17.9: Pledging land

A noble may pledge his lands to another noble. This grants the pledge target status by increasing the number provinces he may rule over.

For example, suppose there are two castle owners, Osswid and Feasel. Osswid has garrisoned six provinces, and Feasel has three. Osswid is therefore a baron, and Feasel is a lord.

If Feasel and Osswid both pledge to Candide, Candide would attain the rank of Count. Osswid and Feasel would remain at the same rank in this example.

Candide would receive garrison reports for all provinces which Osswid and Feasel control. He would have the same privileges in the controlled provinces: he could take items from the garrisons, alter the names of the provinces or their sublocations, and issue watch and hostile decrees.

However, the income generated by the provinces would continue to be forwarded to the castles. No extra income goes to the pledge target.

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