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   | August 17, 1994                                           issue g1-8 |
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   |                                            "Strong and bitter words  |
   | turn 8  127 players                         indicate a weak cause."  |

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Olympia PBEM

* * *

Yonder see the morning blink; The sun is up, and up must I, To wash and dress and eat and drink And look at things and talk and think And work, and God knows why.

Oh often have I washed and dressed And what's to show for all my pain? Let me lie abed and rest: Ten thousand times I've done my best And all's to do again.

-- A. E. Housman

* * *

Extra day RECRUIT problem fixed -------------------------------

Previously, RECRUIT would sometimes take an extra day to determine if there were no more peasants available. This problem has been fixed.

This was a general problem with COLLECT, so other collection tasks are fixed also.

GM moderation -------------

This turn I had a player express concern that I was meddling in the affairs of the game. Let me state to everyone that I do not do this.

I don't submit material beneath "Player-contributed press" in the _Times_. I don't work for or against alliances or players. I don't play NPC's or control the weather. In short, I don't "make things happen" in the game. Olympia is designed to take care of itself, and the only meddling you will see comes from the random number generator.

Game fairness is very important to me. This is why you can only play one position in Olympia, not as many as your wallet will allow. This is why turns are flat rate instead of charged per-order.

When a game bug occurs, I like to compensate the victim with a natural resource entry point such as NP's or gold. Even though giving back a lost unit or granting something that "should have been" might be more appropriate, these gifts from heaven can ruin other players' turns. There's nothing worse than having your enemy suddenly obtain a GM gift army between turns, even if the army is compensation for a bug.

Player-contributed press

The Olympia Atlas is accepting contributions, and is available for download!

In the tradition of Oleg's Map (tm), the Atlas is a compilation of geographical information useful for explorers, traders, and adventurers. Best of all, it's absolutely free!

To contribute to the Atlas, simply send turn excerpts (cut out all the incriminating parts) that contain the following information:

o) Mapping data (region & route info) o) City market reports o) City skills lists o) Inner locations

and send it to sx6@g1.pbm.com. We'll include it into the next version of the Atlas.

Contributions are needed even for areas already covered by the Atlas. Inner locations change ownership, market prices change, new buildings (castles, towers, inns, temples, mines) are constructed, etc. Information in the Atlas marked by turn number ages rapidly and needs updated frequently.

The Atlas is available by ftp from your nearest PBM ftp site (ftp.erg.sri.com in the USA, check the PBM FAQ for other sites), in the directory /pub/pbm/olympia, as atlas.X, where X is the turn of the last update.

The Atlas is also available on the PBMGames forum on CompuServe, in the fantasy games section, as atlas.oly.

The turn 6 version of the atlas is currently available at both sites.

Brought to you by the Skulking Vermin (sx6)

"Your Grace, a public inquiry about where one learns about religion", the scribe reported to the High Priest.

An incredulous look suddenly came to Stewart's face, "Learn religion? Where do they think one would learn about religion, in the city amongst the thieves and prostitutes and pot makers?"

"Very funny, your grace, should I send off a letter?", the scribe didn't look amused.

"Yes, and make sure to include the plans this time! We don't want them making any more lawful temples."

--- Stewart's House of Divinity 666 Chaos Lane Imperial City

Dear soon-to-be priest:

Using the following plans, construct a temple with your supply of 50 stone and many fanatical religious followers (workers) that you have previously prepared. Of course you know the Construction skill. When done, enter the temple and repeatedly speak the "study 150" prayer. If you have sufficient credit with the gods (one noble point) your prayer will be answered in about 1 1/4 months (longer if you are not truly dedicated), and you will have become a priest.

2nd Under scribe to Stewart, High Priest of Chaos

Appendix: Sample temple plans build temple "Chaos Temple" build temple "Nyarlathotep" build temple "Cthulhu Temple" build temple "Tsathoggua"

Very interesting!!! - "Jambalaya" folds, and comes back as "House of Cards" (pn9)....(pun unintentional)

Latest rumors have the Avengers and AOO talking peace. Let's hope this is not a smokescreen for further aggression and reprisals...

Oh, yes. _Any_ messages from the "Council of Eumenides" or those like them are pure, unadulterated 100% disinformative hooey.

You're welcome.


To the fair and fetching Miyuki,

(who has been cruelly abandoned for lo these many months by the philandering rogue Kovaq'nu)

Now folds the lily all her sweetness up, And slips into the bosom of the lake: So fold thyself, my dearest, thou, and slip Into my bosom and be lost in me.

- "Big" Al Tennyson.

***Killer Storm strikes shipping lanes***

Sailors beware. While sailing to the south of IC our ship ran across a major storm system which inflicted 45 points of damage on the ship. This would have stopped our progress due to overloading, except for the foresight of the captain to bring along some pitch and workers to fix the damage.

A group of three nobles, rumored to be MAFOC, have been slain on Mt. Olympus. All nobles are advised to stay clear of that area.

Will whoever issued the Travel Advisory about the Uldim pass please clarify the nature of the warning given in Times #7. Are you claiming all of Drucartan or are you commenting on the dangerous snow conditions that closed the Uldim pass.

an interested explorer

Diary: Waning Days, day 13 One day follow another with little to mark the difference. The ship rises and falls. Rises and falls. The horizon offers no hope. Who would have thought the world would have so much water in it?

Hmmm... it appears that there are just enough gates, placed just far enough apart, that the would-be gate-users are getting VERY confused about which way to head to find one. Ah, the life of a deep thinker.

No response to last turn's query about Meditate, so I guess there isn't much action yet on folks pushing their ca (current aura). If any of you do notice, though, please contact me, character b4q. I'll find out one way or the other in the next 2 turns. Thank you.

Journal Entry, Waning Days, Year 1 of the Relocation - Gonzo Greybeard

The weather has turned vile, as is its want this time of year. One good thing is provided by the dreary weather, it keeps most of the vermin in their dens. 'Tis hard to keep the red rust from fine armor and weapons but the fighting man takes care of his tools. Scouts have ranged far and wide seeking suitable locations to obtain the necessary resources to meet our needs. The needs of my people must be met. We started out a small band, but many liked what they saw and have decided to follow me, bringing their families along. We will seek lands that provide us a measure of security and that are rich in resources. The willpower of the Company is strong. Recently a voice spoke from the ether(net? or was that Internet?) decreeing that stones could now be gathered in quantities from rocky hills, as if they were mountains! I believe it was the same voice that told me how to obtain gold for the asking. Just CLAIM it the voice said! IT WORKED! We tried it for wood, and low and behold that worked too! We have tried it for iron, but that doesn't seem to work. Perhaps we are phrasing the request incorrectly. It will not be long now, and the new year will be upon us. We wish all peace and health in their endeavors.

TRAVEL ADVISORY UPDATE: DRUCARTAN --------------------------------- All so-called nobles are being warned to stay SOUTH of Drucartan, that continent & surrounding area is about to become VERY DANGEROUS. So don't even CONSIDER coming up here after Snowmelt to exploit the VAST natural resources and excellent OCEAN access which we can't possibly utilize all by ourselves. If we can't have it ALL, nobody gets nuthin! So THERE. Nyah.

Manger Dogs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Dragons of the Realm wish the nobles and peasants of all factions a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Peace on earth, Good will toward men. Let us work toward taming the wilderness together, and cease the senseless strife of brother against brother.

And yet more interesting figures

Now, (ta da) the promised figure on enhancing your nobles Attack value with the USE 9580 order.

Monster Your Noble's Attach Value Gain after Defense -------------------------------------- 20 weeks of Value 80 85 90 95 100 training ------- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ 1 98.77% 98.84% 98.90% 98.96% 99.01% 0.24% 5 94.12% 94.44% 94.74% 95.00% 95.24% 1.12% 10 88.89% 89.47% 90.00% 90.48% 90.91% 2.02% 20 80.00% 80.95% 81.82% 82.61% 83.33% 3.33% 30 72.73% 73.91% 75.00% 76.00% 76.92% 4.20% 40 66.67% 68.00% 69.23% 70.37% 71.43% 4.76% 50 61.54% 62.96% 64.29% 65.52% 66.67% 5.13% 75 51.61% 53.13% 54.55% 55.88% 57.14% 5.53% 80 50.00% 51.52% 52.94% 54.29% 55.56% 5.56% 100 44.44% 45.95% 47.37% 48.72% 50.00% 5.56% 150 34.78% 36.17% 37.50% 38.78% 40.00% 5.22% 200 28.57% 29.82% 31.03% 32.20% 33.33% 4.76% 300 21.05% 22.08% 23.08% 24.05% 25.00% 3.95% 400 16.67% 17.53% 18.37% 19.19% 20.00% 3.33% 500 13.79% 14.53% 15.25% 15.97% 16.67% 2.87%

The percent is the chance or your noble scoring a hit on the monster with the stated defense value.

Edmund Blackadder [s4b] Banner: Or, Adder Flaccid Sable

Journal Entry - 7/03/01

Landward bound at last. Of course, this will only be a short visit (in theory, at least), but it will certainly be relished. Standing on a firm purchase will be most pleasant, I must say.

The opportunity to spend a month or two on dry ground could not have come at a better time. Our funding for studies is nearly depleted, and our interest in practice is rapidly decaying. Rumors of rats, wolves and worse have been heard, but we no longer care. Fruits and nuts will be ambrosia when compared to the salted meat which we have subsisted on for so long.

It is startling, however, to note the changes upon our group. Virtually all of the men on our vessel have acquired some skill as sailors, by aiding the crew in rigging the mast or taking the sloop ahead to check for dangerous reefs. We are no longer the seasick group that the crew scoffed at over the first month. There is truly a sense of adventure here; if only we could manage to do this on solid earth...

Regarding the recent news:


PARIS (Reuter) - France said on Monday that "Carlos the Jackal," the international terrorist and kidnapper who eluded the world's security forces for two decades, had been captured.

I wish to state in the strongest terms that I disavow any knowledge of, or association with, this thoroughly evil "Carlos" who has besmirched the Jackal family name. Really, I'm just a simple merchant trying to eke out a meager living here in Olympia. He's not related to me at all. Not in any way. Whatsoever.

Karlos the Jackal [f9a]

Mole in midst. Ferret dispatched. Trust none. Suspect all. Sun is rising. All that glitters Is at hand.

signed, Yewer Theone

Rumor has it that a certain unreformed orc has been sighted wandering the Imperial City. At first, it was thought that this orc might turn out to be a threat to someone, but then astute observers noticed the sign taped to it's back. No serious threat would not notice a 'Slay Me' sign being placed upon their person. It is now believed that the orc is meerly the front man for a travelling band of jesters and acrobats. We await the show with anticipation, expecting to be well entertained.

Acuman, the Seeker

Sighing deeply wanderer cursed the day that he agreed to look after the starving peasants. His great war-steed chomped at the bit, anxtious to be off, but no. The peasants had to do their morning wake up routine, search out a local field to rummage round in for food, fail to find any, come to him begging for money to feed themselves with. At this rate he'd never make it to Odwulf.

A bit of scholarly leg-work turned up this description in Bulfinch's Mythology:

EUMENIDES : Literally, the gracious ones. A euphemistic term, used by the Greeks to refer to the terrible Erinnyes or Furies in order to propitiate them.

The Furies, according to Bulfinch, were "three goddesses who punished by their secret stings the crimes of those who escaped or defied public justice." The following tale may illustrate the power the Eumenides were thought to hold over the criminal element amongst our ancestors.

The Story of Ibycus -------------------

In order to understand the story of Ibycus which follows it is necessary to remember, first, that the theatres of the ancients were immense fabrics capable of containing from ten to thirty thousand spectators, and as they were used only on festival oc- casions, and admission was free to all, they were usually filled. They were without roofs and open to the sky, and the performances were in daytime. Secondly, the appalling representation of the Furies is not exaggerated in the story. It is recorded that AEschylus, the tragic poet, having on one occasion represented the Furies in a chorus of fifty performers, the terror of the spectators was such that many fainted and were thrown into con- vulsions, and the magistrates forbade a like representation for the future.

Ibycus, the pious poet, was on his way to the chariot races and musical competitions held at the Isthmus of Corinth, which attracted all of Grecian lineage. Apollo had bestowed on him the gift of song, the honeyed lips of the poet, and he pursued his way with lightsome step, full of the god. Already the towers of Corinth crowning the height appeared in view, and he entered with pious awe the sacred grove of Neptune. No living object was in sight, only a flock of cranes flew overhead taking the same course as himself in their migration to a southern clime. "Good luck to you, friendly squadrons," he exclaimed, "my companions from across the sea. I take your company for a good omen. We come from far and fly in search of hospitality. May both of us meet that kind of reception which shields the stranger guest from harm!"

He paced briskly on, and soon was in the middle of the wood. There suddenly, at a narrow pass, two robbers stepped forth and barred his way. He must yield or fight. But his hand, accustomed to the lyre, and not to the strife of arms, sank powerless. He called for help on men and gods, but his cry reached no defender's ear. "Then here must I die," said he, "in a strange land un- lamented, cut off by the hand of outlaws, and see none to avenge my cause." Sore wounded, he sank to the earth, when hoarse screamed the cranes overhead. "Take up my cause, ye cranes," he said, "since no voice but yours answers to my cry." So saying he closed his eyes in death.

The body, despoiled and mangled, was found, and though dis- figured with wounds, was recognized by the friend in Corinth who had expected him as a guest. "Is it thus I find you restored to me?" he exclaimed. "I who hoped to entwine your temples with the wreath of triumph in the strife of song!"

The guests assembled at the festival heard the tidings with dismay. All Greece felt the wound, every heart owned its loss. They crowded round the tribunal of the magistrates, and demanded vengeance on the murderers and expiation with their blood.

But what trace or mark shall point out the perpetrator from amidst the vast multitude attracted by the splendor of the feast? Did he fall by the hands of robbers or did some private enemy slay him? The all-discerning sun alone can tell, for no other eye beheld it. Yet not improbably the murderer even now walks in the midst of the throng, and enjoys the fruits of his crime, while vengeance seeks for him in vain. Perhaps in their own temple's enclosure he defies the gods, mingling freely in this throng of men that now presses into the amphitheatre.

For now crowded together, row on row, the multitude fill the seats till it seems as if the very fabric would give way. The murmur of voices sounds like the roar of the sea, while the circles widening in their ascent rise tier on tier, as if they would reach the sky.

And now the vast assemblage listens to the awful voice of the chorus representing the Furies, which in solemn guise advances with measured step, and moves around the circuit of the theatre. Can these be mortal women who comprise that awful group, and can that vast concourse of silent forms be living beings?

The choristers, clad in black, bore in their fleshless hands torches blazing with a pitchy flame. Their cheeks were bloodless, and in place of hair writhing and swelling serpents curled around their brows. Forming a circle, these awful beings sang their hymns, rending the hearts of the guilty, and enchaining all their faculties. It rose and swelled, overpowering the sound of the instruments, stealing the judgement, palsying the heart, curdling the blood.

"Happy the man who keeps his heart pure from guilt and crime! Him we avengers touch not; he treads the path of life secure from us. But woe! woe! to him who has done the deed of secret murder. We the fearful family of Night fasten ourselves upon his whole being. Thinks he by flight to escape us? We fly still faster in pursuit, twine our snakes around his feet, and bring him to the ground. Unwearied we pursue; no pity checks our course; still on and on, to the end of life, we give him no peace or rest." Thus the Eumenides sang, and moved in solemn cadence, while still- ness like the stillness of death sat over the whole assembly as if in the presence of super-human beings; and then in solemn march completing the circuit of the theatre, they passed out at the back of the stage.

Every heart fluttered between illusion and reality, and every breast panted with undefined terror, quailing before the awful power that watches secret crimes and winds unseen the skein of destiny. At that moment a cry burst forth from one of the upper- most benches -- "Look! look! comrade, yonder are the cranes of Ibycus!" And suddenly there appeared sailing across the sky a dark object which a moment's inspection showed to be a flock of cranes flying directly over the theatre. "Of Ibycus! did he say?" The beloved name revived the sorrow in every breast. As wave follows wave over the face of the sea, so ran from mouth to mouth the words, "Of Ibycus! him whom we all lament, whom some murderer's hand laid low! What have the cranes to do with him?" And louder grew the swell of voices, while like a light- ning's flash the thought spread through every heart, "Observe the power of the Eumenides! The pious poet shall be avenged! the murderer has informed against himself. Seize the man who uttered that cry and the other to whom he spoke!"

The culprit would gladly have recalled his words, but it was too late. The faces of the murderers, pale with terror, be- trayed their guilt. The people took them before the judge, they confessed their crime, and suffered the punishment they deserved.

from "The Age of Fable" by Thomas Bulfinch (1855)

Lost Dog - Reward =================

Small white dog with black ears and tail, responding to the name Dogmatix, was lost while chasing horses in the fog near Winewood. If seen, please contact Obelix [c4b]. Don't try to catch him; he bites!

Greetings fellow Olympians,

We are writing to announce that the Iron Nation is beginning preparations for the construction of a castle in bv26, the province of the city of Cyrkarth. Now, we've all seen similar claims in the Times. They sound like a broken record. But this claim differs from others in four special ways:

1. It is for the city of Cyrkarth and the surrounding area. (Actually, that's not so special.)

2. The Iron Nation is making it. (That will mean more in time.)

3. We're already there.

4. We're not going to kill you for dropping by.

HOWEVER...we are using the resources of the vicinity, bv26 in particular, and to keep to our present agenda, we really need them, especially bv26. Moreover, while we're not "bandits," large parties make us a little jittery. If you are a large party and you're determined to stop by, we invite you to forward a letter of introduction and an itinerary to i9t@g1.pbm.com. Other hopeful, would-be-monarchs are kindly invited to shove off AT LEAST four provinces distance from bv26. This isn't greed, people, it's common sense. Any two castle owners have to have their aural space. The Iron Nation formally extends its warmest regards to Amber and the Aolian Circle, with hopes for our mutual prosperity as we build kingdoms for the peoples of Provinia.

OP News - Imperial City - Migration continues. The migration of nobles from the Imperial City continues among speculation that the continent is 'full'. Royal Cartographer, Ima V. Ermin, reports over 30 mountain provinces within easy walking distance of the Imperial City. "Anybody who want's to should be able to find a place to settle," says Ermin. In other news, Oxen sales have picked up as various nobles discover just how heavy stone really is.

The "Council" of Eumenides appears to be one faction operating to the west of Imperial City. If you really want to throw your money away, buy lottery tickets.

Has anyone managed to obtain any treasure from lairs or other locations yet? What has been found? I can report that bands of skelatons have no treasure and are easy to kill. Has anyone found an island yet? What do the islands have on threm? It looks like we will all be short of funds, other than the initial nest egg, until castles are built. Training will be slow due to lack of funds. Anyone found a gate yet? Enquiring minds studying gatecraft are interested.

"The large scale structure of the universe, THE LARGE SCALE STRUCTURE OF THE UNIVERSE...", the man said as he grabbed me and shook. He had a manaical look on his face.

"It just isn't *right*", he muttered quietly almost unaudibly, under his breath.

It happens every so often. The occassional nobel becomes very confused at the deep study that the young usually indulge in. This nobel was no different, he even bore the sign of an apprentice gatecrafter. I let him continue.

"I didn't notice it until now. Here in the city I can move anywhere I want to go; draw any figure I want to draw. But out in the country ... I'm strangely constrained. I ... I ... I never noticed it before."

"Can you think of what happened to make you notice it now?", I asked. It was a standard question for nobels with this problem.

"I ... I ... no" he said in exsperation. He was going to be a bit tougher than most.

"I see you're a gatecrafter, how long have you been one?", I asked.

"Huh? ummm, two months I guess"

"Cast many spells?"

"Wha? umm, just detect gates, done it twice!" He said rather proudly. Seemed this semi-normal conversation was beginning to snap him out of it. Now for the punch.

"And would you say your troubles began just after your second detect gates spell?"

"w h y YES!"

"Son", I said, "Let me tell you about the different types of metric spaces..."

to be continued

The Hand of the Apocalypse Alliance hereby claims the Uldim Pass in provinces br23 and bs23. Our castle will be completed shortly. Stacks wishing to pass north and south will be required to pay a toll. The current fees are 30 gold per noble, 2 gold per man, 1 gold per beast. Instructions for completing payment will be posted at the entrances to the pass.

Dearest Miyuki,

The days and nights are unbearably long without you. I hope to soon hold you in my arms again. Finally we see some hope! We have arrived at our destination but have found others already here. We are not sure how many people are out here but we shall soon find out. But it is good to be out from under the shadows of the Uldim Mountains. Fortunately, however, it appears as though the travellers out here are much more peaceful. Hopefully the coming snows and then spring will bring a new peaceful spirit to the world. Don't stay out in the snow too long when it starts to fall. I know how you enjoy it but your fingers will get cold and it will be hard to practice your spells...

- Kovaq'nu

Rumors flowed freely as he neared Newleaf. Rumors of death and destruction, brought on by the war between the Ancient Order of Olympians and the East Coast Avengers. As he rode, he kept a sharp lookout for attackers.

Other rumors also reached his ears. He heard of the defeat and capture of giant birds on Mount Olympus, herds of winged stallions north of Uldim Pass, the possession by the Council of the Eumenides of an artifact that granted control of Orcs, seemingly inexhaustable graveyards near gates to Hades, and of cities where nobles didn't make clay pots. He doubted the last one could be true, but who could tell?

A world of marvels was Olympia, and most of it unexplored. He shook his head in wonder and rode on.

-- One who walks in shadows

Winewood was a nice place to visit. But it was awfully boring for a long stay. With that thought, the Trien Company moved out of the city. Exploring new territories, they wandered deep into the wilderness. Their goal: To find people to rescue, 'cause it seemed like a good and exciting goal. What will they find? Well read the paper next week and you may just find out!

Val, spokesperson for the Trien Company

This month The Olympian Enquirer once again caught up with that dashing sailor Taira Yoshinawa, somewhere at sea.

TOE: Is the water here always this rough?

Taira: No. Sometimes a storm blows up, and then it gets really rough.


Taira: Yes, I remember one storm -- the waves were as high as the poop.

TOE: I refuse to let this interview descend into latrine humor.

Taira: Actually on ship we call it the head. By the way, that's Taira-san. Taira's my last name. It's a Nipponese thing.

TOE: Anyway, we heard you had a run-in with some pirates.

Taira-san: Yes, but we don't seem to be able to make anti-piracy pay. I don't know what it is, but we don't.

TOE: Well it seems to me that when you attack a party stronger than yourself, you invariably get thrashed. But you make a policy of never attacking any party which is weaker then yourselves.

Taira-san: Well, you wouldn't have us be absolutely merciless, would you?

TOE: For example, you never attack an orphan.

Taira-san: Yes, we are all orphans ourselves and know what it is to be an orphan.

TOE: Yes, but the word has got about, and now it seems as though Olympia's entire piratical navy is composed entirely of orphans.

Taira-san: Hmm, there's something in that. Why just yesterday, we attacked some pirates, and they told us they were orphans, so we had to leave them alone, even though they were holding that poor fellow prisoner. One of them even had a signed affadavit from his mother stating that he was an orphan.

TOE: What you need is an orphan detector.

Taira-san: What's that?

TOE: I've heard of an enchanted staff which can magically determine whether a person is an orphan. Could you use it?

Taira-san: Often!

TOE: Yes, orphan. Would you like to be able to detect one?

Taira-san: I say again, often!

Crew: Often, often, often!

TOE: Stop! I think I see where we are getting confused. Do you mean "often" - frequently, or "orphan" - a person who has lost his parents.

Taira-san: Ahh. Often - frequently.

TOE: So you repeated the word "often": frequently.

Taira-san: I didn't repeat the word frequently, I only repeated it once!

TOE: Precisely. Often - frequently, only once.

Were you by any chance born on February 29th?

[Apologies to W.S.Gilbert]

Land Ho!, the lookout cried. The thrill of being with the first group of nobles to see the new markets and the vacant land waiting to be brought to civilization. Maybe this is worth leaving civilization.

Now I wonder what is on the other side of those mountains...

From the Captain of the Tai Lung [w3g],

To all Interested Parties:

The Osgean Sea (between Provincia and Ossicus) is fairly dull so far. Few other ships have been sighted, and no islands have been seen. We did strike a costal reef in what otherwise appeared to be open ocean, but aside from that, fishing and practicing various skills have been our only diversions. We would like to hear from other parties as to their experiences, and exchange information on ports.

TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE ANCIENT ORDER OF OLYMPIANS ------------------------------------------------

To insure that there is no misunderstanding; my position in regards to the rogue factions has not changed. The 3 bandits still at large will be shot on sight by those nobles loyal to Companions of Caerleon. If you do not support the activities of these barbarians in your midst, I again counsel you to enter the following in your next orders set:

begin unit neutral t6x w2f z6p

Taliesin the Merlin Companions of Caerleon

Disclaimer: I speak for noone but myself. Allied factions implement the above policy at their own discretion.

The barber clipped the nobleman's balding head absentmindedly.

"Didja hear the latest, milord? That council of you meanies is trying to extort everyone! They wants you to pay them some sort of protection monies! Sounds like a good racket to me!"

Another old barber cackled in the corner.

"Ha! Those silly nobles with their plots and schemes. Always someone has to be the bad guy, someone has to be the saints. I think they're all schemers, out killing each other just cause they can! That council of unmendies don't scare me none!"

"Well, milord, there you are. Two pennies for the best cut in town, if I say so myself. Milord! I can't accept this gem! Is it magical? It glows like it was on fire! Thank you milord!"

The Council member allowed a slight smile to crease his features as he heard the explosion, three blocks away. "No one crosses the Council. Soon this city and all others will feel our might."

ORCISH LEADER ARRIVES IN IMPERIAL CITY --------------------------------------

The leader of the Council of the Eumenides has arrived in the Imperial City. He/she/it?? is the orc Soothsayer, and it has been trying to get the Emperor to abdicate in it's favour.

All upstanding nobles should rally to the defence of their Emperor, and punish this upstart and all his evil friends.

The Voice of the Emperor



Last week in the Times you may have read a pompous, tiresome advertisement announcing The Fatted Boar Inn. My fellow travellers, let me assure you that you do *not* want to visit the Fatted Boar Inn. Why? I'm glad you asked.

When you visit [by24] you'll notice one feature of the Fatted Boar Inn that was not mentioned in last week's advertisement:

> The Fatted Boar [r57], inn-in-progress, 36% completed, owner: > Kosar the Indefectible [n9o], with ten workers, five peasants, > three camp-followers

That's right! This Inn, described only last week in such glowing terms, is barely 1/3 complete. And let me tell you, fellow traveller, if you've ever slept in 36% of a bed, or sheltered under 36% of a roof during a downpour, or drank 36% of a sour ale, you'll know that it leaves much (64%) to be desired.

And while we're on the subject, let me share with you another fact well-known to anyone who has shared bread with Kosar the Indefectible: he's a rotten cook. For years Kosar was a torturer in the Imperial Army, and many a strong orc was broken by Kosar's cooking. A sailor, washed ashore after 41 days adrift with nothing to eat but his belt, chewed off his own leg rather than eat "Kosar's (in)Famous Stroganoff".

So "The Fatted Boar" rates a two-thumbs down, hold-your-nose, avoid this stinker at all costs!


The peasants, the nobles, the warriors, never understand the trouble, the headache, the problems, with being a mage. First, there's the expenditure of time, of money, of loved ones, then there's the problems of being weak, of not enough aura, of becoming the target for every testosterone-heavy idiot with a sword.

Is it any wonder that we do not perform at sea where everyone around is about mad with desire for action. Should we remind them of our exalted status? And what? To be riddled by crossbolts, a practice dummy for swordplay, the ship's javelin catcher?

We shall bide our time in the ship's hold and we'll see who has the upper hand when time gives us the moment to shine.

********************************************************************** ******** Come visit ATNOS, the Pearl of Olympia ******** **********************************************************************

Tired of the press of crowds in the Imperial City? The Atnos Tourism Board invites you to spend your Fall visiting the glorious island of Atnos. Conveniently located across the Atnos Channel from the Imperial City, Atnos Island offers the discerning traveler a variety of outstanding pleasures.

What traveler won't be thrilled to visit Mt. Clearview, the tallest mountain on Olympia? The highest peak pierces the clouds, and it is said that "from the top of Mt. Clearview you can see your dreams". What's your dream? Come to Atnos and find out! And if you're not interested in dreams, how about the glorious reality of our fragrant pine forests? Forests so lush and verdant that they yield 35 wood per month?

Are you a history buff? Then come visit the oldest continuously operating Inn in the world: Dr. Pain's Inn and Shipyard. A quaint, locally-owned and operated bed and breakfast snuggled up to the foothills of Mt. Clearview, Dr. Pain's Inn and Shipyard is world-renowned for it's excellent accommodations. Famous inn reviewer Calvin Trillion noted that the food was "much better than The Fatted Boar". And if you're lucky, one night Dr. Pain himself might join your table. He may be old and senile, but his tales of battle and bloodshed in "Old Olympia" will curl your toes!

But Atnos is more than just beauty and sightseeing. We're a booming business center as well.

You'll find wood, stone, crossbows, longbows, archers, soldiers, blessed soldiers, ships and much more for sale at Dr. Pain's Inn. And our interior city of Fearn is a hidden gem, famous amongst the locals for the exotic skills it teaches and its booming Perfume market.

So come, visit Atnos and discover... the Pearl of Olympia!

[DISCLAIMER: All travelers are advised to be aware of and obey all local laws while traveling in Atnos. Laws and customs in most parts of Atnos are rigid and enforcement strict and uncomfortably harsh. The Olympia Times and the Atnos Tourism Board are not responsible for loss of life or property suffered by visitors to Atnos.]

To all interested parties...

Until this turn, I was a member of The Council of Eumenides. The Council of Eumenides is headed by Greg Lindahl (gl8f@virginia.edu).

Most of the members of the Council of Eumenides were in the original Olympia, and they are holding grudge from that game against some of the players, particularly Carl Edman (cedman@princeton.edu) and Scott Turner (srt@aero.org). They've been plotting since before this game's start to "get" these players. Early on, Greg convinced a newbie player to attack one of the Carl Edman's units outside the Imperial City. Greg then blamed the attack on Carl and convinced several players that Carl was the head of the "Ancient Order of Olympians" (AOO). Greg made up the AOO on the spur of the moment. As far as I know, the only alliance of players from the original Olympia is the Council of Eumenides.

Since then, Greg and most of the Council of Eumenides have traveled to the Uldim Pass. Along the way, one of the Council members found an artifact the permits him to control monsters as units. One of those units was sent to the Imperial City to stir up more trouble against the "AOO". You can check this out yourself, the unit is:

> Soothsayer [bc2l], orc, "Heed the Council of the Eumenides!"

However, the rest of the orc units (and some giant spiders) are being used as the center of an army the Council of Eumenides is building in Uldim Pass.

I do not approve of cross-game grudges, and I especially do not approve of the plans of the Council of Eumenides, which is to start attacking and killing players and blaming it on the AOO. I also do not like that Greg is purposely putting false information in his lore archives. For that reason I have defected from the Council and am considering quitting the game altogether. I advise all players to be careful when dealing with "The Council of Eumenides", and to begin building strong armies to deal with the monster army being built in the Uldim pass.

The Imperial City Logging Corporation is open for business. Contact mmwang@mv.us.adobe.com if you wish to place an order for wood.

Never, never, never forget the 48th Rule of Acquisition:

The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife

Instructions for AOO Tax Payment ================================

As all in the Imperial city can see, we have gained the power to control orcs and other sundry creatures. Let no one doubt the power of the Council. Since this power is solely under our control, it will serve as a signal of the true representatives of the Council. Nonhumans bearing the "Eumenides" notice are hereby designated as tax collectors. All factions which have not made other arrangements with the Council MUST REMIT 100 gold/turn to a designated tax collector or be considered "collaborators" with the AOO and treated accordingly.

To demonstrate our good will in this endeavor, and that the collection of tax revenues is not intended to personally enrich the council, each tax collector will hold the monies collected until such time as they can be used for the purpose intended.

The Council of the Eumenides

It goes on, and on, and on and on and on. The ocean seems endless, broken only by the odd islet inhabited by various monsters and criminals. The weather is bad, the food is going bad, and the water is becoming vile.

I could have stayed on land and researched the Arts, but no, I had to set sail for far off lands. Not that it hasn't been safer here, it sounds fromt he messages the carrier pigeons bring in from Provinia.

I grow to despise the smell, flavor, shape, color and existence of fish. Surely there is something more to life? It has become hard to imagine.

And the buffoons I sail with will not leave me alone long enough to attempt research. I am forced to amuse myself by checking the progress of other students of the art on board, reading their auras to see their progress.

A ship is a wooden prison.