Re: Olympia - Time for G2?

Rich Skrenta (
27 Sep 1995 19:39:04 -0400

Rob Rodgers <> writes:
> Have you noticed that the number of players has stabilized or is even
> dropping a little. Also, I wonder how many of those 175 or so listed are
> active. I know I found a complete little empire that has been completely
> abandoned. What I'm saying is that G1 may already indeed be a virtually
> dead game.

Oly has, I believe, had a constant level of 30 or so idle players since
shortly after its launch. I don't know what the breakdown is between
"permanently idle" players and folks who just happen to miss a turn or
are on vacation.

On turn 47, the first turn that my accounting system differentiated between
active and non-active players, there were 151 active players in the game.
Last turn (turn 65) there were 145. 145 active players hardly makes for a
dead game. That's more _active_ players than the Oly I playtest had
_players_ at its peak.

I expect a number of people will drop G1 when G2 launches, but I also
believe that enough will continue to play that G1 could go on for years.
I'm going to keep running it as long as there are folks still in there...