catch [number of horses] [days] * time: as given * priority: 3

Attempt to catch any wild horses found roaming the plains or in a pasture. Each day the noble will have a 25% chance of catching a wild horse, if any can be found. Up to three horses may be caught per month in a location.

A unit must know the Catch wild horses [9517] subskill of Beastmastery [123] in order to catch horses.


catch        # catch as many horses as possible
catch 1      # stop after catching 1 wild horse
catch 0 10   # try to catch horses for 10 days
catch 1 10   # stop after catching 1 wild horse, or 10 days,
             # whichever comes first

In all cases, horse-catching ceases when no more horses can be found roaming the plains. catch is an alias for `collect 51'.

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