Re: Ultimate Goals in Olympia

Scott Turner (
7 Jan 1995 00:00:19 GMT

gl8f@fermi.clas.Virginia.EDU (Greg Lindahl) writes:
>The *typical* open-ended game player, in my mind, is someone who
>likes growing in power over the long term, and finds that
>interesting. [...] You can't do everything, nor can you garrison all
>the lands, because you don't have enough Noble Points to do it.

Yes, you can't garrison the whole world. But so what? Once you've
garrisoned one island/continent, is it really that interesting to
garrison another?

The same arguments apply to other areas of "growing in power". Once
you've captured 20 lions, is capturing the 21st really that

I believe that to most players "more of the same" is simply not
interesting in the long run. In the current game, you can
experience most of the opportunities the game offers in the first
couple of game years, and past that it is just "more is better".

[re: Mystery]
>That's the proper way to deal with it: it does no good to rail against
>Oleg's lore archive.

I've never railed against Oleg's lore archive. I've got a
subscription :-).

>Oleg now has a CAUSE to rally the troops for, something that Dr. Pain
>has provided before.

And interestingly enough, Oleg provided the CAUSE for Dr. Pain to
rally troops :-).

>Oleg without a cause is kind of boring. Well, Oleg with a cause
>*still* bores some people...

Oleg is hardly boring.

-- Scott T.