Gatecraft [163]

Long ago the Ancients, a race of wise men who ruled the land with the aid of powerful magic, constructed a network of teleportation gateways to connect distant cities. As the reach of their magical portals grew, so grew the reach of their armies and knowledge. At their height the rule of the Ancients extended to every corner of the known world, and beyond.

With the passing of the Ancients, the system of gates fell into disuse and decay, and now retains only a hint of its former majesty. Gatecraft, once practiced by the most common among the Ancients, has since been forgotten by nearly all men.

The school of Gatecraft retains the only knowledge of the use of these mystical portals. Because knowledge of Gates can be a powerful tool or weapon, Gatecraft spells are jealously guarded even within the school. Some aspects of Gatecraft, such as the secret of their construction, have been completely lost.

The following skills may be studied directly once Gatecraft is known:

num    skill                              time to learn
---    -----                              -------------
9115   Detect gates                       one week
9116   Jump through gate                  one week

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