post # of lines of following text * time: 1 day * priority: 3

Post a public message in the location. All characters in the location will see the text of the message in the location description section of their turn reports. Signs remain visible for one turn.

The number of lines in the post should be given as an argument to post, followed by the text of the sign. For example, here is a post command followed by a move and a recruit:

post 3
  All ye beware!  These lands are the property of
  noble Osswid.  Those who trespass here without
  his permission will come to a GRAVE end!
move ev18

(The text of the post is indented here to make the orders easier to read. The order scanner will ignore leading spaces on each line.)

Take care to carefully count the lines of text in the post. If the wrong number of lines is given, your character may end up posting his orders on a sign instead of executing them.

Each line of posted text must be less than 60 characters long, or the post will be rejected.

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