terrorize who severity * time: 7 days * priority: 3

Terror may be used to convert prisoners to a faction, or to reinforce fear loyalty among the faction's own units. The character to be terrorized must be stacked beneath the terrorizing unit.

When used on one's own units, terrorize will establish or increase fear loyalty. Nobles of contract loyalty will be converted to fear. The severity amount will be added to the noble's fear rating. For instance, a fear-4 noble terrorized at severity 10 will become fear-14.

The severity indicates how much the noble will be abused to gain fear. The noble will suffer a severity hit to health as a result. Thus, there is a danger that the noble will fall ill with increasing amounts of terror. See Health for details about illness.

Prisoners may also be terrorized. Prisoners of contract or fear loyalty lord have severity percent chance of swearing fealty to the terrorizing unit. Oathbound units can not be induced to convert through terror.

Thus, the more severe the terrorization, the greater the chance that a prisoner will swear to the terrorizer, but also the greater the victim's wounds. Prisoners have been known to die as a result of over-zealous conversion attempts.

Characters belonging to other player factions may not be terrorized unless they are being held prisoner.

Units of fear loyalty may not use the terrorize order.

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