Re: pbm game fees

Steve Pritchard (
Tue, 29 Aug 95 18:59:14 GMT

> Chris Kessel (chrisk@yogi.NoSubdomain.NoDomain) wrote:
> : Do I think PBM's charge unreasonable rates? *NO*. As Mr. Langley pointed
> : out, most PBM's barely eek out a living. I have no qualms with the prices
> : charged. They are perfectly reasonable as far as what the PBM owner has
> : to do to stay afloat. I just find the prices too high for the fun I get
> : out of it. In fact, I tend to think PBM will probably slowly die out
> : as computers offer more opportunities to have multiplayer games. PBeM
> : will probably replace it and hopefully make it cheaper to run the games.
> : Until then I can only look at the fun games out there and hope the day
> : comes where the prices can drop enough for me to play.

Trust me Chris, PBM is NOT going to slowly die out just because of the
Internet or a few computer games. I am sitting at a 486 DX2 66Mhz machine,
have pretty good Internet access, a whole pile of expensive games software
on a shelf next to me, and what am I going to do as soon as I log off? I am
going to sit down and fill in a few PBM turns that are outstanding. PBM is
a hobby you either get totally involved in, or find an odd idea that is
beyond your understanding. For me it's the former, for yourself the latter.

As for the idea of PBM falling in costs so you can afford it; sorry, but if
some games get any cheaper, the companies running them will be run out of
business and the games just won't exist. On this bit I know what I'm talking
about - I have to live on the income I make from running PBM games!

Each to their own, I feel......

Steve Pritchard
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