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7.6: Trade goods

Most cities buy or sell one or more common trade goods, such as wool, beans or pipeweed. It should be possible to earn a decent living buying and selling these items locally.

Some trade goods, such as ivory and myrrh, are extremely rare, and may only be bought and sold in a few cities. These rare items may need to be transported across vast distances to find a buyer. Trade in these items is extremely profitable, and knowledge of such routes is jealously guarded by players.

While ordinary trade goods are produced and sold though city markets on a monthly basis, rare trade items are only produced once each game year.

Market report:

    City produces ivory on month 7.

trade    who    price    qty   item
-----    ---    -----    ---   ----
  buy   ev18        2    100   fish [87]
  buy   ev18        4     15   woven baskets [94]
 sell   ev18       19     60   ivory [105]
 sell   ev18       50     28   pipeweed [89]

The supply of ivory in this market is replenished once per game year, at the end of month 6. If purchased, no ivory will be available here until the first day of month 7.

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