quarry [number of stones] [days] * time: as given * priority: 3

Building stone is used in the construction of temples, castles and towers. Up to 50 stone may be removed from mountain provinces each month. Ten stone may be taken from desert provinces or rocky hills each month.

A unit must have the Stone quarrying [9566] subskill of Construction [125] in order to cut building stone. At least one worker is also required.

Each worker will cut and prepare one building stone [78] per day.


quarry         # cut as much building stone as possible
quarry 25      # stop after cutting 25 stone
quarry 0 5     # quarry stone for five days
quarry 25 5    # stop after five days, or 25 stone, whichever
               # comes first

In all cases, quarrying will cease as soon as the supply of ready stone in the province has been exhausted.

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