It's possible that some don't realize this at first... Anyhow, Amber's first major mistake was to spend a great deal of effort building a castle in [bt22], a province of little strategic significance. He then managed to have his castle destroyed. At first it was believed to be caused by a noble who managed to sneak in and raze it under his nose. His later actions against me and his mine have led me to conclude that Russell actually razed his own castle by accident. Please see the rule book section on RAZE and from now on give the structure ID when you destroy something. ;>) Now here is the capper: After all these foibles Amber has begun rebuilding his castle in the same place!

Next, let's examine his brilliant attack by Gart on me out west. (We know Gart belongs to Russell due to his creating a garrison for the now destroyed Dun Solais on turn 23 in [bt20].) The first thing to observe is that he saw Ergonal and Viliz and 800 troops killed within a four month period and *immediately* afterwards launched his own attack with fewer men than either of Carl's attacks. Hello? In his attack he killed a single noble, razed an inn, tower and mine (he likes razing stuff, apparently) and lost 40 siege engines and 150 men. None of the other 10 nobles or the hundreds of troops there were even involved in the combat. What was his thinking here? Anyhow, this illustrates both his playing style and his animosity toward me. I had never attacked him physically or verbally before this bizarre event. Is this the AOO's official voice or a loose cannon? Please advise.

I am not willing to declare myself an enemy of any AOO member unless they provoke me as Amber has done, or they launch more unprovoked attacks on new or neutral factions as BtA and a few others have done. I have non-aggression agreements with several AOO members and there are many others that I have been in touch with and consider potential friends. I am willing to unite with the anti-AOO groups if it becomes apparent that the general membership of the AOO has it in for me but until then I will pick my own enemies, thank you! I am willing to share my opinions on who is and isn't AOO privately and case- by-case if anybody out there asks.

Finally, his attack on me in last week's Times was utter and com- plete hogwash. I am not a member of Oleg's or any other alliance. Oleg has nothing to do with the "Council of the Eumenides" (whose views are eloquently described in the fable in Times #8 for you new players.) I think that the point was that anybody who thinks they can get away with random violence will eventually be brought to justice by the will of the masses. I am not Amber's strongest enemy, or his smartest, but just the first one who stood up to his attacks. I have never encouraged anybody to attack anyone and in each incident out west I moved to intercept an AOO attacker before they could assault another, weaker faction. If Russell means to eliminate every member of the Council then he'll have to go after virtually every faction in Olympia. Fortunately a good chunk of his "army" is pushing up daisies in Western Provinia as you are reading this.

-- Dogmatix [c1c]


Miyuki [h3p] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4: > STACK j6p 4: Miyuki [h3p] stacks beneath Zarra [j6p]. 4: Arrival at Faery hill [ct9w]. 5: > FLAG march 5: Travel to Forest [ea3p] will take one day. 5: Arrival at Forest [ea3p]. 6: Travel to Forest [bi3u] will take eight days. 13: Arrival at Forest [bi3u]. 14: Travel to Forest [bf4i] will take eight days. 14: Zarra [j6p] leads us in an attack against Puck [a7e]. 14: We lost! 14: Loss in battle cancels movement. 14: Miyuki [h3p] is wounded. Health is now 34. 14: Miyuki [h3p] has fallen ill. 14: Zarra [j6p] is taken prisoner by Puck [a7e]. 14: Cordelia [e2b] is taken prisoner by Puck [a7e]. 14: Miyuki [h3p] is taken prisoner by Puck [a7e]. 28: *** Miyuki has died ***

I shall soon follow. Any last rites would be greatly appreciated...

-- Kovaq'nu [v4n]

I would like to extend my thanks to the Crimson Sage for his recent assistance after my untimely demise. It is only through his benevolent charity that I am alive now to thank him. He is truly a gentleman and a scholar of great wisdom, and any who slander him, slander me.

-- Naphu-Ka [l0t]

Andre Quintana Imperial City Emperor's Gardens Provinia

Marion Quintana Newleaf Emperor's Forest Provinia

Dearest Mother,

I have only been in the city for a little over a month and I've already found a job. I met a man named Darrius Halfelven, a member of House Greyfletch, a recently formed faction here in the Imperial City. Over the course of a week we got to know each other, and I was introduced to the leader of House Greyfletch, a man known as Arlon Greyfletch. He is a young noble, like myself, but he has inherited an small estate and is looking to go out into the world to explore and trade. Arlon has secured the backing of the Lords of Revelstone, who rule in West Drucartan.

After speaking with Darrius for a week, and meeting Arlon, They asked me to join their faction as a partner. The three of us, along with a forth member of the Household, immediately began a course of study in Forestry. Arlon tells me that this will be a valuable thing to know about, and that we'd best learn it here, since many cities do not teach it.

Now, our course of study is over, and Arlon has just told me to pack my bags and be ready to leave town on the morrow. He hasn't told me where we are going, for security reasons he says. He said that "Loose lips sink ships", so I think we are taking a ship directly to Drucartan. I figured I'd best write to you now to let you know that I've found work and am doing well. I'll write again as soon as I can.

Your loving son,


-- Andre Quintana [a3q]

Journal - Sunsear, Year 6

No gold to study with. Train, train, train. Why soon even a Lesser Demon won't even be able to touch me.

Now, where can I find the gold to study new lore?

The Lord of the Morning, The Dragon,

-- Lews Therin Telamon [m3m]

Ahoy, ye maties. If ye see yar Tuna Catboat in yer port and ye wish to sail else, jus' roll me yon note stating yer desire. 1 pitch/iron/longsword per 1500 wgt. Argh!

-- Claw Tradewinds [m1b]

As a very minor member of the Iron Nation, I read Amber's [s0s] essay on the Ancient Order of Olympians with some interest. It seems for the most part to be a fairly reasonable presentation of their case. However there are one or two points that I feel compelled to comment on. Quoted material is from Amber's Times article.

"...The attacking army was defeated with heavy losses, and on the following turn hostilities between the AOO and the Iron Nation ceased, with some of their member factions dropping out and restarting and most of the remainder accepting a safe conduct out of Provinia on the condition that they leave and never return."

After accepting a safe conduct all the nobles of the Iron Nation were leaving the AOO's area of control as rapidly as possible when they were attacked by large stacks of AOO forces. When we protested this we were told that the safe conduct only applied to groups that had already been looted not to ones that might have something else to steal. (It was worded more meally mouthed than that of course but that's what it amounted to).

"The AOO is a loosely-structured group; we do not have joint policies on anything except information sharing and mutual defense."

This statement sums up the real problem in dealing with the AOO. There is a broad spectrum of honor represented there. There are several members with whom I have had quite reasonable dealings. There are several members who are completely untrustworthy. There are bandits who attack any weak group they see. Amber claims this is not AOO policy and I beleive him. It is however the policy of some subgroup or groups of the AOO. The AOO refuses to withdraw their protect from the bandit members or in anyother way dicipline them.

In summary be very careful when dealing with the AOO. They can be very helpful or completely vicious. It just depends on which members your dealing with.

-- The Great Turtle [s5o]

I am sailing south of Ossicus and would like to trade mapping data & info for that area--y3d

-- Bagheera [y3d]


So-Called "Heartless" Olympian Citizens Reach Out to Aid Ill Boy OPI, Imperial City- Confounding those who feel the Olympian world is a cold, brutal place, the diverse citizenry of Provinia have opened up their hearts in a myriad of individual ways to aid a desperately sick child.

#--The story begins with young Craig Shergold [ck1], abandoned as a child in a mallorn grove and raised by a kindly family of wolves. His early diet, however, was heavy in lana bark, which damaged his kidneys. Now, rescued from the grove, he is in desperate need of dialysis and will eventually need transplants.

#--His birth parents unknown, he has no family to turn to to aid him. The 17,000 gold held by the wolfpack that raised him was kept by his rescuers. When young Craig failed to swear fealty to the men who slaughtered his adoptive family, they left him as a foundling at the priory of St. Oleg's in Imperial City.

#--When word of his desperate plight got out, the people of Imperial City, and, later, Provinia, rounded to his aid. At first it was a trickle: some noble houses chipped in by dedicating their Times posts to his medical expenses. At 25 gold apiece, each faction's sacrifice brought him another day of life.

#--Soon the major players in Olympian politics began to rally to his aid. One of his earliest benefactors was the otherwise universally despised Duke Marat, who each month sent the young lad a home-brewed potion of slavery. The few coppers obtained by selling the potion bought the boy some badly-needed meals. (Each month, however, the nurses at St. Oleg's had to steam off the label on the potion, replacing the mislabel "Potion of Kidney Regeneration" with the correct description.)

#--A new edition of the famous "Oleg's Big Book of Strategy and Tactics," illustrated by Charles Schulz, was issued to raise money for Shergold, with .15% of the conquering army's booty being taxed to the fund each time a copy of the book was found among the loser's possessions. This, alone, raised over 8000 gold.

#--The group "'Friends' of Miyuki" decorated the boy's hospital room with a fascinating array of fanciful animals made from used balloons. Dr. Pain sent a wonderful basket of foods, featuring fava beans and fine chianti. Each night, the Seekers of Knowledge would come by to lull the child gently to sleep by yammering on and on about their latest adventures.

#--Legend had it that Canine Liberator/Would-be Olympian Urban Renewer Dogmatix offered to pay the entire cost of Shergold's care and surgery if he would agree to thereafter be known as Craig Shergoldix, but that offer was unconfirmed.

#--Despite what has been done so far, a lot remains to be done. Young Craig remains desperately ill, and funds remain short. Part of the monies obtained for his care are being spent on destroying a large cache of business cards, postcards, and matchbooks which have been sent to Shergold by a demented individual known as "Taira." Anyone with information about this should contact the Imperial Police.

#--30-- [File Photo: Duke Marat Shergold stands holding a check made out to the Friends of Craig Foundation for 10,000 gold, for which he then forged an endorsement and deposited in his account.]

After hearing the plight of the poor AOO, I'm ready to pledge silver to support their cause. Send your tax deductible donations to: AOOathon `06 P.O. Box WAAH Whinesville, Provinia

"Here nazgul, nazgul, nazgul Uncle Nutter got a nice, big war-hammer with your name on it!"

- Overheard in a forest near IC

Dear Squire,

Silent again? I expect...NOT!

--- Doubter

Q) Whats black and tan and looks good on an AOO nobel?

A) A Doberman!

So who is the most powerful in all Olympia? Come on, dont be bashful. Where are all the meglomaniacs out there that want to brag about their conquests? I would have thought that at one time Marat was the most powerful in the land, but now I have doubts after the AOO vs Oleg Wars.

So Oleg holds all the castles on Tollus? What about the castles in Illion? Or Ossicus? Or ??

I myself am a lowly noble forever imprisioned in this not-so-Imperial City. Please, let me live vicariously through you! Come on! Who is winning this wretched "game" I call life?

Hey, hey, Son of Oleg, congratulations on being ruler of a smoking hole in the ground! Think of it this way: if the AOO wins, what will they gain?

verse 10 The Sword of Siege struck a hammer's blow With a crash, and a smash, and a tumbled wall. Stonecutter laid a castle low With a groan, and a roar, and a tower's fall. The Complete Book of Swords by Fred Saberhagen

Doh! To terrorize a unit, it has to be stacked under you, even if it's in you own faction. "Don't run away, Bertie! I just wanted you to admire my nice hot poker collection. Honest. Very sorry m'lord, a temporary interruption in stone quarrying whilst we pursue the quarrymaster!" I guess this makes sense - you can't just have any Tom, Dick or AOO member terrorizin' girls on the streets, for Pete's sake.

-- a wanna be Torquemada --

Oleg doesn't really rule all of Tollus.

Just so you know, it's possible to make money without owning a castle. I've got more money than some castle-owners. Characters: 7 60th Men: 59 96th Gold: 3,710 50th Land controlled: 0 58th Skills known: 18/70 104th Spells known: 12/80 38th Provinces visited: 88/9,995 97th

Does anyone know what can be done in a Sacred Grove?


Re: Amber's defense of the AOO

For the record, at the time of the attack on Mt Oly I was a member of the IN, though not involved in the attack on Mt Oly. It seems useful to comment on the items I know about, and to make inferences about the rest.

Amber says that the Iron nation was twenty to thirty factions. So far as I know this is a gross exaggeration. Amber is probably including Oleg's (Greg) and Dogmatix's (Tim) groups, who were not even informed, let alone involved in joint military action.

Amber says "most of the remainder (of the IN) accepting a safe conduct out of Provinia on the condition that they leave and never return.". This is absolutely true. But what Amber *doesn't* say is that Marat (Barry) seemingly either forgot or "forgot" to tell anybody else in the AOO about this. Consequently the IN's remaining forces, relying on this "safe conduct" withdrew from the IN's castle and other defenses. These, including most of my own faction, were massacred on their way out of Provinia by AOO members. Some of these claimed, quite believably, not to know of the safe conduct - most didn't care. And Marat didn't take any steps to rein them in, on the contrary he was happy to collect the spoils.

So far as I'm aware, the "safe-conduct" took effect only in bx22, and then only for some of the survivors involved. So the people most punished by AOO were the people least involved in the fight...work that one out.

OK, so Macchiavellian behaviour is fine in a game, I don't object to that. But please kids, let's not deny reality? That would be to descend to the level of the AOO leadership.

Amber implies that many of the AOO members are are reasonable and reliable. I agree in respect of Steve Chapin's and Dan Duval's factions - though each of them killed my nobles. I'll be charitable and assume that Amber falls into the same category. But the reason the IN and the AOO had a dustup in the first place was AOO thuggery. So, while individuals within the AOO may be fine, many are unreliable to the point of psychosis. I assume the reason such individuals gravitate toward the AOO is because the alliance as a whole exerts no coercive restraint on its members, other than enforcing mutual defense orders.

All this casts doubt on the rest of what Amber says. It sounds suspiciously like self-justifying propaganda. Equally it's quite possible that Amber actually believes what he is saying...after all, AOO megalomaniacs are as prone to self-delusion as the rest of us.

I have no knowledge of post-IN fighting with the AOO, so I can't comment on that.

From all this we may draw two conclusions:

1. The AOO has no policies.

No matter what some AOO individuals say in public, the others have not been and will not be bound by it.

2. The AOO will continue to behave as a bandit alliance.

No matter what some AOO individuals say in public, the fact that they are still willing to defend their psychotic members suggests that in reality they encourage thuggery, de facto. Necessarily this logic applies also to Steve's and Dan's factions, no matter how they themselves behave.

The AOO scryers and armies have enough headaches already. So I'll be kind and not sign my name .

For all those inquiring minds that wanted to know...

Currently known AOO Factions ---------------------------- num faction --- ------- ap3 The Cycle of Fate aq4 The Cloudlands bh0 The Skaithian Consortium ct0 Red Mysterions cu9 The Aolian Circle db5 Ferengi di4 The Sen Clan mc1 The Disciples of the Wanderer ml1 Garden People pn9 House of Cards qr2 Clann Dhabaid qv1 Masters of Sado Island qy6 Servants of the Art uv0 The Darklord's Minions vo4 The Cohorts of Colossus wq1 RavenSong xf0 The Enlightened Ones zb9 Amber zg3 Iconia

19 remaining of 22 known starting members as of Sunsear, Year 6. This list only includes members and not allies or associates.

Clifford's City Market Database: 112 city market reports and growing Send in a city market report not yet in the database and for EACH report, you will receive a report each week on the commodity of your choice. For further info, write to w4t@g1.pbm.com.

The smell of sea air verses the stuffy air of I.C., there is no comparision!

And so the battle unfolds, father against son, brother against brother; yea, even man against wife. The sons of Oleg and the Olympians of old call upon us; we cannot refuse the siren song.

Have heard that it's a good idea to have a couple of men with each noble in a stack. Is it true?

Strange but it must be said that one post from the AOO last month made one heck of a lot more sense than all the mad whitterings that Oleg's clans have been spewing into the Times since the game began.

Do us all a favor and put a lid on it chaps.

Mining can sure give a lot of profits! Now if we could just get down to building that castle, our monetary problems would be solved.

The value of pretus stones is beyond measure, it's worth its weight in spiny root.

The Dead Are Not The Undead Are Your Aims Are Spoiled Your Plans Are Soiled

"See Clifford. See Clifford post in the Times. See the idiot give Clifford all of his info. See Clifford give idiot's info to his AOO pals. See Marat arrive and toast the idiot's faction." Knowledge is power. Be careful who you give it to.

If ya mix Orc oil with Giant Spider droppings you get a solid chunk of Amber that's worthless.

Have you ever been stuck on board a ship with an Undead as your companion? Its enough to drive one mad! All he does is wander around and stink up the place. I am constantly tripping over bits that have fallen off of him. I shall be so glad when we get off this boat!

In a recent edition of this reputable publication it was written, and we quote verbatim and in full: > The AOO has pulled of [sic] some stunts > now it's fighting a war on three fronts > is there room for more ? > can I make it four ? > cause [sic] there [sic] a complete bunch of idiots [sic]

Now there is the clearest example of why we don't accept new members. Four grammatical and spelling errors -- not to mention a near complete disregard for punctuation and capitalization -- in less than ten times as many words. Those young people just don't live up the standards we have come to demand of our members.

Our more thoughtful enemies be warned. Do you have any reason to assume that these potential allies are capable of commanding their troops with greater competence and care than they compose their missives to the Olympian Times ?

-- Alliance Of Orthographers

Don't stare too long into the Shadows... ...they might blink.

It would seem to me that using peasant mobs is a bad idea--dilutes your offense too much.

"FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS DO OPIUM" A message from the Provinian Health Association "It's a matter of life and $$$"

The AOO has pulled off some stunts now its fighting a war on FOUR fronts As I'm alive. i'll make it five because I have a very LOUDMOUTH...............ho.ho.ho.

April is the cruelest month, Breeding lilacs out of the dead land.

Boy, am I glad April's over...

Rick Peril - Third Eye in the case of the missing lawers.

It had been a steaming summer day in Imperial City. I was in my office on the third floor of the Spider Stone building watching the sun set in what little view of the harbor my window gave. After such a day one could almost see the stench wafting off of the harbors waters. I could certainly smell it in my office. It was almost enough to make one melt into the ground. I was finishing my last bottle of Old Orc Brew. It was not the best of ales but it had one quality I prized above all else, it was the cheapest ale around. Then I detected the faint scent of lemon verbena. Turning around, I found one of the most exquisite noblewoman in front of my desk. Long straight black hair falling to the back of her knees. Sword steel blue eyes with an almond shape that spoke of a trace of elf blood. And a figure that even that full length black silk cape didnt dare hide. I thought it odd that she had gotten so far into my office unnoticed. I am normally quite sensitive to money entering my presence. And she appeared to have more money than an orc band has fleas.

In the beginning there was nothing.... Then the Great Atnerks said "Let there be light!" And ther was, And there was still nothing... Only you could see it!

Ossicus - Non-Virgin Territory for Whorehouses The Madam has opened shop!! Innkeeper found!!

Wanted: Priest with OWN WORKERS!! to build Temple for sacrifices to the Great Atnerks

What is the most income that any castle can get from a single province?

Why Go To Hades? - Try It You May Find Out!

The sounds of trees being cut for crossbows sound through the dark woods.

Firelord - In response to your question concerning flying horses, I can tell you that I have only seem them in nature (usually in inner locations, either guarding or being guarded by something) and as a result of artificial means, ie. the crossbreeding experiments of beastmasters. -FWIW

To he who asked what is north of E. Camaris: The answer is small islands. We have not covered the entire area yet, but there is not much space left where a large island, or part of a continent sized mass could fit.

* Market Survey: I am interested in the further profits of bounty hunting. Serious reward offers considered. Satisfactory payment procedures required. Please submit "serious offers". I am currently interested in the rewards associated with killing Marat and the other AOO scum. Perhaps some of the forces attacking the AOO would like me to create a diversionary or real attack. Old book skills and gold would pay for a powerful force for several turns. Easier targets will command a smaller fee. I will contact you directly if I am willing to pursue your target. I will be available in 3 turns. * Low Profile Bounty Hunters

Tollus will fall within 8 turns. Invasion by small hoarde will crush Oleg....

Long live the AOO, though they be rotters and scumbags all, at least they make this world an exciting place in which to live, which is more than I can say for the rest of you cake-eatin' smurfs who only want to play nicey-nice together. Ptui. I spit in your eye. Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. Better to Rule in Hell than to Serve in Heaven!

Today the first one dies. He will not be the last.