Re: Olympia Stacking 'Gotcha'
10 Jun 92 18:36:19 GMT

I like the idea of people being 'hidden by a crowd' that was proposed (not
plainly visible if < 10% of population) but, as others pointed out, there need
to be some limitations to this idea...

Probably should only take effect if population in question is > 50 people or so
(think about a crowded room and spotting someone in particular).

The stacking *does* represent a kind of command/control structure rather than
physical 'nesting' of people. Depth in a stack should probably not be taken
into account.

The visibility of a *faction* might be an idea to try out - say the Region X
has a total population of 5000 and Faction 888 has 1000 people in Region X.
Even without bringing up the idea of "howcanyoutellwhichfaction", a person with
Observation level 2 might be able to pick up "Region X - Largely loyal to 888"
(if we assume the vast majority of the population are kerns).

One might also get a glimpse of a stack, including stack alignment and approx
number of people. Mebbe even a 'stack name' - oooooh! There's a thought!

You might get:
Region BrightWood, forested, population 5000, mostly loyal to 888, stacked over
Forest of Gildenwood
Emerald City
Bog of Eternal Stench, closed for repairs
Army of James Resolut, stack of approximately 500 persons
(unnamed stack) of Dr. Pain, stack of approximately 100 persons

- Mike (James Resolut 888)