message # of lines of text to-who * time: 1 day * priority: 3

Send a message to the target named in the second parameter. The target may be any valid entity, such as a character, a player, or a location (including provinces, cities, ships, buildings, or other sublocations).

The number of lines in the message should be given as the first argument to message. The text of the message should follow the message order.

For example:

message 2 2909
  Aye, ye not be safe in this world for long, Oleg.
  I be remembering ya, and yer past fould deeds.  Arrr!
move ev18

(The text of the message is indented here to make the orders easier to read. The order scanner will ignore leading spaces on each line.)

This would send the message to character [2909]. The recipient would see the message in his turn report:

Received a message from Captain McCook [2104]:
   "Aye, ye not be safe for long in this world, Oleg.
I be remembering ya, and yer past foul deeds.  Arrr!"

Take care to carefully count the lines of text in the message. If the wrong number of lines is given, your character may end up sending his orders to the recipient instead of executing them.

Each line of message text must be less than 60 characters long, or the message will be rejected.

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