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   | The Olympia Times                                         issue g1-26 |
   | December 21, 1994                                                     |
   |                                                                       |
   |                                                                       |
   | turn 26  189 players    "The feast of vultures and the waste of life" |

Questions, comments, to play: info@pbm.com

Olympia PBEM

* * *

Shake hands, we shall never be friends, all's over; I only vex you the more I try. All's wrong that ever I've done or said, And nought to help it in this dull head: Shake hands, here's luck, good-bye.

But if you come to a road where danger Or guilt or anguish or shame's to share, Be good to the lad that loves you true And the soul that was born to die for you, And whistle and I'll be there.

-- A.E. Housman

* * *

My warmest wishes to all Olympia players! Please have a safe and merry holiday season.

-- Rich the GM

Player-contributed press

The blighted expanse of bare rock and stunted trees that is western Drucartan has been castled and is being garrisoned. Due to the endemic lack of resources and peasants willing to live in cities up here on the blasted heath, visitors are strongly discouraged from making plans to stay. We support the Sen clan in its efforts to maintain immigration checkpoints, although we do not ourselves require advance clearance of visitors before entry. Upon entry, however, we will ask all visitors to explain why the heck they bothered to come up here. Courtesty notification in advance of arrival _is_ appreciated, and hospitality will be extended. Hospitality includes not dogging your group's footsteps with a large and threatening war party. Pets o.k. No smoking. No military discount. Free HBO. Continental breakfast in room. Orc oil users wil be prosecuted.

-Saltheart Foamfollower

-- Lords of Revelstone [ad4]

I am interested in buying the fishing rights to the waters surrounding Chardia. Will the owners contact me if they are interested in selling their fishing rights. Mr. Katanga

-- Sailboats [an7]

To the unnamed writer:- Thanks for the reply. It's always nice to know that 'THEY' are watching. After all, if you can't get away from 'THEM' in reality then why on earth shouldn't 'THEY' be hanging around here.

Are we feeling paranoid yet peoples? Have you wondered if there may be a larger and more powerful alliance of nibles than MAFOC, AOO or any of the others? Maybe these are just fronts for the Global Controllers (TM)! All conspiracy theories to me please.

-- Cognoscenti [bc5]

Because of fear of unrest and a large influx of immigrants to a continent with low resources, visitors to Eastern Drucartan are asked to procure a visa before entering the area. ( We define Eastern Drucartan as the area of Drucartan that is east of the Uldim Pass).

If you want a visa, please send a message to John Sen[m6f], describing the nobles in the party, the size of the party, and the reason for visiting Eastern Drucartan. There is no fee, and requests will only be refused in rare ( i.e. I am bringing 2000 men to kill all nobles ) circumstances.

-- The Sen Clan [di4]

Winged Horses, you want these beasts. Besides finding them all about, the best way to get them is to use the breed beasts skill (of Beastmastery). Horses and Giant birds produce winged horses. -Blue Wizard puppy farms

-- Blue Wizards [gz7]


The unfortunate crew of the NINA [hw6g] was all but wiped out in an ill-timed attack upon the crew of the Uroko-Saki [cc2n] last month in the Emperor's Forest. Perhaps the result of an ill-timed HOSTILE order, the crew of the NINA attacked the crew of the Uroko-Saki as soon as the NINA's crew disembarked. Not only did they attack one by one (they were unstacked), but they attacked with four nobles against: Sikan D'Fynd [m3d], with 32 peasants, two angry peasants, 14 sailors, accompanied by: Crowd [hp3e], angry peasants, number: 23 Mob [hu0d], angry peasants, number: 15 Angry peasant [hq3v], angry peasants, number: 16 Angry peasant [dn0c], angry peasants, number: 14 Typhoon [s8p], ally, with four peasants, five pikemen, 51 crossbowmen, three workers Bligh [s0u], ally, with eight peasants, one worker, 12 sailors

The result: 2 nobles wounded, 2 taken prisoner.

The moral: use that HOSTILE order with discretion (especially when your enemy be bulky)!

-- Circle of Hope [lp3]

Knowing something of the individual, and further having communicated with him regarding his presence on the Serpent, I can assure Olympians that Axomin lacks the kind of association with the Black Dawn banditry and nihilistic pond scum of which he has been accused.

-- The Chosen of Dracos [lz2]


"The maps are cool!" -- R. Skrenta

"The maps far exceeded my expectations; any new player will likely find the information contained exceedingly valuable.... I am especially impressed by the clarity." -- Crimson Sage


New data is being added to our maps! Maps will soon carry terrain located on Rimmon, Chardia, and Bayarth!

Using Campaign Cartographer, the most powerful fantasy cartography program available, I have designed maps of Provinia which I am distributing via surface mail. These 7-color maps show all terrain features and internal locations listed in Skulking Vermin's Atlas. Each kind of terrain and internal location has its own graphical symbol: over 30 different symbols in use!

If you want to locate the nearest graveyard, don't go flipping through the whole Atlas -- just look for the closest skull! Measure exactly how far apart your neighbors' castles are. Four different city types indicate size of markets. Large (1/4 inch) squares and inlaid grid make finding where your troops are a breeze. End Ascii height/width distortion!

Now, how much would pay for a beautiful, full-color, ready-for-hanging-next-to-your-computer map like this? Before you answer, there's more! We'll also throw in a map of known Olympia, based on lore provided by the Crimson Sage! It's sketchy yet, but you can plot the major sea lanes and measure the distances between continents quickly and easily with this beauty. Contains all the data in the Provinia map as well (just very, very small). You'll also get a full-page map key, and a letter from the Midnight Carnival on future deals. All for the low, low price of 50 gold!

That's right, just PAY 50 to our representative in the Imperial City, the Illustrated Man (s5e) and e-mail us your carrier snail address, and two lovely 7-color maps will go winging their way to you pronto! And once you've subscribed, all future revisions of the maps will be available for half price! Act now, prices may rise with demand.

EXTRA DEALS!!!>>> All your nobles left the IC? Not to worry! Send us the terrain descriptions of any 10 squares of land or coastal waters not in the Atlas, and we'll send you a map for free! Must be willing to have this information published.

EXTRA DEALS!!!>>> We will make custom maps! Let us know the size, scale and quantity of any maps you want made, and we'll quote you a price! Want a blowup of your kingdom five pages wide by five pages high? Write the Illustrated Man (s5e) and we'll talk!

This offer brought to you by...

The Midnight Carnival ___ ||||| /\ =====----`==== oo oo /\ /\

-- The Midnight Carnival [nx2]

As we finish our preparations to leave the Imperial City, the question arises as to whether to leave by sea or land. Both have their benefits and risk, so the choice will not be an easy one. New lands can be found after long journey by sea, but knowledge can still be found even in crowded Provinia.

-- Seekers of Knowledge [tt4]

----------------------- S. CAMARIS Update -----------------------

Apparently some readers (perhaps nonreaders) of these messages thought we weren't serious... So: if the owners of the units being destroyed this turn on S. Camaris will contact us, we will be happy to work out some sort of truce terms; but the terms will probably have to include our already-stated policy: don't just show up here without telling us first.

-- The Count of S. Camaris [b4q]

-- The Crazy Quilters [vn7]

Three weeks we floated through the fog on the Ghost Ship Darius without a sound. Suddenly a shrill cry pierced our ears. "Arrrrrrrrrh, look at those studs!" cried the legendary Oleg the Loudmouth. We understand Oleg and his sailors have been at sea for many weeks, so we changed to hoops and sailed the other way.

-- The Damned [vs2]

The Count of Chardia ====================

Chapter III - Father and Son ============================

Edmund raced up the dark staircase and peered through the narrow doorway into a small apartment. His father, the apartment's sole occupant, was planting nasturtiums in a window-box, apparantly unaware of his son's return from the sea. Suddenly he felt an arm thrown around his body and heard a well-known voice: "Father, I am home!" The old man cried out and turned around; then, seeing his son, fell into his arms, pale and trembling. "Father!" gasped Edmund, "Are you ill?"

"No, no, dear Edmund, I just wasn't expecting you, and the joy and surprise I felt at seeing you so suddenly... I almost felt as if I were going to die!"

"Come, come, father, they say joy never hurts, so I came without giving you proper warning. Here I am returned and we shall be happy once again. Now let me fetch you a cup of wine."

"No, no thank you," said the old man. "Do not look for it, I do not want any."

"Now, father, a glass of wine will revive you, tell me where it is!" admonished Edmund as he began to search the larder.

"It is no use, there is none," admitted his father.

"What, no wine?" gasped Edmund, noticing for the first time the hollow cheeks of his father and the empty cupboards. "Have you run out of money? But I left you with 200 gold!"

"Yes, that is true, but our neighbor came to collect the debt we owed him the moment you left, threatening to go to Mr. Morrel if I could not pay it. I feared to injure your standing..."

"But," cried Edmund, "we owed Caderouse 140 gold! Have you lived for three months on sixty gold pieces! Ah, heaven forgive me!" He fell to his knees before the old man and searched his pockets to hand over all the gold he could find. "Go now, buy what you need, and tomorrow I shall get you more."

"I shall buy in moderation, so none shall know that I lacked for anything in your absence my good boy. But hush! Here comes someone. No doubt our good neighbor come to congratulate you on your fortunate return."

"Ah..." murmured Edmund, "lips that say one thing while the heart thinks another. Yet he has done us a service at one time, and so we owe him our welcome." He turned to the door.

To be continued...

-- The Indomitable Gauls [wk7]

The Imperial City Logging Corporation is open for business. Contact mmwang@mv.us.adobe.com if you wish to place an order for wood or yew.

-- The Enlightened Ones [xf0]

An ally and I are sailing east of Provinia. I welcome the opportunity to exchange detailed mapping data with anyone else sailing in that direction. Contact c1s.

-- Captain Tarkus [c1s]

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL And may you never encounter us when we outnumber you.

-- MacBeth [u0i]

Visa requested !

Passengers that want to stay at the Isle of Deddou should send a visa request via the olympian forwarding service to James Cook. This area is neighbouring the area that is ruled by the Alliance of the New Moon and the WCDL i dont Deddou being the next battle place. But be assured Defenses are prepared. So visitors please dont enter the Isle unanounced it will be treated as a hostile act. James Cook, Esq.

-- James_Cook [z7i]

Her Highness Pel, Duchess of Atnos, must regrettably state that the borders of Atnos are still closed. Travelers are warned that they may be attacked by our Peace Officers if they do not have the proper authorization.

-- Pel [q1v]

Add my name to the list of satisfied customers for the color maps put out by the Midnight Carnival. These maps will be very useful for any new players who plan on staying in Provinia, and you will get a lot of good information for your 50 gold.

-- Farley [n0e]

I'm afraid I must postpone my planned visit to Aethelarn. Thank you to whomever posted the warning about a large stack heading towards the city.

-- Corlin Singer [n0i]


* ^ Merry Christmas to all, / ! \ / ! \ and to all a good night! / ! \ -----!----- !

-- Akmall Benhalla [p3p]


The Brotherhood of Ormos claims the city of Briwater [ao0k] and all lands and resources inside the boundary of [bp05]-[bp08]-[br06] -[br09] inclusive, as its sole and lawful demense. All visitors are unwelcome and looked upon with extreme prejudice. Captains needing to make landfall at Briwater for emergency repairs will not be molested, but should contact me for a visa. Merchants or others wishing to trade at Briwater may also contact me to discuss their activities.

-- Pelinore Dragonslayer [p4s]

The Merchant of Venice has found cities which will: buy pipeweed buy cassava sell tea sell oranges sell beans sell fine cloaks buy candles sell flutes buy hides sell vinegar buy wax buy incense sell purple cloth buy tallow sell flax If you know any of the matching cities we can set up a trade route.

-- Ulysses [v4w]

This past turn, a stack containing 11 nobles moved into by25 without permission. When notified that they were trespassing, they refused my proposed solution and insisted on moving their entire stack into by26.

I chose to view this as a threat to my security and to attack the stack. Had they accepted my solution they would have left unscathed.

When will people learn? If you want to come to my area, bx25-bx27, by25-by27, and bz27, you must obtain a travel permit before entering. It is not sufficient to dash off a note and then come stomping in; wait until you receive approval. I will not approve all requests, especially those, like this one, that involve large stacks.

If you obtain a travel permit, you will be safe. Please learn from the mistakes of those that have gone before you; my jails are getting full.

-- Sheriff Pelenth of Gentlewind [f3i]

The West Camaris Defence League would like it to be known that the tensions are high here on WC and to avoid undue bloodshed we ask that any visitors please drop us a message. Please include in your message, reason and length of stay, and we will make your stay in WC as uneventful as possable. Please note our influance extends from the xx24 longitude to the east coast. Please contact the noble below for your reservation.

-- Bryant [p5m]

Reward given for information leading to the capture and execution of the brigand Trogenius [j7t]. On or about the 1st month of Fierce Winds, Trogenius did ambush, cruelly torture, and finally dispatch Horatio Alexander, a peaceful sailor who was travelling alone at the time. As his elder brother, I must avenge his name and honor. Anyone who helps me locate Trogenius will receive either gold or valuable information.

--Greywind Alexander--

-- Greywind Alexander [o4m]

Sailing Advisories:

The following ocean coordinates are known to have navigation hazards (some known first hand). I advise any Captains to avoide these locations if possible:

Ocean [bz23], ocean, in Atnos Channel Ocean [cc27], ocean, in Atnos Channel Ocean [cg33], ocean, in Atnos Sea

I urge respectable Captains to post navigation hazards in the Times and end the reign of the pitch profiteers!

-- Hercule [v6o]

Announcing Western Provinia's first full service Priest. Do you have bodies you need Last Rites preformed on? Dead nobles you need reserected? Sodiers you need blessed or un-blessed? Location's you need Visioned? Send mail for rates and details.

-- Father Sodo [w8v]

The Olympia Atlas is accepting contributions, and is available for download! Be the first to contribute information for unexplored lands (Faery).

In the tradition of Oleg's Map (tm), the Atlas is a compilation of geographical information useful for explorers, traders, and adventurers. Best of all, it's absolutely free!

To contribute to the Atlas, simply send turn excerpts (cut out all the incriminating parts) that contain the following information:

o) Mapping data (region & route info) o) City market reports o) City skills lists o) Inner locations

and send it to sx6@g1.pbm.com. We'll include it into the next version of the Atlas.

The Atlas is available by ftp from your nearest PBM ftp site (ftp.erg.sri.com in the USA, check the PBM FAQ for other sites), in the directory /pub/pbm/olympia, as atlas.X, where X is the turn of the last update.

The Atlas is also available on the PBMGames forum on CompuServe, in the fantasy games section, as atlas.oly.

Brought to you by the Skulking Vermin (sx6)

-- Sludge [x0o]

'Tis a long journey north, methinks. Lews stopped his bellyaching months ago; a little landlubber sickness will clear that right up. One minute, he calls himself "The Dragon", next he's spewing his lunch into the Balatean Sea. Har har har!

-- Farseeker [q7b]

----------------------------------------------------------- I will make your weapons! I will train your soldiers! I will train your pikemen and your crossbowmen! I will sell my services for 5 Gold per day of work. Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis. ** I do be but a simple trader. ** -----------------------------------------------------------

-- Bayle Domon [g4y]

Journal - Fierce winds, Year 4

We continue to sail along. No more coral reefs, thank the Creator. We are out of gold, except that we get paid for sending excerpts of my diary to the Times. It is amazing, I can place this in a bottle, drop it in the ocean, and soon a bottle floats back to me with a copy of the times and 25 gold. But I still cannot perform common tasks here on the ship!

Sailing begins to be boring for most. I think that this month I will entice Ilyena into a prolonged period away from her studies....

The Lord of the Morning, The Dragon,

-- Lews Therin Telamon [m3m]

This is monthly notice if you wish to visit the environs of Cycarth and Redwine please be courteous enough to let m9l know (you can reach him at heyman@camis.stanford.edu. I do not currently plan to restrict access, but would like to know who is wandering around in my front yard. I would especially like to know if you plan on using any of the natural rsources (peasants, wood, and the like) in the provinces bt25 bt26 bt27 bu25 bu26 bu27 bv25 bv26 bv27 bw25 bw26 and bw27.

By order of Darkman, caretaker of Dark Castle

-- Dweezil [e5q]

I'm going to Aethelarn with a stack big enough to survive there. Let me know if you're interested.


-- Trocero [l3c]

Good news from the western lands. My brother and his companion have captured 9 harpies and 12 flying horses in one battle. Now we can start a breeding farm.

-- Dorlas Michtik [p1o]

The Imperial City Shipwrights have closed their doors because of a lack of business.

-- Bligh [s0u]

The Tai Lung's captain would like to contact anyone sailing in the Northern unexplored regions to exchange information and avoid duplication of efforts.

-- Hidenka Sencho [az7t]


"The Golden Rule", from Oneness, Great Principles Shared By All Religions

"Do unto others as you would have the do unto you, for this is the law of the prophets" - Christianity

"What is hurtful to yourself do not to your fellow man. That is the whole of the Torah and the remainder is but commentary." - Judaism

"Do unto all men as you would wish to done unto you; and reject for others what you would reject for yourself." - Islam

"Hurt not others with that which pains yourself." - Buddhism

"Tzu-Kung asked: 'Is there one principle upon which one's whole life may proceed?' The Master replied, 'Is not Reciprocity such a principle? - what you do not yourself desire, do not put before others.'" - Confucianism

"This is the sum of all true righteousness - Treat others, as thou wouldst thyself be treated. Do nothing to thy neighbor, which hereafter Thou wouldst not have thy neighbor do to thee." - Hinduism

Don't be fooled. The AOO are our tools. The IN work for us as well. And MAFOC is just an other pawn in our game. The Illuminati control everything!

-- Bavarian Illuminati [fn0rd]


You who doubt ME, in rumors no less, woulds scry on zz30 if ye weren't a mess.

--- Squire Adam


A recent poll of Olympiads revealed the startling fact that 80% of Olympiads & 90% of MAFOC members believe MAFOC to be terminally boring & pointless. Even MAFOC members confessed that the aspirations placed behind their platform of anarchy & peasant liberation were ill-thought out. "We thought it would be really cool, like Dadaism. But it turned out to be kinda' stale & boring, also a lot like Dadaism. The problem is, see, that we're stuck in this rut. We just keep going on & on spouting the same meaningless bromides & tautologies. In other words, we're bored of being boring."

Most Olympiads agree, polls show.

Several alliances have considered crushing MAFOC, but decided summarily that MAFOC was too boring to even fight. "They're so pointless" confessed one Provinian duke, "that their demise would mean less than nothing. I'll help newbies out before I stoop to that."

Several Olympiads voiced strong opinions on the subject. "The ideology of MAFOC strikes me as essentially nihilistic," one ferret-like magi commented. "This analysis in fact points towards our only hope: that they will go the way of Kurt Cobain & gracefully end their unbearable existence. The temple priests in fact are praying for that now."

A West-Camarian duchess also voiced her outrage. "I didn't authorize any MAFOC! This is no idle observation: UNAUTHORIZED ACTIONS AROUND THE CITY OF PEASH WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!" This particular duchess was so worked up over the matter that her personal physician had to administor opium to calm her.

Even an ox in the Imperial City commented on the matter: "I could write a better Times article than a MAFOC bum!" This statement caused a spontaneous roundtable discussion which debated the proposition: MAFOC is composed of NPC units which have somehow, barely, achieved consciousness. The debate proved inconclusive.

This reporter witnessed a poignant moment: a crazed philosopher, upon hearing the name MAFOC, cried uncontrollably and hugged a nearby horse. "Bad air! Bad air!" he shouted.

Bad air indeed it seems is all Olympia has gotten from the still-born MAFOC.

For the Olympia Times, this has been a special report.

Samuel Adams, Imperial City

Handbill found in the ruins of the Imperial City, circa 345 SOR:

F R E E L I L I M A R L E N E ! ! !

Commentary by Sirelius Morgani, circa 1615 SOR:

We now believe Lili Marlene to be a minor noble of the ill-fated Iron Nation, a minor anti-Imperial faction that was politically destroyed by the pro-Imperial Ancient Order of Olympians. The political jockeying among the various Imperial factions was fierce before the Fall, and handbills such as this were often used to rally popular support. It is thought that Lili Marlene was swiftly executed, as the only other extant reference to the Marlene clan is a prisoner list from the ruins on Mount Olympus, and the Iron Nation faction had no further followers in Imperial politics.

For the atlas, one of my most recent location reports:

Christmas Town [xmas], city, in province North Pole [aa50] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Routes leaving Christmas Town: Out, tundra, to North Pole [aa50], 1 day

Skills taught here: Toycraft [140]

Market report:

Christmas Town produces gifts on month 12.

trade who price qty wt/ea item ----- --- ----- --- ----- ---- buy xmas 2 100 2 coal [201] sell b0j 2 80 2 gifts [234] sell b0j 7 9 5 christmas trees [77]

Inner locations: Santa's Workshop [x66], castle, owner: Mrs. Santa Claus [m01], with 500 elves.

Seen here: Santa Claus [7up], sorcerer, with minature sleigh [e3t], eight tiny reindeer, two elves, flying.

Keep those cards and letters coming! Clifford's city database is now at 49 city market reports and growing. Send in the market report of a city not yet in the database and you can get a commodity report each week for any given commodity. Send one today to w4t@g1.pbm.com.

Gonzo say He who stands like a stonewall, soon has moss growing on him.

Slowly they slinked by the castle. The guards yawned and leaned upon their spears. The two nobles grimaced, and continued past the guards. "This is definitely not the work we were born to do," one of them thought. They entered the castle's courtyard and while one kept an eye out for guards, the other began to record the troops. "Yes the invasion will work, just wait," the noble thought as he finished his records and the two of them left like smoke on the wind.

The roundship Talon has been recaptured from the Aethelarn bandits. Would the rightful owner please contact Soothsayer's Ghost [gw8c] in Imperial City to arrange for a pick-up? It was apparantly ab- andoned there after a brief joyride in the Atnos Channel. Impound fees have been waived, Merry Christmas!

The Council of the Eumenides

Why would someone want to throw away nobles? What could you gain by attacking a stack of 200 men with only a single noble? I have seen it happen. Details will follow later.

Citizens of Imperial City, BEWARE! The roundship Talon is in your harbor. The dark allies of those responsible for the Aethelarn massacre are on board, seeking cowardly refuge in a safe haven. Keep careful watch of this lot, for they are without honor!

If a peasant weighs 100, and you give him a sword and some plate armour, the resulting knight weighs 100. So, what is it about the military diet that leads to such terrible weight loss? My guess is corned beef.

Can anyone furnish the details on getting to Hades or Faerie? Do you have to explore graveyards and Faerie Mounds to find the routes, or do you just Move Hades or Move Faerie? I understand it costs 100 GP per entity to go to Hades. Is there a cost to go to Faerie? Has anyone made it back?

Faction seeking vengence requests names and ids of known AOO members to be posted to the times. - The Annoyed Ones

The beastmaster studied the gate before him. Ancient stone columns inscribed with runes stood to each side of the narrow path as it started its winding climb up the slope of the barren hill. The sides of the hill rose starkly from the plain around, far too steep and rugged to climb. If the summit of the hill was to be reached, it would have to be reached by the path.

Again, he summoned his will and shaped it into a charm of opening, hurling it at the gate before him. And again the spell shattered in a spectacular display of lights and colors, thrown aside by the magical wall filling the gateway. "ONLY ONE WHO POSESSES THE ELVEN RING OF POWER MAY ENTER," a voice thundered from the pillars and echoed across the plains.

"But I have an elven ring!" the beastmaster shouted back and raised a fist. Around one finger could be seem a ring of shining metal etched with runes much like those adorning the gate.


"I don' think yer gonna change 'is mind." the second noble called from where he stood by their hobbled mounts.

"It was worth the attempt, anyway." the beastmaster turned from the gate regretfully. "It is Atnerks will, so we can but comply." He joined his companion and swung into his saddle. "Let's see about that pride of lions you saw yesterday." As he turned his horse south, his mind reached out to alert the scattered beasts in the area that answered to his control. "At least this trip will not be a total waste."

Legend has it that all the great empires will one day fall, or is that wishful thinking?

Notice to travellers - bx23 has been clearly posted as being for the exclusive use of Duke Marat for the purposes of collecting resources. Transit is free. The gracious Rage the Powerful, having seen the error of his ways, has made restitution for wrongfully exploiting this province. All others be warned to respect the injunction of Duke Marat. Bellabane [o3z], Forester of the Wheel

Public Notice Let it be know. That Hugo's Rune series "Plagiarism for Fun and Profit" is a copy of parts of my serial "The ABCs of Plagiarism" That has been appearing in the Atlantis Times for the past 5 years. Just because Sir Rune lives in a different world will not excuse him from the Atlantis Copyright laws. Wea Steel

Those of us who are new to the area would appreciate seeing more information submitted to the Times regarding particularly bad things to do or people to associate with so that we don't have a very short existance here. Thanks.

Sea travellers should take measures to protect themselves. Numerous pirate vessels travel the waters around Provinia attacking on sight. These aggressive personalities should be taken care of by brute force or massive ignorance.

Aric breathed in the dry, dusty air of the plains and took a tighter grip on the lasso he held in his sweaty palms. His second week of horsecatching was going more smoothly than the first. Indeed, the scrapes and bruises he had received from being dragged over the prairie by the first horse he caught were almost healed.

Just in off the news room floor in the IC......... .........Blood Thirsty Brigands Attack Family of 4

Yesterday in the heart of darkest Illion, a blood thirsty band of motherless brigands was successfully beaten off with a broom as Grandma Strongarm protected her grand children. It is advised that unless you have a broom of mighty cleaning you travel in large numbers when traversing this savage wilderness.

I am alone. I have explored for two years and haven't seen anyone except for my companions. I am beginning to go a little crazy. All of the annoying little habits of my fellows have become unbearable. Atnerks, I hope we find a city soon.

A bitty ditty, the AOO theme song:

Dribble drivel foil and quibble Drain the lands and spoil all plans Harvest and tax to break all backs Flee from honor in filth we trust Lest grace come calling here we stand appalling Disgust we claim our path to fame A bain to hopes a comedy of dopes

Apologies to old Bill

The time of shadows is drawing near. Afterwards there shall be a new rule.

A lot has been said to defame the reputation of the faction that runs flights to the Cloudlands. Can people provide verification in the Times that he is dishonest and why?

The "Talon" is in IC