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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g1-28 |
   | January 4, 1995                                                      |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 28  188 players      "An emblem, a hieroglyphic, of all misery" |

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Olympia PBEM

* * *

A good reputation is better than expensive perfume; and the day you die is better than the day you are born.

It is better to go to a home where there is mourning than to one where there is a party, because the living should always remind themselves that death is waiting for us all.

Sorrow is better than laughter; it may sadden your face, but it sharpens your understanding.

A man who is always thinking about happiness is a fool. A wise man thinks about death.

-- Ecclesiastes 7:1-4

* * *

General announcement --------------------

When a player drops, dead bodies and prisoners belonging to the dropped player change their allegiance to the Independent Player. Thus, it neither becomes easier nor more difficult for another player holding captive units to obtain their loyalties. This has been the case for some time, although the lore sheet for "Resurrect dead noble" has now been corrected to reflect this.

Player-contributed press

Thank you to those that informed me of the Talon's location. Unfortunately, by the time I could get there to claim it, I will have completed the ship I currently have under construction.

My main complaint is againt the foul thieves and murderers that have left this world, and robbed me of my vengance. It is bad enough to have run out of money and retainers because of the delay the theives caused me, but to steal my retribution as well...

A wasted year.

-- Shadow Warriors [ap4]

Because of fear of unrest and a large influx of immigrants to a continent with low resources, visitors to Eastern Drucartan are asked to procure a visa before entering the area. ( We define Eastern Drucartan as the area of Drucartan that is east of the Uldim Pass).

If you want a visa, please send a message to John Sen[m6f], describing the nobles in the party, the size of the party, and the reason for visiting Eastern Drucartan. There is no fee, and requests will only be refused in rare ( i.e. I am bringing 2000 men to kill all nobles ) circumstances.

-- The Sen Clan [di4]

So far our travels outside the Imperial City are peaceful. Few monsters seem to be left in the immediate area. We will stop in Aethelarn to learn what we can there and then move onward. The nobles there do not seem to be bothered by our presence, but we will not risk our safety by staying in one place too long.

-- Seekers of Knowledge [tt4]

Wisdom from the Vikings

Look carefully round doorways before you walk in; you never know when an enemy might be there.

-- The AEsir [tv8]

Warning: Oxen slow you down in swamps (by at least 1 day). Does anyone have any water-buffalo for sale? Oh, well... Time to make hides.

-- The Smaller Horde [vg7]

----------------------- S. CAMARIS Update -----------------------

A peaceful turn for the entire land mass. Now the garrisoning begins.

-- The Count of S. Camaris [b4q]

-- The Crazy Quilters [vn7]

The Count of Chardia ====================

Chapter IV - The Potmaker =========================

As Edmond turned about there appeared at the door their neighbor Caderousse, an unkempt man in his mid-twenties. He held in his hand a lump of river mud, which, in his business capacity, he was about to form into a clay pot. "What, is it you Edmond, returned from your journeys?" said he with a broad Aethelarnian accent and a grin that displayed a row of teeth white as ivory.

"Yes, as you can see; and ready to be agreeable to you in any and every way" replied Edmond, attempting a facade of civility.

"Thank you, but I want for nothing and only try to assist others who have need of me." Edmond gestured. "No, no, I lent you money and you repayed it as a good neighbor should, and now we are quits."

"We are never quits with those who oblige us, for when we do not owe them money we owe them gratitude."

"Now, now, what's done is done. Let us talk of your return. I had gone to the quay to collect raw materials for my industry and met friend Danglers." He waved the muddy lump as evidence. "He told me of your return and I rushed home to shake hands with a friend."

"Worthy Caderousse!" said the old man. "He is so fond of us!"

"To be sure," replied the potmaker, "for honest folk are so rare. But it seems you have come back home rich, my boy." He looked askance at the handful of gold at the old man's feet.

Edmond remarked the greedy glance. "Feh!" he said negligently, "It is not mine. My father was merely allaying my fears that he had wanted for anything in my absence. Come, Father, put this money back in your box." He knelt down to gather the coins.

"It seems you stand well with Mr. Morrel, you insinuating dog, you!" continued Caderousse, "And Danglers says you refuse to dine with him? One must give way to one's patrons to become a captain, you know."

"What?" exclaimed the old man. "Did you rebuke his invitation?"

"Yes, I explained that I must see you first and he seemed to understand the honest intentions behind my refusal. And I shall become captain nevertheless," affirmed Edmond.

"Nothing will give greater pleasure to all your old friends," replied the potmaker. "And I know a certain someone in town who will not be displeased to hear of your successes."

"Mercedes?" said the old man.

"Yes, dear father, and now with your permission I will go and pay a visit to her."

"Go, my dear boy, and Atnerks bless you in your wife as He has blessed my in my son!"

"His wife!" exclaimed Caderousse. "Surely you are speaking prematurely. You were right to return as soon as possible, my boy, for Mercedes is a fine young girl and such as she never lack for beaux. But now you are to be captain and who could refuse you then?"

"Meaning to say," replied Edmond with an uneasy smile, "that were I not a captain ---" Caderouse shook his head. "Come, come, I have a better opinion than you of women in general and Mercedes in particular; she will remain ever faithful to me."

"So much the better -- so much the better," smiled the potmaker, "When one is to be married there is nothing like implicit trust. Now go, my boy, and let her know all your hopes and prospects."

"I shall go directly," was Edmond's reply. And, embracing his father and saluting Caderousse, he left the apartment.

To be continued...

-- The Indomitable Gauls [wk7]

The Imperial City Logging Corporation is open for business. Contact mmwang@mv.us.adobe.com if you wish to place an order for wood or yew.

-- The Enlightened Ones [xf0]

Oleg was just getting into the holiday spirit when the AOO arrived to give him his Christmas presents, a few days late. We'll forgive them for their tardiness, I suppose. For those of you who don't think that the AOO are out to kill everyone who won't bow down to them, here's your proof. I have done nothing against them except point out that they're a bunch of bloodthirsty madmen.

The Landing, in [ci47]:

3: The Wallowing Tub Ferry [fy5s], roundship, 89% loaded, arrived from 3: Ocean [ci46], owner: 3: Despair [c8g], with eight sailors, accompanied by: 3: A Wandering Minstrel [dg6r], barbarians, number: 11 3: Skeleton [jj8i], skeleton, number: 12, with nine catapults, 3: accompanied by: 3: Dr. Pain [b1v], wielding Sword of Pyrellica [bz4i], with 3: six workers, 15 soldiers, 12 pikemen, four barbarians, 3: two centaurs, 16 rats, 14 lions, two chimera, 37 wolves 3: Death [q0l], with 22 archers, five crossbowmen 4: Ming Vase [hf7h], roundship, 70% loaded, 19% damaged, arrived from 4: Ocean [ch47], owner: 4: Petunia [v9c], wielding Longsword of Ragnar [ip1v] and enchanted 4: spear [ba3a], wearing Armor of Vernolt [jr1l], with 27 peasants, 4: 11 sailors, 30 crossbowmen, 16 giant spiders, seven cyclops, 4: accompanied by: 4: Savage [ca5m], savages, number: 13 4: Savage [id7h], savages, number: 10 4: Savage [gh2g], savages, number: 10 4: Savage [cf1s], savages, number: 10 4: Grecian Urn [fc3u], roundship, 98% loaded, 3% damaged, arrived from 4: Ocean [ch47], owner: 4: Rosebud [x8r], conjurer, with 16 soldiers, 14 sailors, 4: 17 crossbowmen, two catapults, nine workers, accompanied by: 4: Achilles [fd6v], with eight soldiers, 13 pikemen, 11 cyclops 4: Violet [t9v], wearing elven helm [em5i], with 11 soldiers, 4: ten cyclops 4: Medusa [k6z], with one winged horse, one minotaur, 33 giant 4: spiders, eight rats, four giant lizards, 13 wolves 4: Orc [dv6e], orcs, number: 7 4: Orc [ee2q], orcs, number: 7 4: Orc [dl5v], orcs, number: 7 4: Orc [bg1m], orcs, number: 7

The Ming Vase is owned by the Garden People [ml1]. The other 2 ships are controlled by Dr. Pain [uv0].


24: Skeleton [jj8i] attacks Shangri-La [u91]! 24: 24: Skeleton [jj8i], skeleton, number: 12, with ten catapults, 24: accompanied by: 24: Dr. Pain [b1v], wielding Sword of Pyrellica [bz4i], with 24: six workers, 14 soldiers, 13 pikemen, four barbarians, 24: two centaurs, 16 rats, 14 lions, two chimera, 37 wolves 24: Death [q0l], wielding enchanted spear [ba3a], behind 9, with 24: 22 archers, 52 crossbowmen 24: Savage [gh2g], savages, number: 10 24: Savage [id7h], savages, number: 10 24: Savage [ca5m], savages, number: 13 24: Savage [cf1s], savages, number: 10 24: Rosebud [x8r], conjurer, wielding Longsword of Ragnar [ip1v] and 24: Javelin of Illinod [df7o], wearing Armor of Vernolt [jr1l], 24: with 16 soldiers, 15 sailors, two catapults, nine workers 24: Achilles [fd6v], with seven soldiers, 14 pikemen, 11 cyclops, 24: seven peasants 24: Violet [t9v], wearing elven helm [em5i], with 11 soldiers, 24: 17 cyclops, ten peasants 24: Medusa [k6z], with ten peasants, one winged horse, one minotaur, 24: 49 giant spiders, eight rats, four giant lizards, 13 wolves 24: Orc [dv6e], orcs, number: 7 24: Orc [ee2q], orcs, number: 7 24: Orc [dl5v], orcs, number: 7 24: Orc [bg1m], orcs, number: 7 24: 24: Shangri-La [u91], castle, defense 40, owner: 24: Prenola the Prune [j3f], duke, behind 9, with seven peasants, 24: 91 crossbowmen 24: Alfalfywytha [k5a], ally, with three crossbowmen, 65 peasants, 24: 16 workers 24: Keilyn Fitzwarin [d3v], behind 9, ally 24: Nasty Bugger [t2q], behind 9, ally, with two peasants, 24: three crossbowmen 24: Dali Llama [m7r], priest, ally 24: 24: Skeleton [jj8i] is victorious! 24: 24: Skeleton lost four peasants, four workers, 11 soldiers, one pikeman, 24: two sailors, eight savages, two barbarians, five giant spiders, 24: five rats, five orcs, seven wolves. 24: 24: Prenola the Prune lost 67 peasants, 16 workers, 49 crossbowmen. 24: Prenola the Prune [j3f] was taken prisoner. 24: Alfalfywytha [k5a] was wounded. 24: Keilyn Fitzwarin [d3v] was taken prisoner. 24: Dali Llama [m7r] was taken prisoner. 24:

Petunia [v9c] does not take part in the attack. Despair [c8g] does not take part in the attack.

The initial totals for the attacking force were:

12 catapults, 12 skeletons, 15 workers, 48 soldiers, 15 sailors, 27 pikemen, 4 barbarians, 28 cyclops, 27 peasants, 1 winged horse, 49 giant spiders, 1 minotaur, 2 centaurs, 24 rats, 4 giant lizards, 14 lions, 2 chimera, 50 wolves, 22 archers, 52 crossbowmen, 43 savages, 28 orcs.

The battle lasted less than one round. My forces killed 59 things, lost 132 things, and they captured 53 men from me. They also captured aroud 4,000 gold plus they have income of 2,000 gold/turn from my garrison.

Oleg happened to be on vacation from his castle when the attacking force arrived.

-- Oleg the Loudmouth [b2q]

An ally and I are sailing east of Tollus. I welcome the opportunity to exchange detailed mapping data with anyone else sailing in that direction. Contact c1s.

-- Captain Tarkus [c1s]

The Olympia Atlas is accepting contributions, and is available for download! Be the first to contribute information for unexplored lands (Faery).

In the tradition of Oleg's Map (tm), the Atlas is a compilation of geographical information useful for explorers, traders, and adventurers. Best of all, it's absolutely free!

To contribute to the Atlas, simply send turn excerpts (cut out all the incriminating parts) that contain the following information:

o) Mapping data (region & route info) o) City market reports o) City skills lists o) Inner locations

and send it to sx6@g1.pbm.com. We'll include it into the next version of the Atlas.

The Atlas is available by ftp from your nearest PBM ftp site (ftp.erg.sri.com in the USA, check the PBM FAQ for other sites), in the directory /pub/pbm/olympia, as atlas.X, where X is the turn of the last update.

The Atlas is also available on the PBMGames forum on CompuServe, in the fantasy games section, as atlas.oly.

Brought to you by the Skulking Vermin (sx6)

-- Sludge [x0o]

For those chocolate addicts out there. A source of chocolate has been sighted in the city of Raigor (bx30). Obviously, our esteemed Duke Marat is a chocolate addict also, as a large garrison is there guarding it.

-- Cerulian Crimson [f6y]

I am interested in contacting/working with anyone else exploring the ocean south of the IC. Trading mappings, etc. Especially if 'Chardia' means anything to you.

-- Duffy Brew [f8d]

"It is elementary, my dear Mandrake." Sherlock said with a smile. "You simply travel from province to province and wow the natives with your tricks. We can make 200 gold a month! Indeed, if we invest in a couple of riding horses you could cover more territory..." "Harumph", scoffed Mandrake. "What do you think I am -- a circus clown? I didn't learn magic to spend my days selling charms and love potions! I'll stoop to this menial conjuring for one week a month to cover our expenses but THAT IS ALL!" "But think of the money we could make..." Sherlock continued with dampened enthusiasm. He knew Mandrake was a stubborn old man. "Who is WE kimosabe? I don't see YOU contributing to our coffers. All you do is study, study, study - go make some pots for a change!" Mandrake stomped off to mix a few potions.

-- Hercule [v6o]

Travellers beware!!! Unprovoked aggression has occurred in Western Rimmon. My ally was attempting to establish a stronghold in the mountain city of Eddra when he was attacked without warning. The attack was conducted by:

Zarra [j6p], behind 9, with 20 crossbowmen, accompanied by: Joselle [az4q], with 22 peasants, 17 soldiers, eight pikemen, nine giant lizards Entropic [fh1f], undead, number: 11 Eye Sockets [hc6x], skeleton, number: 10

In the hopes of giving Zarra more visitors than he/she can handle, the map of Western Rimmon will be submitted to the Atlas. Please, feel free to visit and collect a few heads. I will do what I can.

PS: Eddra teaches mining.

-- MacBeth [u0i]

This is monthly notice if you wish to visit the environs of Cycarth and Redwine please be courteous enough to let m9l know (you can reach him at heyman@camis.stanford.edu. I do not currently plan to restrict access, but would like to know who is wandering around in my front yard. I would especially like to know if you plan on using any of the natural rsources (peasants, wood, and the like) in the provinces bt25 bt26 bt27 bu25 bu26 bu27 bv25 bv26 bv27 bw25 bw26 and bw27.

By order of Darkman, caretaker of Dark Castle

-- Dweezil [e5q]

> Does anyone know if Bird Spy will work while sailing?

It works fine on a boat, reporting relative to your position when you started it, so with a little care you can see yourself.

-- The Ungrateful One [l7n]

At last we have made landfall, if only for a short time. The swamps of Stybor may not be the most beautiful location, but it is good to be off the boat.

Captain Farseeker would skin me alive if he heard me call his pet a boat and not a ship! What a character. His constant bickering with Lews is enough to drive even the most even-keeled insane; in the first few months, we found their quarrels amusing, but that time is long since past.

The peasants are kind enough, but inquiries as to the nearest city yield nothing but a blank stare. They have no interest in anything outside of their peaceful island. I fear that they are not well prepared for the struggles that may befall their lives.

-- Hans Shadowspawn [r2y]

Could someone explain precisely how inns earn income? Does it depend on player activity? I would like a more detailed explanation than the rules give. Thanks.

-- Jonah [u9a]


DANGER! The castle of Oleg the Loudmouth has been successfully attacked by factions of the AOO. It is unknown if this is a personal grudge or the beginnings of a major conflict. All non-aligned factions should use EXTREME CAUTION when dealing with AOO or Oleg units especially in and around Tollus.

-- Akmall Benhalla [p3p]

Manzel spins an interesting yarn, but the facts are these:

1) He and his stack entered my lands without first obtaining a permit.

2) Their first contact with me was to send a missive to one of my nobles asking if I minded if they appropriated one of my ships. Oddly enough, I objected.

3) Their stack was large enough to possibly pose a threat to my security if they made a guerilla attack on one of my lone units.

4) I stated quite clearly that they must either leave my lands immediately or split into two stacks, the smaller of which could enter Gentlewind. A condition of my allowing their approach was that they specify exactly which nobles would be entering by26. They did not comply with this last requirement.

Therefore, I arrested them, and released them this past month to go on their way.

If you want to come into the area controlled by my faction, that being the land provinces bounded by bx25 and bz27, you must obtain a travel permit or be considered hostile. While in my area, you may not consume any resources without prior permission. If in doubt, ask.

-- Sheriff Pelenth of Gentlewind [f3i]

Her Highness Pel, Duchess of Atnos, must regrettably state that the borders of Atnos are still closed. Travelers are warned that they may be attacked by our Peace Officers if they do not have the proper authorization.

-- Pel [q1v]

Let's try west of Atnos. In the lack of any real data, one choice seems as good as another.

-- Corlin Singer [n0i]

Alone, alone, all all alone, alone in a wide wide sea, o what a friend, to thus maroon my soul in agony.

-- Contract Charlie [v6x]

To whom it may concern: the corpse of Lyrx may be ransomed for 1,000 gold pieces. Contact this address for details.

-- Xhargkxz [z7n]

I will make your weapons! I will train your soldiers! I will train your pikemen and your crossbowmen! I will sell my services for 5 Gold per day of work. Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis. ** I do be but a simple trader. **

-- Bayle Domon [g4y]

Are you so far down the social ladder here in the Imperial City that not even the peasents notice you? Never fear. I will recruit a peasent for you and give him to you on the same turn! Only 5 gold for this day's work. ** I do be but a simple trader. **

-- Bayle Domon [g4y]

Journal - Blossom bloom, Year 4

We were unable to leave The Merry Prank. We were not docked when our fair Captain Farseeker said we would be. Mayhap we will soon land the perform those common tasks.

Ah, for gold to buy the materials to relearn my craft!....

The Lord of the Morning, The Dragon,

-- Lews Therin Telamon [m3m]

From the ashes of defeat rise the Burnt Umbrians anew! Who could know how prophetic their faction name would be. This new group of hardy adventurers, although sharing the name of their doomed comrades, will not share their fate.

-- Lyran Alexander [n6c]

What are you complaining about? I'm the one who's ruining my fingers cutting stone. For this I went to college and studied magic?

-- Parwyn Kalyspi [v6l]


Q: How come so many people take an instant dislike to Dr. Pain?

A: They're well-connected.

"Speak Truth", from Oneness, Great Principles Shared By All Religions

"Putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor: for we are all members one of another." - Christianity

"Speak ye every man truth to his neighbor; execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates." - Judaism

"Him I call indeed a Brahmana who utters tru speech, instructive and free from harshness, so that he offends no one" - Buddhism

"Do not clothe the truth with falsehood; do not knowingly conceal the truth." - Islam

"Say what is true! Do thy duty. Do not swerve from the truth." - Hinduism

"Sincerity is the way of Heaven, and to think how to be sincere is the way of a man. Never was there one possessed of complete sincerity who did not move others. Never was there one without sincerity who was able to move others." - Confucianism

To the real owner of the Fatted Boar :-

Oops, sorry. We took a wrong turning at Imperial City, thought we'd pop in for a pint and then got invited to stay for a lock-in. OK, we got a little merry perhaps and maybe it wasn't such a great idea for me to offer to lock up for the owner afterwards. Anyway, by the time we woke up the real landlord had disappeared and we had a load of drunken yobbos clamouring for their daily sup. To cut a long story short we've left the pub now and you can have it back. Hope that you get the place cleaned up soon and apologies for the pool of vomit in the fireplace.


The Lads

Squire Adam,

You seem eerily silent now. CAT got your tongue? I think the trip to the underside may be cutting off your communication.

--- former Doubter

There is no depth that the AOO will not stoop, the beloved Oleg has fallen prey to the AOO. These are indeed sad times. Hide the sheep, put away the Velcro gloves and stand up for what is right.

- A concerned sheppard

Mutterings overheard on many a ship recently:

"Blimey, we've been at sea a long time, captain!"

"Shut up and keep rowing!"

O' Poor Oleg, How could such a dreadful thing happen to one as sweet and caring as you?

Heard in the streets of the Imperial City, "The Liberator Cometh"

Just in case anyone doubted it, it _is_ true that the AOO plans to brook no rivals or opposition. Plan to be crushed, just like everyone else who has stood in our way.

Where are the children now, that the Doomriders approach? The MAFOC are coming, my friends. Coming for the AOO. Coming for the Imperial City. Coming for Drucartan and Torba Bacor and Rimmon. Beware the graveyards, for the MAFOC use those foul tunnels, consorting with demons to spirit them through Hades itself! Soon MAFOC will be upon you!

Aethelarn bandits disappear! They vanished from the Imperial City last month. Where they went, nobody knows. There was no fog, so they all must be HIDING.

For the interested party. The following creatures travel at the ride rate:

Rats; Wolves; Giant Lizards; Giant Spiders.

My thanks for the information on Ratspiders.

MAFOC: (acronym) Mitey Armed Forces Of Chaos; term used by CHAOS MegaFaction members to refer to their combined military forces. Also commonly used by nonmembers to refer to the alliance proper.

In last months Olympic Times someone asked, "Is it true that giant lizards are being bred to peasants by Duke Marat?" This is not quite right. Duke Marat is breeding with giant lizards in an effort to produce a more visious lizard. So far however the only results have been better looking young Marats.

Clifford's City Market Database: send in a market report not yet in the database and you become a member of the Market Club. As a member, you can get a market report each week on any given commodity. Currently, the database contains 52 cities, and is growing each week. Inquiries welcome. Contact w4t@g1.pbm.com.

A hunting AOO A hunting AOO Hi ho aderio A hunting AOO

excerpts from "Infilitrating Made Easy" Always, always ask for permission to enter another's territory. Enter in small groups, remember groups can be combined easier than permission for a large group can be obtained. Finally, remember that if the intension to attack was not obvious than, the attack can be called off, if it was obvious to begin with, than one has already lost the advantage.

FOR ALL YOU ASPIRING MEGALOMANIACS OUT THERE: Special Offer!!! Winewood Printers has *ALL* your needed supplies to post YOUR Favorite Obnoxious message to those interlopers who dare to enter your domain without paying you the proper respect. We carry all sizes of posterboard and printing materials. Let our friendly staff provide a catchy commanding statement from their database, or you can provide your own, or you can have us create one from scratch. With our many years of expertise, we will provide to absolute best in sales and support. Examples from our world famous database: [1]IT WAS REALLY I THAT MASSACRED ALL THESE FACTIONS!! I MEAN it when I say that unauthorized actions in and around WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!! [2] Because of fear of unrest and a large influx of immigrants to a continent with low resources, visitors to are told to procure a visa before entering the area. [3] must regrettably state that the borders of are closed, until further notice. [4] MARTIAL LAW IMPOSED IN Unauthorized travel through these lands will be regarded as a hostile act, and will be dealt with harshly. As you can see, our creative and witty statements have been used frequently by some of the biggest names in the business! LordCharge and Provinia Express cards accepted. Member of the Greater Winewood Commerce Council.

The infamous pirate ship Excogitate Soliloquy [iu7o] has been found abandoned at sea, heavily damaged, bearing the name Akhenaten's Revenge.

There are some creatures you can control but not capture, such as nazgul. The way to get control of these is to find a group you can capture that owns such a group as retainers. Capture that group and you gain control of the retainers. Thus, if you know both Capture Beasts and Use Beasts in Battle, then you can get and use nazgul in battle by defeating a group of giant rats that owns a group of nazgul, thereby gaining a portion of both the giant rats and the nazgul. Of course, the nazgul do fight for the giant rats so you have to defeat them as well.

message for Bellabane: Oh, you're a lumberjack and you're OK you sleep all night and you work all day you capture nobles and you make them lunch when you go to the labratory

I am going paranoid. I have found a nice quiet island, and while exploring it, I have found five players castles! Is there anywhere that has not already been visited?

__ __ / /\______________________________________________________________/ /\ \_\/ \_\/ | GateMastery, the final frontier? | |<--------------------------------------------------------------->| | | | The Gatemasters are here to help *You*. | | | | Here is how it works. We have already located many gateways | | and are rapidly pinning down many more. We want to help | | you help us. Send us in your gate readings and we will send | | you back other information we have that will help you to | | pin point the gateway. If you can pinpoint a gateway that | | we have not, then you get to become a full Gatemaster will | | access to all the gate information we have. | | | | Why do we do it this way? Well there is a large effort that | | must be made in locating gates, and we don't think it's fair | | that people free-load. So long as you are actively trying | | to locate new gateways, you will continue to get help. | | essentially people get out what they put it. We work this | | way to encourage people to contribute. | | | | Interested? Send mail to r4o. | _| _| / /\______________________________________________________________/ /\ \_\/ \_\/

It is a beautiful land that I have found. Now the greatest difficulty is going to be deciding where to build my castle. It seems that there are so many good choices. Oh well, I shall continue to explore this lovely new land and make my choice slowly.

Sea journeys can take painfully much time. Be sure to have lots and lots and lots of studing or other things to do, and take along a few tons of money to pay your crew and soldiers as they grow weary of travel. For some reason they'd rather throw themselves into the sea and drown than go unpaid! Stupid people!!

Captain: Why aren't the sails up mate? Mate: No sailors capt'n. Captain: NO SAILORS??? Where'd ey go? Mate: Well, they jumped overboard. Captain: WHAT! They can't do that! Mate: Sure can capt'n. Captain: But, but, but . . . .

Market Survey: I am interested in the potential profits of bounty hunting. Has anyone made a serious reward offer with satisfactory payment procedures. Please address "serious reward and payment plan" responses via the times, and include your character I.D. I will contact you directly if I am willing to pursue your target.

Low Profile Bounty Hunters

Is there a land claim log available for FTP anywhere?

Hey Pel! Why are the borders of Atnos always closed? Why not accept some firendly visitors now rather than hordes of unfriendly visitors later?

MAFOC is every where, Yes it's true, IF you get too powerful, MAFOC will come for you!

It would seem that Oleg's recent Christmas present confirms one of my old beliefs:

If you call someone a bully for long enough, it's likely you'll be proven right.

Remarkable sums of money can be made by those investing in the joint-stock companies that ply the southern seas. Almost as much can be lost, too.


The following is a message, reprinted with permission, from the Marquis of Trion. The identity of the recipient has been omitted for his protection.


From: Thomas Hudson Subject: Olympia: Stay Away! Date: Tue, 3 Jan 1995 14:08:31 -0500 (EST)

Noble Cousin,

> I was planning on moving my faction out soon. Figure I'll > reach bw20 in a couple turns. Are things still relatively stable in > your region?

Things have become extremely unstable. AOO members with large forces are now lurking about the outer edges of my domain killing travellers and occasionally sacking garrisons; for me to stop them would require me to strip my central defenses more than is safe. The largest, Viliz, was in [bv19] last turn with 200+ followers.

> I was also planning on bringing along 10 soldiers to garrison > a province you mentioned. Which one was it? (And I'll also need your > castle ID.)

The castle ID is a74, but by the time you get here I expect it won't be _my_ castle any more. Despite my diplomatic contacts in the AOO not being in the least hostile, given this AOO-sponsored brigandry I expect a follow-up invasion force with the next couple of months.

Tom :( Yupa, Marquis Trion [r1v] // hudson@cs.unc.edu


This latest also came second-hand from the monarch of Aethelarn.


He's been making noise about trouble brewing, and told me Viliz overran one of his garrisons, and has been attacking travellers....



( sung to the the tune of Camp Town Ladies ) The new gnu knew no new gnu news .... No gnu ... knew news. The new gnu knew no new gnu news .... No .... new gnu news.

Ah how Dr. Neve Eril loved that song. He couldn't figure out why singing it routinely got him kicked out of taverns before he was done with the first ale. He could sing it all day. In fact he just had. But then he also spent the evenings talking with Ghoe Knerre who had died some time ago but was still traveling in the back of the Doctors wagon. In short the good doctor had started to drink his own tonic a bit to often. But he was going to have to do something with poor old Ghoe because Ghoe was starting to waft an aroma that was dampening sales. Dr. Neve Eril had thought of just leaving Ghoe in the forest somewhere and let the scavengers take care of the rest. But he had enjoyed his talks with Ghoe too much to treat him so coldly and besides it was never wise to let a wild animal have a taste of human flesh. It just might decide it liked it. Well he might as well follow the old saying about bird of a feather flocking together. The best place for a dead man was with other dead folk. A few days latter the road went past a graveyard that look like it was full long ago and visited very rarely these days. The Doctor pulled the wagon out of sight and acting like a someone visiting a relative he spent the afternoon finding a crypt that seemed well out of the way. With that done he waited for night talking to Ghoe and sipping some of his tonic. That night he pryed open the crypts door and hauled Ghoe inside. But Ghoe looked so forlorn and so lonely sitting in that dusty corner. Ghoe deserved better than this. He deserved friends. Well the Dr. would just make sure he had some. And a more pleasant atmosphere to boot. Several coffins stacked on top of each other made a fair bar and one coffin in front of them made a passable bench. Opening a few other crypts gave a good supply of corpses that with some effort he was able to pose into a friendly tavern scene. There the bar maid Shanda Leer was slapping Ura Hoag. Over There a group of a half dozen was singing some ribald little ditty. He even sat Miss Bea Haven closely beside Ghoe. After all she was the best looking ( and freshest ) woman of the lot. He then gave every one a fresh bottle of tonic and left a good supply of empty bottles strewn around. He thought about bringing in some fresh moss but the Dr. remembered Ghoe didn't like `fern taverns`. He left knowing that he had given Ghoe probably one of the best after lifes since the Pharaohs of old Mu.

The history of the world is the history of the warfare between secret societies. -Ishmael Reed, Mumbo-Jumbo