Re: Olympia: Disasters

Carl F. Edman (
1 Aug 1995 17:24:17 GMT

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Martin Brumm <> wrote:
> Carl F. Edman ( wrote:
> : Sorry, no can do. Last month Bastrestric single-handedly killed Dogmatix
> : as well as the couple hundred beasts which accompanied him. Consider it
> : retribution for Dogmatix killing Bastrestric in the summer of year 2.
> : Bastrestric is a patient man in all things.
> Hm he can actually blast two mages in one Turn ?

More than that actually if it should ever become needful.

> By the Way i really think remote last rites should fail if the corpse
> has been exhumed by the faction the corpse belonged too.

I agree completely. The implementation of Last Rites (and a few other
issues surrounding death) are IMHO the worst misfeature of Olympia II and
I told Rich so over a year ago. Since then I've suffered from it more
than once, so if it ever goes I'm not going lose any tears over it.

> And BTA You succeeded in spoiling all the fun for the game for a mage and
> a faction doing no harm to anyone. Your attitude in playing this game
> may suit you well.

BtA is an unusually nasty piece of work, I'll admit. He regards most
nobles outside of his alliance as food at best and pests to be
exterminated at worst. He is also easily the most powerful single noble
in the game. But then have you ever read a good pulp fantasy novel (the
standard to which I think Olympia style games should aspire) without
characters like this ? If there weren't nobles worth hating, wouldn't
the game be rather boring ? And if they weren't powerful, how long do
you think they would last ?

Apart from that let's please not lose the distinction between the game
and the real world. There are several players in Olympia whose nobles
I've killed and who have killed mine, whom I'd be perfectly delighted to
have as allies in G2.

> And even his faction or better alliance comrades should feel not safe. If
> theres someone who will exceed BTA's "Power Rating" Bta will surealy act.
> Otherwise he wont be the ToP Mage of the game.

Not likely. One of the few redeeming traits of BtA is that he has
always been completely loyal to his allies in all his games.

Carl Edman