14.4: Fortifications

Structures which may aid fighters in battle are rated for their defensive bonus.

Castle Imperius [gx56], castle, defense 25

During battle, the fortification rating is added to the defense number for the men who fit inside the structure.

structure               men protected
---------               -------------
Castle                  first 500
Tower                   first 100
Galley or roundship     first 50
Other structures        first 50

Attacking fighters may randomly select the structure instead of an enemy fighter. The attack is resolved in the same way as for two fighters, using the attacker's attack rating and the structure's defense rating. If the attacker is successful the structure's defense rating will be lowered by one point.

Once the defense rating reaches zero, further hits will cause the building to become damaged. A fully damaged building (100% damage) will collapse, ejecting its occupants.

Siege engines always select the structure as a target.

engine          attack  defense   missile
------          ------  -------   -------
catapult          25      200       25
battering ram     30      250
siege tower       30      250

Siege engines do 5-10 points of damage to the structure per hit.

Siege engines are not used in combat at sea.

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