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4.12: At the same time ...

No two things ever happen at exactly the same instant in Olympia. Someone always goes first.

Suppose two characters were outside of a building (which nobody is inside), and both wanted to enter, to claim it:

Seen here:
   Osswid [5499]
   Candide [1269]

Inner locations:
   Hooting Own Inn [ep76], inn

Both Osswid and Candid issue `move ep76' as their first order on day 1 of the month. What happens?

Osswid's command begins before Candide's, since Osswid appears before Candid in the location list. Therefore, Osswid will enter the inn first.

Order precedence between units in different provinces is undefined.

Osswid             ?            Candide
------- 8 days -------- 8 days --------
city A          city B          city C

If Osswid and Candide both leave for city B on the same day, we cannot predict who will get their first.

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