Re: OLY: breaking Beastmastery

Tim Whalen (
22 Sep 1995 12:37:02 -0700

In article <43ku1i$> (David desJardins) writes:
> blah blah blah... blah blah... blah blah blah... etc.

It's always amusing to me that somebody bright enough to know about square
roots and such can always consistently miss the point on these Olympia
design discussions. Thank you Mr. Butchko for your interesting thoughts
on ways to balance Beastmastery. Clearly there is a problem and dragons
are simply the poster children, not the cause of the problem. The first
time I saw a dragon I told Rich that there was a typo regarding its weight
but I understand that he felt that it was too late to make major changes
to beast stats and breeding odds in g1. I agree but of course it should
be addressed in g2.


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