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   | July 6, 1994                                              issue g1-2 |
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   | turn 2  101 players                   "Do do a do, don't do a don't" |

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Olympia PBEM

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Oh turn not in from marching To taverns on the way, The drought and thirst and parching A little dust will lay, And take desire away.

Oh waste no words a-wooing The soft sleep to your bed; She is not worth pursuing, You will so soon be dead; And death will serve instead.

-- A.E. Housman

* * *

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I'm going to have to alter my policy on payment for Times press, to combat the rash of multiple two-line posts I've received.

Generally, multiple small entries should be sent in a single message, counting for only one payment.

POST stylistic considerations -----------------------------

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Player-contributed press

As told by the minstrel at the Singing Dog:

Q: What's the difference between a greater demon and Oleg the Loudmouth? A: The greater demon makes better company.

It was dark. And cold. It had been this way for a long time.

Shay Tollin could no longer remember how long it had been. He no longer remembered the Gate he had opened, the Gate that not only shimmered, but pulsed with power as it sucked him and half his tower in before closing.

He no longer remembered anything about Entynchardia, or the Golden City, or anything else.

Except The Wanderer. He remembered The Wanderer.

Shay Tollin fell between, half-conscious, half-alive, half-sane.


Shay Tollin didn't feel the pain as he landed on the cobblestones of the alley. He was aware though, that the pressure behind his eyes had gone, and that he was alive.

"What happened to him?"

"I dunno. He don't look so good."

At the sound, Shay Tollin lurched forward, babbling Words he had forgotten before the urchins were born. As they ran screaming, he looked up to the lightning above. Shay Tollin smiled crookedly and whispered "The Wanderer..." before falling to the cobbles unconscious.

The circular arena was filled with shadows, dim lights, and people. Dozens, if not hundreds, of men, women, and monsters of legendary reknown had gathered for the ceremony. On the floor of the arena, a huge pentagram had been etched, and four of the most powerful dragons ever stood at four of the corners. Vaevictis Asmadi. Chromium. Palladia-Mors. Nicol Bolas. A fifth stepped into the pentagram through the fifth point. The crowd immediately fell to silence. Arcades Sabboth looked up at the gathered beings, and then spoke. "You all know why you are here. Too long have we suffered at the whims of mysterious mages from beyond the known worlds. Too long have we lived and died at their commands. Together, the other Elder Dragons and I have quested for a world beyond Domina, where we can live our own lives, without interference from any others. "We have found it. "The plane is called Olympia. It is a fine land for heroes and villains of all calibers. But it is not the same as Domina, and never will be. Things work differently there. We may have to relearn what once was second nature for us. Some may even change forms. But we shall persevere. Eventually, as conditions permit, we shall all flee Domina and establish our new lives there. One, however, must be the pathfinder. One must quest forth to summon all the others. We, the Elder Dragons have agreed that one of us, as the most powerful among the Legends, shall go first. After careful deliberation, we have decided that I am the best choice. "I shall summon you all as you are required. For now, though, I must go alone. We have located a massive concentration of life on this new plane, and this is where I shall first appear. Prepare yourselves over the next few days and months, and I shall begin the Exodus." He nodded to the four Elder Dragons around him, and each began chanting. A glow surrounded Arcades Sabboth, and then, with a blinding flash, he was gone.

In the Imperial City, in a back alley, a blinding flash startled the populace momentarily, but the citizens on the street outside went on their business, having become accustomed to such things over the past month.

The Mongol Hordes have noted various groups laying claim in the "Times" to this patch of land or that area of Olympia. Various hollow threats are given to back these absurd claims.

We are amused.

We will travel where we wish, and none shall dare to resist or bar our path. Those who are fortunate shall be given the privilege of allying with us. If not, we will pillage your locations, take your gold, rape your sheep and carry off your women.

Consider yourself warned. Have a nice day!

The Sen Clan is announcing it's move to Aethelarn. The Clan is very interested in finding a place where Beastmastery is taught. We will pay for this information.

John Sen

The alliance known as "Blood Brothers of the Bay" hereby claim the region of Torba Bacor. Trespassers will be violated!

Friends, As we journey to the far reaches of our little world let us consider our own insignificance. Let us reflect on the value of allies, and the danger of enemies, and let us resolve to treat all fellow travellers with honor, dignity, and respect. Who can know when the opportunity may come to repay an old debt, or collect on a past injustice....

-tribal wisdom

* We at The East Olympia Company claim the lands of Torba Bacor and the island to its north for exploration and exploitation. We hope that others will respect our claims and find other lands to colonize.

Thank you,

The East Olympia Company, Ltd.

From the foulest swamp grows the sweetest blossom . . .

Golden Lotus Society

Wanderer mounted his mighty steed.

Why grow old in the city when there are entire continents to explore?

Leave study for the wizards, he would be the first to ride to the other side of the island. He would climb the spires of Mt Olympus and he would find another route through the Uldim mountains. Wanderer by name, wanderer by nature, and loner by choice.

Kicking his heels into the flanks of his horse he set off into the imperial forest.

Kinsmen of _The Forge_ have enjoyed centuries of isolation in the murky depths of Penumbra Wood. Naked, we are easily differentiated from other races by our transluscent, almost gelatinous, hairless skin inherited through generations of life in the perpetual radiance of The Forge, temple of our Lord Hephaestos. Highly skilled in magic, mysticism and the transmutational arts, Penumbrans are fiercely independent and generally quite docile, except when our freedom is threatened.

We know nothing of this world, Provinia, and seek only to return to Penumbra. Mingling amongst other nobles in the marketplaces and byways of Imperial City tells us that there are others of similar resolve...others who eschew the mandates of power, dominion and enslavement...others dedicated to discovery and advancement of spirit. We think you may be of compatible purpose and offer our allegiance. Once pledged, our loyalty is unconditional...we must regain Penumbra!

Our immediate goal is departure from Imperial City. Whilst some of our faction receive essential training, others have set forth on scouting missions to neighboring provinces. We are willing to share our findings with qualified allies. Do not even consider exploitation or treachery...though we are naive in spirit, our magic maintains a clear window on your soul.

"Knowledge is the measure of the man... Spirit is the measure of knowledge." -- Lord Hephaestos

Your obedient servents, The Forge, Chamber of Deputies in Exile 76244.1134@compuserve.com

( ___ ) |* *| ---------- | / | @@| / \ / @ ------------ | | @ @@@ @@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@The Bone Entente@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@The West Camaris Company@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@The Headbreaking Homeboys@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Stay away from Krussos.

Failure to comply may result in severe actions against invading forces.

Sludge wandered around the market place, browing through the ware the local peasants were selling. He say one peasant take a battered clay pot up to a merchant and start dickering. He sidled closer to overhear the conversation.

"Spent all month on it, I did!" the peasant exclaimed. Sludge glanced at the pot. Dried clay was flaking off of it, and there was a hole in the bottom.

"I bet," the merchant said. "Okay, I'll give you 7 gold for it." The peasant took the offer and scuttled out into the crowd. Sludge continued wandering, his mind working.

7 gold for a lousy clay pot? Sludge laughed, drawing a few curious stares. I could make a better clay pot than that, and more of them! Hmm, come to think of it, I do need money.

Several weeks later, Sludge carried an armful of clay pots to the market place. Just before entering, he noticed a great crowd of other people around the stall where the merchant was buying clay pots. Each person carried an armful of clay pots similar to his own.

"Okay," the merchant said, "1 gold each for those." He took the clay pots from one of the people. "Sorry folks, that's all I can use, come back next month."

Sludge looked at the crowd of people, and at the clay pots in his arms, and sighed. Making a living in this world just wasn't going to be easy.

The Flying Walaskis do hereby claim all the tiny islands of Olympia as theirs and theirs alone. All others will be flogged with a wet rubber chicken and forced to read old copies of the Olympia and Atlantis Times while listening to Vanilla Ice CDs if they are found anywhere near these islands.

We mean business. At least I think we do!

I wish to announce the forming of the newest alliance, The Tripartite Council. I also wish to announce that We are the largest alliance in Olympia, having been formed from three smaller alliances. Do you wish for protection? Do you wish to leave this continent? Maybe the Council will ask you to join, but don't count on it, for We will take only the best.

For those who felt they would claim Ossicus, Rimmon, and Tollus, We will see if their threats hold, when We arrive.

The Council Leader

Dearest Miyuki,

I treasure these days with you for I will be gone shortly. I have considered staying here to be with you but, alas, I must go quickly to prepare a place to live far away in the wilderness. I have heard from those in charge that you will be quite safe in the city without guards. The city is protected by most powerful magics which make it completely safe. I was greatly relieved to hear this since I was deeply concerned about your safety. I hope you enjoy the combat training this week. I will be needing your help training the soldiers while I make weapons for them. I'm sure you will be up to the task. I will see you this evening for dinner at the usual time. I've found a wonderful place to eat down by the water that I am sure you will enjoy. - Kovaq'nu

The sound of their thundering hooves struck terror into the hearts of their enemies. Their spears, held aloft, were bright but bitter against the rising sun behind them. They swept forward as effortlessly as the rising tide, and the hosts of their enemies were swept away like castles made of sand.

Thus fell the hosts of evil in lands far away, in times far off. Thus shall history repeat itself in Olympia.

Greetings Nobles!

I am Rachet Storm. A military man by trade. My companions and I are seeking friends who seek to establish themselves in this brave new world. I am skilled at training men at the art-of-war and my companions have other useful skills. I wish to team with one or two of you and move to less contested areas where we might establish ourselves. Please respond if this may be of interest to you.

reply to m7s@g1.pbm.com or: 76337.2520@CompuServe.COM (Rich Comber)

ATTENTION: Be it known that the alliance titled the DARK OVERLORDS hereby claims dominion over Provincia, Drucartan, and all surrounding islands. BE WARNED! Trespassers will be dealt with harshly. We are not an alliance to be trifled with!

WE claimed West Camaris first. However, in view of your published claim, WE will allow you to settle in the western third of West Camaris. The eastern two thirds of West Camaris belongs to WE. WE will contact you later regarding the tribute due from The West Camaris Company to WE.

Bone Entente claims Ossicus, Rimmon, _AND_ Tollus?!! This has to be a joke, right? What is the point here? Did you slip a decimal point on your count of your members?

There is an OLYMPIA conference tentatively scheduled on America On-Line, in the PBM conference room for Sunday evening, July 10th. The time hasn't been firmed up yet but will be either 8 or 9 PM Eastern time.

check the OLYMPIA message board on AOL for further details...

The Society for Intercontinental Peace calls for all factions to swear peace and brotherhood. This can be achieved. Simply file "defend" orders for every faction (use the player list).

No one needs to suffer. There is plenty of land for all.

Be it known that the Dark Horde does hereby claim all Rimmon. Anyone found trespassing will be hunted, captured, and sacrificed to the dark gods.

The Brotherhood of the White Lodge is accepting applications. True magi only need apply.

respond to g5t.

(signed) Secretary of the Lodge

Sharing data?

Send reports of the locations of cities, skills available, market data to n5w, and receive similar data in return.

All bow before the Great Khan. Those who will not shall die, their bodies pierced with arrows and trampled beneath the hooves of our army. Your children will be slain or slaved.

Post your obeisance to the Great Khan here, or die.

It's mine. It's all mine. You're all mine. Mine, mine, mine, slaves!

Grovel, or I will show you my true fury.

--a 2 year old--

P.S. How many of the messages to the Times reek of this infantile attitude? Get a shrink. You make me ill.

Narcher, the kings messenger, came running into the court, begging to speak with his lord, for he had news of the utmost import.

The king, upon hearing that his most able messenger was begging for an audience, nodded to the guard, who them immediately nodded to his subordinate, who in turn opened the massive doors into the kings court.

"What is this urgent news, my most trusted messenger Narcher?" boomed the kings voice.

Narcher paused a moment, taking a moment to catch his breath, and said to his lord "Sire, a proclamation from the Imperial City of Provina. Here it is my lord." Narcher pulled the first issue of the Times from his tunic and handed it over to his king.

The king at first, began skimming the drivel that was abundant in this rag, looking curious as to what was so urgent that Narcher would be so concerned about. Then, there, circled, back a few pages was what it was.

The king laughed, a hearty laugh. "What impetulent fool would lay claim to my kingdom, the kingdom of West Camaris? These idiots are always making these pre-pubescent boasts about my lands. Fear not Narcher. They will come. They will seek adventure. They will seek out women. They will seek out gold." And with a smile, warm yet all knowing and reassuring "They will die yet again. That is the way of things."

Narcher rose, bowing in gratitude to his lord, and taking his leave retired for a good nights rest.

What is this? Before the first step is taken outside of Imperial City, before the first plank is hewn to build the first ship, factions are claiming entire continents??? Can you say "hubris"? Especially those bone-heads, claiming a quarter of the known world without so much as a peasant present. My suggestion to all: Establish your realm FIRST, then claim dominion.

Journal Entry - 2/5/01

It seems that even here, in this fresh new world, the chill grasp of tyranny has raised its hand. Several groups have already staked "claims" to regions of this realm without ever setting foot outside of the City. One group was even brazen enough to threaten immediate death to any "violators" of their claim.

Fortunately, not all of the new denizens have the same goal of conquest. Father has joined a group of factions which strives to oppose this tyranny in all of its forms. Even as the dictators have begun planning their empire, the fledgeling alliance is planning their overthrow. Order, peace, meek submission; these are not the ways of men. No, we must throw off the yoke of conformity and devote our being to freedom for all. Thus was I taught, and thus do I believe.

I still await my opportunity to strike a blow for the forces of Chaos. I have made my presence known to Father; as expected, he was neither surprised nor pleased to see me, but has accepted what help I can offer. At the moment, I have been instructed to continue to pose as a peasant; the cruel tyrants often allow their plans to be overheard by the "beasts" who serve them. As a meek servant, I should be able to see and hear many things that some might not wish to have disclosed.

Tyranny has no place in a realm such as ours. Thus vows the Hand of Chaos.

In the interests of good will and conservation of effort, I urge all nobles to use The Times as a vehicle for sharing exploration information, particularly near Imperial City. Let's avoid wasteful duplication of effort.

In answer to Lord William's plea for sharing exploration data, I can report that exploration of Imperial City turned up no extra information or sightings. There may be special areas, but if so they are well hidden. Matilda of Flanders

In response to William of Normandy's call for sharing data, I would like to state that there are reports of a lair in the Forest (by22) outside Imperial City. Valiant nobles may wish to band together and search for and explore it.

Early exploration reports show that the Royal hunting plains at by20 are 7 days from the plains at by21, 7 days from the plains to the north at bx21, 10 days to the West to the Channel mountains, and the Atnos Channel lies to the south. The port city, Aethelarn (ap1t) lies 1 day inside. Hugh of Lisieux

Richard of Evreux reports that Aethelarn (ap1t) in the Royal hunting plains (by20) teaches Shipcraft, Combat, Beastmastery, Persuasion, Construction, and Alchemy. The city produces pepper on month 1. Anyone know of a market for pepper?

Lord Robert of Mortain is considering continuing on from Aethelarn to Winewood. Anyone interested in joining the caravan should contact his agent, Bill Keyes, to arrange passage. (72500.3145@CompuServe.COM) Lord Robert will provide a squad of pikemen for security.

to sleep, perchance to dream

In these wakening hours, we sit in a city perched on the edge biding our time 'tween longer periods of inactivity.

Study, to sleep no more, to harvest, to build, to dream-- of conquest? Nay. What is conquest but the idle pursuit of small minds. Yet....

Sleep no more, my friends. For as sleep has its time, so does this moment.

Many of the social elite, sailing buffs, waterfront rats, and the just plain curious turned out this month to watch the launching of the Uroko-saki, the newly-constructed roundship of Taira Shipping Co. which some say is the most beautiful ship in all of Olympia. (Cynics would say it is the only ship in all of Olympia, but this is no time for cynicism.) There were many well wishes and tearful farewells as several intrepid explorers sailed off on a voyage of discovery, trade, and, its investors hope, obscene profits.

Taira Yoshinawa, president of Taira Shipping company said, "The success of our project and the speed of its execution were due to a great team effort on the part of everyone involved. Congratulations are in order for all participants." Some reporters from the Olympia Enquirer, hoping for more dirt, seemed rather upset by this.

Overheard at The Crow's Nest, a market-square ale vendor, " I done heerd dat dem Chaos boyz is gonna get rid of dem Imperilist Dick Taters." "Naw thets jes some nasty Rumers put out by doz fellers callin therselfs da New Order. I heerd that theys gonna blockade da Imperial City! Nobody gets in or out without swearing at dem."

Magical passage to any continent is offered at the beginning of month 6 for a fee of a mere 100 gp per 100 weight. Discount rates will apply to travellers to West Camaris, Ossicus, Rimmon, and Tollus. Contact the Wizard's Guild.


Battle takes place north of Imperial City

On the scene reporter Ed Hearn of the Imperial News files this report:

"Good evening nobles of the city. What we've seen here is the development of a major tragedy. As you can see by the carnage here, a terrible battle took place here, with staggering loss of life. A quiet group of young nobles, out for a picnic, accidentally stumbled across a nest of chimeras. Although they managed to bring down one chimera, the fell beasts were too much for them. Four of the young nobles were killed a lot by these creatures. Names are not being released until next of kin are notified. We have an eye-witless here, a young peasant lad by the name of Kip. Kip, tell us what you saw." " Well dey came heer looking fer aventoor, deys says, an dey was only carrying deese little pointy swords, rapers dey said, and I's tolled dem, dat dem chimeras is gonna eat dem, but nooo did dey listen? " " We'll being going in now for a closer look at the scene. As we can see now the bodies are mostly eaten by these ferocious beasts. Wait, there's someone up...."

The news report ends abruptly. Stories to follow at 11:00

To all whom may concern themselves: Be it known that the various continents of Camaris are the pre-historic home of Chaos. Just a historical note.

Clann Dhabaid has been a little busy lately, so if you haven't heard back from us, it's just that too many things happen happen in that mythical Real World. In any case, I'm setting up a little wood business, but I'd much rather work privately with individuals than go through the city markets (where the prices are too weird too much of the time.) So, if you need a supply of wood over the coming months, contact Clann Dhabaid at thedemon@world.std.com.

Is it just me, or does everyone else also think that the Bonehead Entente is nothing more than a bunch of blustering windbags?

I'll be waiting for you in central Ossicus with a warm reception committee, assuming you guys ever manage to figure out how to pilot a boat!

Bone Entente Alliance:

Ah, how nice to find mad, power hungry, tyrants with a sense of style and a modicum of courtesy.

In response to your kind invitation to miss the gala celebrations on Ossicus, Tollus and Rimmon, the following party favors for the gentle celebrants of this skeletal alliance are suggested.

Let the necromancer guild use Rimmon as a test ground for the undead and ghosts. Nothing like a minor demon and a hoard of undead to liven up a party. Any new openings to Hades are sure to be appreciated in this fine locale.

Tollus would be a nice spot for the scryers to monitor and then notify pirates, explorers and merchants of choice pickings and resources.

Krussos would seem to be the ideal spot for the new citizen overflow from imperial city to begin. I'm sure the Bone Entente would be fine hosts and appreciate the new visitors. I'm sure a prayer or two could work wonders in this regard.

About the nasty rumor accusing the Bones of making disparaging remarks about elves and dragons, and bragging about stolen Elf gold and Dragon hoard, I'm sure this is just a small misunderstanding.

May your new lands bring you many interesting experiences.

.... a friendly sage

dit. dit. dit.. News report from XAOS central:

Black Billy, Spokesbeing for CHOAS has made the following announcemnt:

Fellow, whatevers. The MAFOC (Mighty Armed Forces of CHAOS) has growen to record numbers (of Factions). More KAOS will be available to be distributed in this reality than in the previous one.

KHAOS claims no territory in the world, whatsoever. We also look down in contempt on anyone who performs this nefarious enslaving of the peasants by "garrisioning" lands. Anyone owning territory in any reagion with a COAHS represenative will be delt with accoringly.

-Black Billy [e0x] Third Ensign of Wood Counting/Storage (Bvt)

Oleg the Peasant's Lore Archive is open for business!

A couple of nobles have already contributed a half-dozen pieces of lore to my lore archive.Your contributions are valued. I should also point out that I have a nearly complete collection of lore from the Alpha Test, which you can have for the price of an email message. Yes, it's not quite free, you have to send me a message in order to buy your copy. Don't delay!

-- Oleg the Peasant [b2q]

ALL of the lands known by the name of Camaris are OURS. They have been given to US by the Lord of Death.

We do not respect the claims of any other groups, regardless of the source of their claimed authority. There is no rightful authority but the Lord of Death...

The Minions of the Lord of Death

Those wishing to participate in a consortium to research and build a vehicle for moving through the earth and descending to the depths of Hell should contact Prof. Quatermass in Imperial City.

Bring on the Beasts!!!!

Despite the severe lack of man eating beasts in the first month of year 1, rumor has it that the situation will soon be under full control, and all those brave foolish nobles wandering the forests and plains of Olympia alone will find wolves and rats aplenty. Why even a sea monster or two may be sighted in the coming year to devour both peasants and nobility alike.

this message brought to you courtesy of,

your Local Monster Guild.

Greetings to all! As we spread out into the wide world, remember, there is safety in numbers. The nobles you save could be your own! Akmall Benhalla

I claim West Camaris as my own!

Oops, the Creeping Whatsits have already claimed that. I claim East Camaris!

Oops, the Screaming Meemies claimed that. I claim Ossicus.

Oops, oops, oops. The hell with all that. If I get there first, it's mine. Maybe I'll let you know, maybe I won't.

The Greater Atnossean Theatrical Operatic Review has been granted a

*DIVINE* Charter



to all of Olympia including land, sea, air, Faery, Hades and the Cloudlands.

This null and voids all previous claims by

The Wee Cow-mite Com-pan-nies


Bone-heads In-Ties


Anyone remaining on our dirt-ball at the end of the month will be




Enjoy ladies and gents!! But always remember; "It's just a game" ;-)