Re: Olympia

Pierre H Pero (
18 Jul 1995 13:21:48 GMT

Olympia - Beast mastery

|> I'm really not sure how to handle this. Lengthening the time required
|> to Breed might help (it's rather impressive that a beastmaster can
|> produce a full-grown Dragon in 6 days!). Adding a cash maintenance
|> seems somewhat silly; what about having a fixed %age of the beasts
|> "escape" each month? Reducing the capture rate might help as well.

One way of designing beast mastery might be to give
the beast master so many % points to divide between his
beasts. The % a beast is given would be the chance the
beast stays around at the end of the month. i.e.
for being a beast master I would get 300% which could
be 3 beasts at 100% chance of staying or 6 beasts
at 50% chance. or 2 at 100% and 2 at 50%. or ...

This could also open a new skill to improve beast mastery
which like defense or sword play would give the user
another 10% for each use.

Also for Breed beasts each beast might be given a "season".
Rats could be breed once every month.
Wolves only once in the spring of each year.
While Dragons may breed only once every 5th year.

Pierre Pero