guard flag * time: 0 days * priority: 1

Protect a city or province from looting and pillaging. `guard 1' will cause the unit to suppress pillage attempts by other characters. The guarding unit must be the top unit in its stack.

Any number of units in a location may be on guard. The message `on guard' will appear next to guard units in the location report.

A character attempting to pillage the city or province may specify a flag which causes them to attack the guards. In this case, all of the stacks on guard will respond to the attack. However, allies of the guard units will not respond. Only guard stacks will be involved in combat to suppress looting and pillaging.

Specifying a flag of 0 turns off guarding. Any movement by the guarding character will also clear the guard flag. For example, if a unit issued `guard 1' in a city, then moved out of the city, the guard flag would be cleared, and the unit would no longer be on guard.

The guarding units must be inside they location they are to guard. Units in a castle in a city will not protect the city. Units guarding a city will not protect the surrounding province.

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