Re: Ultimate Goals in Olympia

Scott Turner (
5 Jan 1995 22:24:52 GMT (Tim Whalen) writes:
>The attack on Oleg was IMO unwarrented. I know for a fact that he
>was an ex post facto participant only in the "Dogmatix affair" and so
>that is a weak excuse. Your excuse of boredom is also pretty lame at
>this early phase in the game.

Perhaps I didn't make it clear enough in my original posting, but my
discussion of ultimate goals in Olympia was in no way intended to be
a justification for the attack on Oleg. I'm not so bored with Oly
that I'm off attacking people at random. But I can see that on the
horizon, and I thought maybe people would find it interesting to

As far as the attack on Oleg goes, there's more than a sufficiency of
game reasons for it. I didn't see Greg's posting as a complaint of
that sort (or as a complaint of any sort, for that matter). Certainly
if Oleg had jumped Dr. Pain, I might have posted something that said
"see what a hypocritical mad dog Oleg is" but I wouldn't have
complained that the attack was unwarranted.

-- Scott T.