form unit "name of new character" * time: 7 days * priority: 3

Spend a Noble Point to obtain a new character for the player's faction. Nobles must be formed in a city.

The unit parameter should be selected from the line near the top of the turn report listing new character numbers:

The next five nobles formed will be:  5717 3215 4902 4489 5628

If 0 is given for unit, the first number in the list will be chosen. However, if more than one form is to be issued during the month, it can be uncertain which will execute first. By specifying the new unit number, the player will know the correct entity number when submitting orders for the new character.

Any character in the player's faction may issue form. The newly obtained noble will appear and stack beneath the forming character. The new noble is given the name specified as the second argument to form.

Orders for new units may be submitted in the turn they are formed. As soon as the new unit comes into existence, it will begin to execute its commands.

New units are unequipped and untrained, and join with loyalty contract-500.


1: > form 3215 "Feasel the Wicked"
1: Attempt to form a new noble.
7: Feasel the Wicked [3215] stacks beneath us.

More than five units may not be formed in a turn.

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