17.5: More about garrisons

Garrisons are established with the `garrison castle' order. Ten soldiers are required to create a garrison. The garrison order must be issue at the outer level of a province; one can't establish a garrison while inside a city, building or other sublocation.

The garrison pays the maintenance cost of its men directly from the tax base of the province. One-fifth of the remaining tax base is forwarded to the castle the garrison is bound to.

For example, a garrison of ten soldiers would require 20 gold per month to support. This would leave 280 gold remaining in a typical province. 20% of this, or 56 gold, would be forwarded to the owner of the garrison's castle.


> garrison cy09
Installed Garrison [780], garrison, on guard, with ten soldiers

Visitors to this province would see:

Province controlled by Amber Keep [cy09], castle, in Forest [cj12]
Ruled by Erekosse [5210], baron

Note that Erekosse may be located inside the castle, or the castle's owner may have pledged service to him, in which case Erekosse could be anywhere.

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