Re: Oly-improvements

Robert Lamb (
4 Jul 1995 21:01:33 GMT

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(Greg Lindahl) writes:
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>Scott Turner <> wrote:
>>I think something needs to be done in general to improve the economy
>>in Oly.

Since we're talking about Oly design and changes, does anyone know the
status of G2? Last I heard it was going to be released this year.

I'd like to see enhancements to the non-strategy aspects of Oly. The
basis for these changes, like a much more sophisticated economy,
exploration and npc interaction, is already in place in the game and
just needs to be exanded (and coded!). I hope Oly continues to evolve
and improve along these lines.

Of course this means that the price per turn must, and should,
"evolve" also. A $5-$7 per turn _flat fee_ would still be cheap for a
bigger and better Oly G2.