Re: "Olympia" - any good?

Robert Lamb (
4 Sep 1995 20:45:30 GMT

In <42duls$> (Bob Rogers)
>I've been reading up on "Olympia" on the game's WWW site and it looks
>interesting. I'd like to hear from players whether it's worth getting
>into or not, and/or if there are other, similar games that are better.

I've been playing for almost a year and think Oly is great! It's one
of the best medium-complexity games of its type (strategy/fantasy).
New players can do well if they work together to share information and
resources, or are willing to join one of the larger alliances, several
of which take on "apprentices". Last turn had about 180 players.

For an advanced-complexity game try Odyssey. It's a brand new game
system and looks like it will be excellent. Their Web page is:
and you can ftp all the necessary info directly from:
file:// (Hero's Quest module)
file:// (Odyssey rules)
file:// (sample turns)

Rob Lamb