Re: Ultimate Goals in Olympia

David desJardins (
13 Jan 1995 00:08:07 -0500

John Sloan <> writes:
> The second time I reckon I could easily have flattened the culprit
> militarily, but it would have taken so many noble-days and orders of
> training and making and equipping and marching down there to do it, I
> couldn't be bothered.

No doubt this will show how dense I am, but I thought that was called
"playing the game." If you take that out, what's left?

> Some way of automating these boring tasks [standing orders for nobles,
> if you like] might help.

> This and fewer nobles would mean the PC directly controlled nobles
> would do all the interesting stuff, and the NPCs would walk the trade
> routes, and get mugged etc

If training troops, building armies, conducting trade, and defending
your territory and nobles are all "the boring stuff", what exactly is
the interesting stuff?

David desJardins

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