drop item qty [have-left] * time: 0 days * priority: 1

Discard the specified quantity of item. If have-left is specified, at least this many will not be discarded. If quantity is zero, the entire inventory of the given item will be discarded.

For example, if Feasel has 100 gold [1]:

drop 1 50          #  Throw away 50 gold
drop 1 0           #  Throw away 100 gold  (0 means all)
drop 1 100         #  Throw away 100 gold
drop 1 100 25      #  Throw away 75 gold   (keep 25)
drop 1 0 25        #  Throw away 75 gold   (keep 25)

Common items including gold, lumber, swords, etc. are permanently lost when discarded. It is assumed that they are quickly scavenged by others.

Unique items, such as magical artifacts, scrolls, potions and rare books, do not become permanently lost. Such items will be found through exploration of the province in which they were lost. Unique items lost at sea will wash ashore on a nearby island or coast, where they may also be found through exploration.

The drop order is also be used to release men such as peasants, workers, soldiers, etc. from service:

drop 10 3               # Release 3 peasants from service

When used on a ship, drop will throw items overboard.

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