Re: Olympia: declared attitudes

Scott Hauck (
Tue, 14 Jul 92 18:11:50 GMT

In article <> (Rich Skrenta) writes:
>> (*) Speaking of which, why? It seems to me it would be better to go
>> in the opposite direction, i.e., giving all entities at least potential
>> inventories. Leaving things in castles or in a region seems both useful
>> and realistic.
>So I thought, and so things were. But the feature was never used, and
>there was cruft to support it, so I disallowed it. It's not a big deal,
>so it can easily return.

Personally, I'd find it more interesting to be able to create piles anywhere,
not necessarily just in houses. For example, the humble woodcutter is
toiling day and night to create enough wood for the Captain's fleet. If he
suddenly decides he wants to get a sword in the nearby town, he should be able
to stash the wood, leave and return later to reclaim it. Also, a scout could
leave his excess gold behind when he is going into a dangerous situation,
returning to reclaim it later if he survives.

Stealth should affect this, so that the hidden object has one greater
than the stealth of the unit hiding it (in this way, the casual observer with
no OBSERVATION wouldn't see the pile, but anyone EXPLORING, or USE OBSERVING
as it was once defined should see it).

>More musings: what if you could submit orders for things like ships
>with the rest of your orders?
> entity 2000 # Wrath of Zeus, clipper
> wait stack 501
> move n
> move n
> give 201 3 10
>Would the ship function if none of your men were on it? Technically, it
>wouldn't be yours anymore. What if you men got back on? Ugh.

A problem with this and anything else where you gain control of a unit mid-turn
is that you can't issue it orders. If you leave the ship and return, you can't
order it after you return. This is also an issue with PERSUADE/TERRORIZE
(or am I wrong?) that once you get the unit, you'd like to order it (possibly
to kill the previous owner or to run) to do something immediately. I'm under
the impression that you can't do this. Anyone know differently?

Scott hauck