Re: Does this animal exist?

David desJardins (
7 Sep 1995 19:22:31 GMT

Bob <> writes:
> I know what you're going to say...
> 'Light the torches, grab the pitchforks, we'll burn the monster out!'

Actually, I was going to say, "Keep it up."

While I don't agree with many (most?) of your comments, they are always
useful in forming an opinion of the game, which (to me) is the main
purpose of a magazine like Flagship. And the comments are plenty
constructive: if you just said, "I hated this game," with no reasons
why, that would be pretty useless. But when you say _what_ it is that
you didn't like, then potential players can decide for themselves as to
whether or not those things are important to them.

Your column also seems to serve to get people to _respond_, which is
another good thing, as it provides different points of view. I don't
know why people (especially GMs) don't give up some of thie information
_without_ prodding. But sometimes it seems that they will only speak up
in response to criticism. I find it especially weird when GMs are
willing to divulge more information in a magazine than in the rules!

David desJardins